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While a band’s name is the most important step on the way to fame, the logo is perhaps just as important.
An unique, unpronounceable symbol, designed by the artist himself that has not only been emblazoned on album covers and made into custom shaped guitars, but was even his name for a period of time when he was in dispute with his record label.
Not only a recognizable symbol for the cult following the band, but legend has it, that the symbol was originally painted on all the band’s gear to keep their guitars from being stolen during festival shows. It isn’t a single symbol like Prince or simple letters like NIN, but nothing portrays an all American band like the presidential seal surrounded by the monikers of the New York rockers. Founding guitarists, Ray Tabano drew up the winged A that became this band’s highly recognizable logo. Contrary to legend, these iconic lips and tongue were not designed by Andy Warhol, but by British graphics designer by the name of John Pasche and was inspired in part by lead singer Mick Jagger’s famous mouth.
As this list proves, it’s not the sound and the name a band needs to be remembered in musical history. The market is flooded with business and making a name for yourself has become increasingly difficult. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I was inspired to write this post both after reading Clayton Christensen’s book “How will you measure your life?” and after much reflection on my journey so far. Recently my brother finished his high school education, and is now ready to face the opportunities and prospects that the world offers. Not long after leaving school, I made the decision to leave a career opportunity with an accounting firm and follow my passion into health and fitness. Christensen’s book discusses a strategy to do just that, which I had unknowingly implemented myself 9 years ago. Hygiene factors: are things like status, compensation, supervisory practices, job security, work conditions, company policies, and working relationships. It is interesting that Herzberg lists compensation as a hygiene factor and not a motivation factor.
Financial incentives are not the same as motivation.  Being truly motivated at your chosen profession enables you to do something because you want to, and the motivation will continue to see you through the good times and the bad times that you will inevitably face during your career. Whilst it is important to address hygiene factors, such as a safe working environment, good relationships with managers and colleagues, enough money for food, shelter and to look after your family– if you don’t have these things, you’ll experience dissatisfaction in your work.
These are the factors that truly motivate you, it is something that I was willing to hold out for, and what Christensen hopes his Harvard graduates hold out for. With this theory it is clear that finding motivation is much less about external prodding or stimulation, and much more about what’s inside of you, and inside your work writes Christensen. So keep the hygiene and motivation factors in balance making deliberate choices based on this balance of the two factors. People who find positive answers to the above questions are at a distinct advantage to those who don’t.
Realising this will allow you to focus on what really matters and all the rest of the more measurable aspects of the job will fade in importance.
If you are not currently finding motivation at work, I hope that you are well on your way to making decisions about your future that will lead you to it.
Sony, QED International and LStar Capital spent $68 million to make Fury, featuring Pitt as a battle-hardened Army sergeant in command of a Sherman tank and its five-man crew as they attempt to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany (Sony is aggressively marketing the film to veterans). While Fury played heavily to males (60 percent), Sony distribution chief Rory Bruer noted that females, likely lured in by Pitt, made up a healthy percentage. In 2009, Pitt starred in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, which lays claim to the No.
Book of Life, produced by Guillermo del Toro and fueled by Hispanic moviegoers (40 percent), came in No. The pic, set around the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, likewise earned an A- CinemaScore. The weekend's third new nationwide offering was romancer The Best of Me, the latest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, starring Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden, Luke Bracey, Liana Liberato and Gerald McRaney. Relativity partnered on the $26 million film with DiNovi Pictures and Nicholas Sparks Productions, and says its financial risk is minimal after selling off international rights and taking advantage of tax credits.
Fox Searchlight and New Regency partnered on Birdman, starring Michael Keaton as a washed-up superhero-movie star who tries to reclaim his career by staging a play on Broadway. This sixth grade student is blazing a path in astroscience with a string of successful science projects that are out of this world and yet amazingly down to Earth.
While every student can and should do and enjoy hands-on science, some students just have it in them, the extra spark and drive that sends K-12 science education skyrocketing. When Ashleigh and her family first contacted Science Buddies last year, she was working on her third astronomy-focused science fair project.

Elementary and middle school science fair projects often require hands-on experimentation, a procedure for which you can run trials, gather data, and provide results. In fifth grade, Ashleigh created her own project design to explore satellites Juno and Cassini in a concrete way using baking sheets, marbles, and paint. This year, as a sixth grade student, Ashleigh decided to explore the light intensity of stars relative to their distance.
Ashleigh says she picked these stars because she had previously studied them for the Science Olympiad.
Ashleigh built her project around the foundation of the Star light, Star bright: How Does Light Intensity Change with Distance?
Ashleigh customized her project by focusing on two stars, represented by light bulbs of different wattages, a 25-watt bulb for Aldebaran and a 40-watt bulb for the brighter Betelgeuse.
Despite the challenge of the numbers, Ashleigh had a great time running her experiment in the garage and collecting her data.
Having moved up to middle school competition, Ashleigh increased her data gathering this year, giving her a larger statistical pool from which to analyze her results and draw conclusions. Ashleigh's success at science fair, her piercing interest in astroscience, and her keen following of the work of Dr.
Quenching her thirst for astrophysics and space science is certainly a challenge in the classroom scenario.
Many projects and questions related to space science are related to the analysis of data from big data sets.
GlaxoSmithKline is a proud sponsor of Science Buddies' reach to students in North Carolina.
Science Buddies Project Ideas and resources in Astronomy are supported by Northrop Grumman.
Test Your Oven Temperature Using SugarUse sugar to test the accuracy of your oven's internal thermometer.
Diabetic Alert Dogs and Your BreathStudy shows relationship between isoprene levels and blood glucose. You may print and distribute up to 200 copies of this document annually, at no charge, for personal and classroom educational use. Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited.
Whether a logo is used for marketing, merchandising or graffiti, it has to be distinctive and memorable. The simple letter design and border were designed in part by Trent Reznor, the man behind the band. It was designed for a flier to advertise the band playing a gig in London’s Marquee club.
Avery Petersen, a branding strategist, helps companies find the right logo designer and marketing strategy to get seen by their market. From web design, graphic design, wordpress, tutorials, photography and other related to designers!
People can get caught up in unhappy careers, and ultimately unhappy lives by a general misunderstanding of what truly motivates us. His theory distinguishes between two different factors in finding motivation at work: hygiene factors and motivation factors. He also states that if you immediately improve all the hygiene factors of your job, you won’t suddenly love it, you just won’t hate it anymore. By addressing all the hygiene factors to a suitable level, you will now have a job you wont be dissatisfied with. It will mean the difference between dreading Monday morning on a Sunday night and being excited to get cracking on a new week doing what you love. The right choices will mean the difference to feeling unfulfilled and unhappy or feeling, happy and finding motivation at work.
They are able to turn up to work and deliver their very best efforts, making them very good at what they do.  A by-product of being excellent at your job is that almost all other measurable aspects of your job (hygiene factors) will improve. I own a successful Vision Personal Training franchise in the heart of the Sydney CBD and have a background of 9 years as Personal Trainer and over 5 years as a business owner. The film, earning an A- CinemaScore, also features Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs and Scott Eastwood. The 3D title skewed female (57 percent), while 54 percent of ticket buyers were under the age of 25, with many of those under the age of 10. 5 for the weekend with $10.2 million from 2,936 locations, the lowest debut for a Sparks adaptation, not accounting for inflation. We are confident the film will play well over the coming weeks given its word of mouth and strong CinemaScore," a Relativity spokesperson said.

With this year's project, she took a comparative look at the change in intensity of a star's light in relation to its distance.
In learning more about Ashleigh and her history with science fair, we shared a wonderful story about the spelling bee that first inspired her interest in astrophysics. Science Buddies later created the Satellite Science: How Does Speed Affect Orbiting Altitude?
Giving specificity to her exploration, Ashleigh chose to anchor her project on the Betelgeuse and Aldebaran stars.
With more than 300 students participating in her school science fair, it was a different experience than elementary school, but once again Ashleigh moved ahead and showed her project at the regional science fair.
Ashleigh and her family are proactive about looking for avenues to feed her interest in space science and keep her aware of news and developments in space science. For more information on student science projects involving big data, see Explore the World of Big Data with Your Science Project. To explore these iconic pieces of pop culture, today we’re counting down the 10 coolest band logos of all time. The image took off from there until almost everyone owned or at least recognized the logo on badges and pins. I hope for the sake of my brother and for yourself that you will find or are presently doing what you are truly passionate about.
Job security is not a problem for a person who can add value, learn and grow in a position that they are truly motivated by likewise with compensation an intrinsically motivated person commands more. Fox Animation and ReelFX co-produced the $50 million movie, voiced by Channing Tatum, Christina Applegate, Ice Cube, Hector Elizondo, Diego Luna and Zoe Saldana.
Best of Me, earning a B+ CinemaScore, came in behind Disney holdover Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, which took the No. She spent a lot of time gathering light meter readings and ended up with a winning combination of math and physics! These students, like Brittany Wenger and Jack Andraka, pursue projects with the power and potential to revolutionize their fields of interest. Since then, Ashleigh has continued charting her own course of astronomy projects and space science exploration. Once you move beyond early elementary school astronomy experiments, many space-oriented projects become more data-driven and center around data analysis using publicly available data sets. Betelgeuse is the red star in the Orion constellation, the ninth brightest star in the night sky, and appears as the center star in a formation known as the Winter Circle. In that project, students use a single light bulb experiment to test whether light from a point (like a star) follows the inverse-square law in terms of its brightness relative to its distance. It was her fourth trip to the regional fair, but Ashleigh admits that this year, competing as a middle school student, was a very different experience. Last fall, Ashleigh was invited to give a speech at the State Chamber of Commerce Annual Education Summit. Something that will get you up out of bed each morning with a smile on your face and the gratitude of being lucky enough to do what you do each day.
When we dedicate a significant portion of your life to work it’s a decision I hope you don’t have to tolerate, because it doesn’t have to be this way. To love your career and in finding motivation from your work you will need to really focus on the 2nd factor of the motivation theory.
Aldebaran also appears as one of the five stars that make up the ring (or hexagon) of the Winter Circle, but Aldebaran may be best known as the bright "eye" of the constellation Taurus—the "Bull's Eye" star. In other words, as the light moves away, does the intensity of the light follow a set mathematical pattern that can be correlated to the distance.
As part of her exploration, she took light meter readings of each bulb as she moved farther away at set distances. She talked about three of her previous school science projects, the value of science fair, and the importance of teachers she has had.
I blog about my observations and powerful strategies for personal success, high performance and happiness. Ashleigh Nicoll, a studen in North Carolina, is clearly such a student, and with her fourth successful school science fair project, Ashleigh continues to channel her interest in space science into a stream of stellar projects that are at once astronomical in scope and yet contained in real-world, down-to-Earth practical procedures. Understanding this, of course, is central to being able to tell how far away individual stars are from the Earth based on their brightness.
Her light meter, however, provided readings of Exposure Value (EV), and Ashleigh needed measurements in Lux.

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