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This presentation is designed to cover some of the principles of Basic Life Support & First Aid for Children as of May 2014. To establish a Digital Library where worldwide health professionals can share their presentations and communicate their ideas to those with similar interests. Now that all the academic presentations are done, it is the perfect time to reflect on and assess the steps I took, hurdles faced and most of all the results I achieved. Obtain correct preparation: with a systematic personalised but flowing structure alongside other tools. I must say at the start of the year, I was trying to make my own methodology to tackle presentations. Following the workshops I was able to develop significantly to the point now looking back I myself can’t believe the person I have become.
The basics of getting ready for a presentation are etched into me, as I want to excel and obtain something once I was so worried was my biggest weakness. Practice is another key feature for delivering effective presentations, however the technicality of how you practise comes down to each person. On the whole these aspect of presentations are key into effective delivery, it is always breaking the ice and tackling the first ppt with focus and direction that helps you develop and pave the path for success in all others. Moreover, using props are a good way of interacting with the audience, making your ppt stand out and memorable. I know for a fact presentations are not only formal for academia, but is an aspect of yourself everything you do, conversation or meeting someone for the first time and most important of all at interviews. Delivering effective presentations are not only useful for presentations you give but helps you to be the free and confident public speaker you always dreamt of being. A very big thank you to Bev for this immensely insightful, helpful and personal character developing workshops. Thank you for your comment and more over all the support and guidance for me to reach these successes. I was also wondering if I could keep in touch with you through the email ID your provided on the card, considering I am finishing in a month or 2. Please do keep in touch, I like to think I am forming a relationship with the people I have worked with, particularly those that have taken the step of completing their blogs. It would pave the way for me to develop the optimal strategy for the surprises the future might harbour.

Correction they were my biggest downfall, however with different techniques I have found my own way to handle it. Rather than worrying about how I will speak, keeping focus on the information and knowledge as well as my image, hand gestures all helped in being less self conscious. However, due to language barriers and other issues a number of members didn’t contribute enough hence I had to stay up the whole night without any sleep. Using these action points and the techniques taught, especially the two finger rule, I have ever since only improved on my presentational styles.
As I mentioned in my previous post (follow up 4) practice in front of a mirror does not work for me, but is after getting into the right mid-set for the presentation, going through the whole presentation whilst doing other things really takes the daunting factor away whilst also being a practise session.
I have come to learn that the single most important criteria for delivering effective presentations- can be faked! It has played a very very big role for the change I wanted, from the person I was to who I am now. I think your comment about using nervousness as a power source (seeing it as excitement rather than fear I think) is very insightful. I would be more than happy for you to use the blue grid as an example; moreover it would be a valuable opportunity for me to give back something to the highly insightful workshop you gave.
Definitely breathing has always helped, but ensuring all of the action points are handled built the overall picture which helped handle the nerves, and in one way helping me use the nervousness to my advantage. Additionally, it was then I would give little focus to how I am speaking with respect to changes in tone, intonation etc. This was reflected in the marks that I got as initially at the start of the year I obtained a mark in the late 50s, which was poor considering the amount of work I had put in. At the start of the year when I did not modulate the amount of information properly I always had 3-4 pages full of text ( what I was going to speak during my presentations).
Most of all, it has changed me into a presenter that can talk without a script with confidence. Specifically ensuring the structure is interesting and logical for not only myself but others helped me in getting my points across well.
I remember myself implementing this into the paper plane I made for the ppt during the workshop, as well as using the highlighter as a flower to say 5 traits like the 5 petals of a flower make Coventry truly the place to be J. Not always feasible, as you won’t implement all at all times, but with practice this is becoming a part of me, my personality, a habit. One significant feat was the presentation I gave in the workshop as it was then I was taking my baby steps into becoming a good presenter.

Always making sure the structure is different and creative has helped me see presentations as a performance, my unique performance. Common places for me would be in the shower, whilst working out or even whilst listening to music. However, I also have seen the effect of true confidence, which you can obtain if you see a presentation as a performance, where you are educating someone on a particular topic.
This always mean I looked at the script, lost my flow, poor eye contact and pitch, all leading to increased nervousness. I have always seen if I am not happy and santisfied with the structure it affect how I actually relate it to the audience, as a doubt in my mind creates a doubt in my tone and speaking while relating it the audience.
Confidence can also be true if you are truly proud of your slide design or content use etc. I soon started to use small flash cards, particularly ever since a particular presentation I had.
At first I was nervous but because I was sleep deprived and annoyed at the other person for pulling out at the last minute, I somehow did not come across nervous at all. It was only after the PPT, that I realised I spoke well covered all aspect and spoke only what was needed, without the need of a script.
This was something I realised during the business plan presentation (mentioned earlier) where I was asked to present at the last minute (10minutes before the seminars started). After giving the PPT, the professor did mention my enthusiasm and trust in the product I pitched was a singular factor that changed their minds on whether to invest in this product or not, it showed my confidence in myself and my product.
On the occasions , where I used long scripts I always had issues with time or whilst trying to keep in time I would be speaking at the speed of a train. However throwing the script aside and keeping only key words as reminders has helped significantly. Particularly being a part of group presentations where I opted to take the second half of the presentation and finish it, meant I had to be critical with the information I provide.
Having done this a number of time, especially the first time I tried it by keep a eye on a friends IPAD, I have the learnt the art of assessing the amount of time left, amount of information left to talk about and thus formulate best means of keeping on track with time whilst exuding the optimal amount of data. The first time I tried this I came down to the last few seconds where I gave my final concluding remark and finishing statement.

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