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First Alpha Rankings post for you folks and this one is going to cover the top 10 point guards in NBA history. Before we begin with the rundown, here are a few point guards that were close but didn’t quite make our top 10.
36 points along with 19 assists in game 7 against the Lakers in 1970 brought the Knicks their first championship. 25 points in a single quarter, on one leg in game 6 of the 1998 NBA finals against the Lakers.
Robertson is most known for being the only player to finish a season with triple double averages. Or we can just take a look at his smile and simply enjoy the greatest point guard of all times. The position of Small Forward is often considered to be one of the most difficult positions to play on the court.
Critics Lev Grossman and Richard Lacayo pick the 100 best English-language novels published since 1923—the beginning of TIME.
For the books project, Grossman and I each began by drawing up inventories of our nominees. What most don’t know is that he was very close to doing so in 4 other seasons during his career.
If James Naismith would have written a name for a point guard in his book than he would probably write down John Stockton.
Recorded 42 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals in game 6 against Philly as a center and won his first championship. You have to be able to score, defend, and posses much of the skills of all the other positions on the court as well. 06, 2010Welcome to the massive, anguished, exalted undertaking that is the ALL TIME 100 books list.
Once we traded notes, it turned out that more than 80 of our separately chosen titles matched.

Having heard for years that Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road was one of the great but underappreciated American novels, I searched it out. Only in 1973 the league started keeping stats for steals and assists were not given as easily as they are given today. Brought the Harlem Globetrotters style of play to the league and was part of the threesome that created the first dynasty the league saw along with Bill Russell and Red Auerbach. He was huge for a point guard for those days and had skills that were only second to Bill Russell and the Celtics. The Small Forward position has come to be defined by some of the greatest players in the game, whether it was the graceful scoring ability of Elgin Baylor, the quick hands of John Havelicek, the artful string music of Julius Erving in the air, the flow that Larry Bird played the game with, the cluch performances of Big Game James Worthy, the acrobatics of Dominique Wilkins, or the defensive prowess of Scottie Pippen. I have spent the months since then pressing it into the hands of anybody who will take it, including yours.
Quick and agile and one of the first point guards that learned that you also need to score along with knowing how to pass. 2 Finals with the Nets and one sweet championship with Dallas in 2011 towards the end of his career.
In an era of legendary big man he needed the help of one Lew Alcindor (Before he became Kareem) to win his only championship.
There were writers we had to admit we love more for their short stories than their novels—Donald Barthelme, Annie Proulx, Flannery O’Connor, Eudora Welty. A few titles that seemed indispensable some years ago turned out on a second tasting to be, well, dispensable. Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston’s great story of a black woman surviving whatever God and man throws at her, was not part of the required reading list when I was in school.
Not sure if he should be ranked ahead of Robertson and Thomas but he eared this position thanks to the fact that he made the point guard concept clear to all those that came before him and to all of those that came after.
This one is chosen by me, Richard Lacayo, and my colleague Lev Grossman, whom we sometimes cite as proof that you don’t need to be named Richard to be hired as a critic at TIME, though apparently it helps.
More common was the experience I had with Saul Bellow’s Herzog, about a man coming to terms with the disappointments of midlife by directing his questions everywhere.

Then there was the intellectual massif of Norman Mailer, indisputably one of the great writers of our time, but his supreme achievements are his headlong reconfigurations of the whole idea of non-fiction, books like Armies of the Night and The Executioner’s Song. It left its treadmarks on me even then, but this time his experienced heart spoke to me differently.
Powers, Mary McCarthy, Edmund White, Larry McMurtry, Katherine Ann Porter, Amy Tan, John Dos Passos, Oscar Hijuelos—we looked over our bookcases and many more than 100 names laid down a claim. Celebrity Net Worth has a lot of of intelligent and opiniated hip-hop fans so we created this simple survey that will make it easy for anyone to cast their vote. We can talk about how he orchestrated the game like no one else, the outbreaks, the shooting (52 FG%), his titles. We went ahead and narrowed the list down to 50 artists who are generally considered to be the best but other than that, it's totally up to you to decide who is the greatest rapper of all time.
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How exactly did he escape a trailer park and end up on top of the world with hundreds of millions in the bank? Killer Kool Shen Net WorthBy Alex Chan on Sep 7, 2014Kool Shen Net Worth: Kool Shen is a French rapper and producer who has a net worth of $8 million.

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