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Description: Information about the brown recluse spider and how to handle a spider bite or recluse spider bite and brown recluse spider pictures to help identify brown recluse spiders. It is quite likely that you will find a first aid kit in most homes you enter from a single portable first aid kit or a stocked first aid cabinet with a few satellite kits throughout the house. A trauma kit comes with many of the things that your basic first aid kit does but it also comes with items that are used to treat more severe wounds or ailments. With your trauma kit you will be able to clean, wrap, and bandage larger wounds that your first aid kit might not be suitable for.

Durable polypropylene box with green safety clips, integrated carry handle, and a secure airtight lid provides protection from dust and water. If you have a survival stockpile in your home there is probably a first aid kit in there too, which is undoubtedly useful but have you consider the benefits of adding a trauma kit as well? Trauma kits are often packed in convenient duffle bags so you will be able to carry the kit with you to a person who is injured as opposed to bringing the person to your supplies. If you have a larger trauma kit you will also be able to help those around you such as friends, family, and neighbors when a disaster does occur because you will have extra supplies. A trauma kit differs from your standard first aid kit in that it is more extensive and offers more products that will be useful for taking care of those who are hurt or ill in the event of a disaster. By evaluating your family and who you believe you would be helping during dire situations you will be able to decide what size trauma kit will be right for you.

Make sure you always keep your trauma kit organized as there are many items in it so it could get confusing; by having it organized you will know where each thing is when you need it instead of having to dig around in the duffle.
Whether you need a trauma kit for 5, 50, or 500 you will be able to find it when shopping with a survival supply company. I haven’t eaten any that came in this palcutirar kit, but I have eaten Mountain House products before.

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