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QNUK Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QFC) allows you to be defined as a Paediatric First Aider in your workplace in line with Ofsted regulations.
Tags: Dealing with emergencies, EYFS, first aid, OFSTED, ofsted regulations, paediatric first aider, two day first aid course. Ankle sprains are common sports injuries caused by extreme force, unnatural motion, or uneven ground.
Please share your experience with a broken foot, for example, how it happened and what the treatment was. When Napoleon led his army to disaster in the Russian winter, many of his soldiers suffered from frostbite and developed gangrene of the toes and feet. Read What Your Physician is Reading on Medscape Fracture, Foot »Approximately 10% of all fractures occur in the 26 bones of the foot. A squirrel will break the shell of a nut with its teeth, then clean the nut by licking it or rubbing on its face before it is buried. Who Are We We at PWRC want to provide the best care possible for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife in Manitoba. When mine had chicken pox they started out looking a bit like flea bites - sounds lovely eh ? Is it possible she has had a virus and the spots are a symptom of the virus leaving the body - nearly every rash my lo's have the doctors diagnosis is this ! My mum has always told me if any of my children start with a few spots, put them in a bath and see what happens!!!
Hi, when my little one started with chicken pox the 1st one I saw was on her neck as I was doing her hair for playschool, this one was a blister filled with watery fluid which burst later that morning, later that day she had lots of little red spots quite faint on her chest and back, these turned into blisters by late that night and the next morning she was covered.

In this blog post we answer some common questions people have about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. CPR is a technique used in an emergency situation when a person’s heartbeat or breathing has stopped. Its best to acquire formal training however, CPR can be performed without certification as well and can be learned online by taking an online first aid training class. If you are uncomfortable or unwilling to perform mouth-to-mouth then just perform chest compressions. Yes, simply continue chest compressions until help arrives if you aren’t willing to or cannot perform mouth-to-mouth for any reason. Perform chest compressions at a rate of 100 – 120 compressions per minute (some people suggest the song “Staying Alive”), compressing the chest straight down at least 5cm (2 inches).
Only move the casualty if the site is unsafe and it is not possible to treat them in the position or place they are in. You are very unlikely to cause further harm as the priority is keeping them alive by performing CPR.
Once you've completed the course you even get a free first aid certificate to download - nifty! Our missionTo provide a range of free to access CPR tests to enable people to develop and improve their knowledge of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This two day course fully satisfies the guidelines and criteria as defined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and OFSTED. We can deliver training in a setting of your choice or in a family home, on a date and time of your choosing. Consider the foot divided the foot into three parts: the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the forefoot.

This action applies a scent to the nut which helps the squirrel find it later, even under a foot of snow. Use three of your senses, sight, hearing and touch; look for any motion of the casualty’s chest, listen for any normal breathing sounds and feel his or her breath on your cheek. Check the airway and perform mouth-to-mouth (rescue breathing) after 30 compressions if you are trained and willing. Even if your breath is more concentrated in carbon dioxide, he or she will breathe it out and absorb oxygen into the lungs only – it’s not a lot of oxygen but it’s still better than nothing. Martin figured out the anatomy of the foot, and found that cutting through joint spaces made amputation easier. If they are not breathing normally then begin CPR and ask someone to call an ambulance immediately. His legacy is that fractures, dislocations, and sprains that affect the junction between the upper and lower foot bones bear his name. The frequency,  and the duration of the notes communicate everything from laughter to alarm.
In general, their fur is soft and silky, although much thicker in some species than others. Tree squirrels are the types most commonly recognized, often seen gracefully scampering and leaping from branch to branch.

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