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To equip the saddle, access the inventory of the creature by pressing F or pressing down E and holding it, then moving the cursor to "Access inventory" then move the saddle onto the saddle slot of the dinosaur.
A sandbox survival simulator set in an open world, which draws inspiration from productions such as DayZ. ARK: Survival Evolved is a sandbox survival simulator set in an open world, pitting the players against dinosaurs and other players. The gameplay mechanics are modelled after the iconic MMO sandbox games such as DayZ, the major difference being that the role of the ever-present zombies was taken over by prehistoric reptiles. As in most productions of this type, we have a safe haven in the form of a self-made hideout, which provides us with shelter from more dangerous dinosaurs – more than 70 species of these creatures appear in the game, from small flying pterosaurs to real giants, like Diplodocus, Brontosaurus, or the T-rex. Nothing, however, prevents us from playing offline, but we must take into account the fact that we won’t be able to face all of the challenges. ARK: Survival Evolved is not exactly well optimised game at this time, but we have a few tips that may ease the pain. Wildcard reported that ARK: Survival Evolved sold more than one million copies within a month. When building up your shelter and constructing a farm in Ark Survival Evolved, it is really important to have a nice stronghold to store all of your resources and be able to have a safe place when things get too rough.
Another positive to upgrading from thatch to wood is that you have a lot more options regarding your hideout.
Once you have a solid wooden starting point, you can begin to upgrade to stone, and then metal as the top tier.
These are modifications to the wooden structure that will improve the quality and reduce the amount of damage taken by tools. On top of improving your homestead, you can also craft different storage items and crafting services.
Before getting into how to start your own farm, we must first know the units that must be crafted to efficiently use the farm. Now that we know all of the items that can be crafted, we can now start to farm and grow our own food and resources.
Once you have your plot picked out and set, you’ll need to start gathering some berries to start the process. Once you have the plot of land down, access the inventory screen by pressing E and placing seeds on it. The first pipe has to be facing the water directly so you can build off of it and connect it to your crops. This is the very basic beginning of a farming system that can be improved upon and expanded endlessly.
The developers at Studio Wildcard have pumped out updates for ARK: Survival Evolved at an absurd rate over the past month, with well over 50 already under their belts. If you've played ARK for any considerable amount of time, you've probably developed a sneaking suspicion that you're not going to be able to learn every Engram in the game. After hundreds of in-game hours, we confidently present to you the most essential Engram Points you will ever spend in ARK: Survival Evolved. PvP - If you're on a server where other people can directly attack you, there are a lot of things that could go wrong, making base strategy and defense your number one priority. PvE - There may not be other players to worry about, but there are definitely other dinosaurs. Non-Essential - Not required for your survival in any particular mode of play, yet may prove to be incredibly useful or desirable. This list aims to contain the most accurate and updated information on Engrams, so don't forget to check back periodically for more tips on how to spend those Engram Points! A Campfire produces Cooked Meat and Cooked Prime Meat, which both grant large amounts Food. Required for collecting large amounts of wood, stone and hide from trees, rocks and carcasses respectively.
Required for Pike crafting later on, and is one of the few weapons that scales with your Melee Damage stat.
Since the world persists while you're offline, if you're playing on a server, it's important to make a base. Each article of clothing produces the same amount of armor protection, making gloves, boots and hats worth learning.
If you do skip any of the clothes, keep it consistent so you can continue that load-out later on. Enclosing your base with walls and a roof will help moderate the temperature in the area, but it's not perfect.
While Thatch is incredibly fragile, it's a necessary stepping stone to reach stronger walls and better protection. Phioma make great pack-mules, but are rather slow on their feet and aren't particularly useful when ridden, so a saddle is of minor importance. Lights fires and powers the Preserving Bin, necessary for keeping food fresh when you log out. If you don't want your Narcoberries to spoil while waiting for a dinosaur to tame, make Narcotics.

If you're going to place crafting stations and beds on a foundation, it needs to be stronger than thatch. Used in creating advanced recipes, which always add special character buff effects when used. Unless you're an incredible navigator, you're going to need this to help find your way around the island. The Parasaur is the fastest land mount at this level, but has a hard time defending itself. Doubles as a roof and a floor if you're making extra levels to your base — and is way better than thatch.
It's highly recommended to upgrade to hide, due to the insane armor increase and low crafting costs. A weapon capable of firing both Stone Arrows and Tranq Arrows, making this one of the best ranged weapons currently in the game.
Stores more items than the Storage Box but requires a roof at least two walls high to stand in. Will save you from a great fall, whether you accidentally hop off your bird from high in the air or get picked up and dropped. Helps with getting inside of your base when over-encumbered and there are some clever defensive tricks to be had. The Scorpion has venom coursing through its stinger, making it the perfect mount for knocking out dinosaurs on.
The Turtle is a tank and can swim underwater but isn't very quick and doesn't really excel at anything. This crop plot has more space than the small one, which means it can grow a bit more at a time. This gun attachment allows you to look far off in the distance without putting away your weapon. The Stego is much better than a Trike at picking berries, and is one of the largest animals able to still fit through a Dinosaur Gate. An even bigger crop plot for growing plants in, complete with more slots to produce all the crops you'll ever need.
The first flying mount you have access to is the Pteranodon, so many opt into learning how to craft this saddle. The Sarco is a viscous predator of the land and sea that closely resembles an incredibly large crocodile. Nothing is quite like the safety of a Shotgun if something gets too close, especially if you're ignoring the Melee Damage stat.
The Ankylo is an incredible mount that not only gathers berries at an expedient rate but also harvests stone and metal.
Sabertooth are similar to the Raptor in versatility, but seem to have a knack for collecting Chitin and Keratin where their Melee Damage is concerned.
Unlike in the aforementioned title, this time we fight against powerful prehistoric creature instead of zombies. The title is the debut production of Wildcard Studios, a developer team founded by a former Microsoft Game Studios employee Jesse Rapczak, and has been created for PCs and eighth-generation consoles. Our character finds himself, defenceless and naked, on an uncharted island, and our task is to survive for as long as possible in the hostile environment. They are not the only nuisance as the enemy players can prove equally ruthless, greedily eyeing and trying to steal the goods we've managed to accumulate. There are special summoning points where, upon having certain conditions met, we can summon a gigantic creature. This is an excellent result, especially when we take into account that the game has so far been only available for PC via Steam Early Access.
Assuming you have made your first Thatch shelter, this will help you upgrade that shelter a more stable place to live. I’d pick a place that you are happy with that is close to food and water, and you are willing to spend some time at. The first thing that is needed is you have to be level 10 in order to unlock the crafting ability to craft wooden structures. You have a lot more options such as a dinosaur gateway, a trapdoor, a ladder, and even a ramp. There are some things that can even be reinforced such as the wooden door, dinosaur gateway, and dinosaur gate.
This allows you to place food inside of it which will feed animals within 10 foundation distance from where it is placed. This is used to refine different metals such as metal into material that can be used to craft.
This is used to create an irrigation network that will split water in 3 different directions. You will need a few things to make this task easy, those are: seeds, water from a jar, and poop.
Managing and looking after your plants is extremely important in order to have a successful farm.

This is much more effective than just putting poop onto your plants (it is about 5x faster at growing). This will water your crops automatically so it saves you the burden of having to make infinite trips to collect water. If there are elevation changes between you and the water source that can be handled by constructing the appropriate piping. You can grow all kinds of plants and berries so it’s just a matter of scavenging and finding different roots and seeds and placing them onto your farm. You can even build a pen and house dinosaurs and feed them via a trough and grow your dinosaur army as well. We collect, analyse, summarise and disseminate information about the game, while giving users a place to discuss it, and anything else they want, on our forums.
Along the way they've increased the level limit, added new Engrams, and many other things that change the game in large and small ways. There simply aren't enough Engram Points where the max level sits, and with the developers constantly adding new Engrams, I doubt it will ever be possible to legitimately cap out. There's so many useful Engrams that you can craft in the game that the list is truly dazzling to behold.
These "singleplayer" servers shut down the moment that you log off, cutting off the persistent world that ARK touts so heavily. Only the essentials are marked so you may have extra points to spend on the Engrams you actually want to own. Bases aren't essential for single-player since the world shuts off when you do, but they definitely have unique benefits. They are one of fastest land mounts and fiercely defend not only themselves but their partners as well.
This carnivore is a great partner to have on your team, and a terrifying one to meet out in the wilderness.
Synapses fire off too quickly resulting in damage to the memory centers of the brain related to construction.
The game is the debut of an independent studio called Wildcard, founded by a former employee of Microsoft Game Studios. In order to remain alive we must hunt and gather raw materials, which can be used to craft weapons and various tools necessary for our existence.
The game focuses on online fun, and as per rules of the genre, allows to set up alliances and cooperate with other peaceful players. Killing it will grant us amazing prizes, but to succeed we need to cooperate within a larger group. I would recommend doing this as soon as you are level 10 and have enough resources to be able to upgrade your stronghold. You cannot directly upgrade your thatch structures into wood, so you will have to break the pieces down, gather the resources from the broken down structures, and start to build your upgraded fortress. The only way to destroy it is by using explosives so it is very durable against other players. For example, a pump action shotgun can be crafted here using 30 metal ingot, 55 polymer, and 45 cementing paste. Pick your location wisely as it will have to be close enough to water to have irrigation access. It will take a lot of work to start up, but it will eventually sustain itself and have a lot of long term benefits. The pipe will turn blue once the intake has been placed to show you that the water is running through it.
Not only that, but you're not playing with anyone who can interfere with your experience, for better and for worse. The player begins the game defenseless and naked on an unidentified island, and his or her task is to survive in this new, harsh environment.
We can develop our character by learning new skills that will prove very useful for our survival. Another positive to wood is that wood structures take no damage from stone tools, and have about 10 times more health than thatch structures.
You won't need a base, but you will need armor and decent weapons if you ever hope to stay alive.
In order to do that, we must hunt and gather various raw materials which will be used to create the much needed weapons and tools. PC version also supports Oculus Rift as well as Steam Workshop, making it possible to share content created by the players among themselves. Since the title features o multiplayer experience, meeting other players in the game world will happen and, depending on their attitude, we can fight them or establish valuable alliances.

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