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As you get out of the crowded streets, you go into a bad part of town: where everyone overeats Brainz and wandering plants. When fed Plant Food, Coconut Cannon will release a gigantic coconut, pushing all zombies to the rightmost edge of the screen and dealing 60 normal damage shots to all of them in a 3x3 area at the end. Coconut Cannon's main asset is its high splash damage capability - thanks to this, Coconut Cannon can be used to take down large groups of zombies with ease, especially in Endless Zone levels where enough Coconut Cannons can be purchased to allow the player to have a constant source of firepower. Coconut Cannon is particularly useful when planted on minecarts in Wild West, as the player can relocate it to fire on lanes with concentrated amount of zombies, instead of having to plant multiple Coconut Cannons. Coconut Cannon is a great plant in emergency situations, as firing them and shoveling them up right afterwards, assuming all the shovel refund upgrades are obtained, only cost the player 100 sun. Taking down an Imp Cannon in Pirate Seas with a Coconut Cannon will net the player the Broadside achievement. Coconut Cannon is given in the eighth wave of Wild West - Day 20, a Not OK Corral level, if two or more plants were lost beforehand and is required to deal with the massive amount of zombies in the later portion of the level, particularly the Buckethead Zombies. If Plant Food is given to the Coconut Cannon and a tombstone is in the same lane, the bomb will explode when it touches the tombstone. If an Imp Cannon¬†is destroyed by Coconut Cannon, the player will get the Broadside achievement. The bullet that Coconut Cannon shoots for its costumed Plant Food ability in the Chinese version looks very similar to the Banzai Bill from the Super Mario series. In Chinese version, if one manages to use Sunflower Singer Plant Food's ability, Coconut Cannon will somehow recharge again, even when the player didn't use it at all. Rather than following a winding path like the typical tower defense game, zombies are invading your lawn, and go in a straight path through one in six lanes. There are 50 levels in the main game, and while all of them still take place in your yard (with the exception of the last 10, which take place on your roof) the time of day can vary, which has huge effects on your game. On top of this, the game life is also extended by an ingame store, led by Crazy Dave, the narrator and¬†deuteragonist. Not only do the graphics look extremely sharp on the iPhone and iPad’s retina display, the soundtrack is nice as well, and it gets more intense as more zombies invade your lawn. My friend Mike over at App Dev Secrets just released his new, fool-proof course that teaches you how to make amazing iPhone or iPad applications and games!
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Wander a little bit, and a cutscene will play showing two Fattie Zombies eating a Peashooter's corpse, when they see you and run after you.

However, this is balanced by a massive 400 sun cost and cooldown time between shots, which makes Coconut Cannon less practical in normal levels.
Its Plant Food ability can also be used to push zombies back to prevent a single lane from being overrun, although the Plant Food ability should not be used in Ancient Egypt and Dark Ages if there are tombstones in the same row, as they can block the giant coconut and protect zombies behind them. Not only will the Jester throw back the coconut, taking no damage, but the damage from the coconut is enough to insta-kill any plant other than most defensive plants, although its Plant Food ability cannot be reflected by Jester Zombie. This method gives Coconut Cannon great potential against large groups of strong zombies, such as Knight Zombies. This tactic is not recommended however, as there is rarely a clear line of sight for Coconut Cannon to fire due to the other zombies advancing, especially the Imp Pirate Zombies being constantly fired from the Imp Cannon.
However, if no plant was lost, there is a chance that it will be replaced by a Repeater, which will make completing the level much more difficult. The same happens to Torchwood, Pepper-pult, Fire Peashooter, Lava Guava and Jack O' Lantern with their flames.
However, Excavator Zombie is still immune to Coconut Cannon's coconuts if they directly hit It. Your garden, full of powerful plants with a wide array of abilities, is your last protection from getting your brains eaten.
Of course, there is your standard, regular zombie with no special abilities, but there are many other types of zombies as well, and you’ll have to pay attention to them and adapt your strategy to take them down.
From here you can buy additional plants that you could not otherwise unlock, as well as even more minigames, and stuff for your Zen Garden. After you get past at least three cars, a Zombot ship will fly in and drop five Wild Zombies on you, but they would most likely get run over if you stand in the road. Coconut Cannon can also be outclassed by Strawburst later on, which can deal even more impressive amount of splash damage, though Strawburst also requires tons of time in order to have higher capability of dealing heavy damage.
Thus, it is strongly advised that the player resets the level if they did not get the Coconut Cannon. The second was Magnifying Grass, then Banana Launcher, followed by Strawburst, and lastly, Jack O' Lantern. Instead of using cash, you can add plants to your garden using sunlight – the amount varies by plant.
From levels 10-20, you play at night, and sun no longer falls from the sky – you have to collect it using plants. There is the Zen Garden, which lets you have your own greenhouse, and nurture plants for coins, as well as minigames such as Zombie Endless, in which zombies continue coming wave after wave.

Collecting enough coins to unlock everything is very much possible, and Popcap does not put a lot of pressure on you to buy coins from them via in-app purchases. In fact, I enjoyed this game so much I ended up purchasing it again on my PC and on my iPad (which is even better!) and I definitely don’t regret it. You meet a detour and go up an alleyway, which leads to a less packed (but still active) road, where Zombie Dogs run at you full speed. Upon impact with a zombie, the coconut will explode, dealing 45 normal damage shots to the initial target as well as 15 normal damage shots to all enemies in a 3x2 area around it. Sunlight can be collected when it falls from the sky, or by certain plants that produce it.
Throughout these levels you gain new types of plants, mushrooms, which have their own unique abilities.
Some other minigames include Vasebreaker, in which, vases are set up for you to break, some of them will contain plants for you to use, and others will contain zombies, so you have to use strategy to make the best decision. After you kill them, you fight the Giga-Wild Zombie, which throws all sorts of zombies at you. However, as soon as daytime falls again in levels 20-30, your mushrooms will fall asleep, unable to be used. A zombie is about to eat the stolen plant, until he sees you and throws it to a Bungee Zombie, and you fight that zombie. You then are about to go into your neighbor's house, until a slow-moving Buckethead is dropped by a Bungee Zombie, which you fight. Finally, in the last 10 levels, you flee to your roof, and realize that there isn’t a lawn up there for you to use. You have to be prepared to change your strategy when different types of zombies appear, which makes the game even more fun.
You enter the house, fight a few zombies and three Coneheads in the living room, and you get to the bedroom, where you fight the Dark Knight Zombie, who is aided constantly by Screen Door Zombies and a Buckethead.
In some tower defense games, once you have a certain amount of towers down, you can relax, and even let the game play while you go and do something else.
You then follow the thieving zombies to the park, where you are greeted by two Food-Fighter Zombies, dancing into the screen.

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