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As of 1 October 2013 First Aid Regulations changed, removing the requirement for HSE to approve first aid training and qualifications. The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work.
How much first Aid provision an employer has to make depends on the circumstances of each workplace. The CIEH Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work comprises Unit 1 of the Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work. First- instead of having 2 muslin tails that need to be wrapped in opposite directions to affix the bandage, the israeli has 1 tail that is elastic, and can be applied much like an ace bandage, roller style, so you can hold the dressing pad in place with one hand and wrap with the other. Second- The tail of the dressing incorporates a plastic locking bar, which serves as an anchor point for the wrapping. Third- Instead of having to tie off the tails with a square knot, the end is fastened with a velcro fastener. Due to our policy of continual development, WA Products (UK) Limited reserve the right to change specifications without further notice. WA products are only supplied in accordance with WA Terms and Conditions of Sale, copies available upon request. Pain at or near the fracture site and some animals will not allow the limb to be handled at all. Fractures may be closed, where the skin is unbroken, or open, where a wound leads to the fracture or the bone may be exposed. Try to support the leg when moving the animal by resting the leg on a towel or in your hand. If you are unable to take your pet directly to a veterinarian then you may need to bandage or splint the leg. If the bone is exposed cover the bone with gauze swabs or bandage, torn sheet or a sanitary napkin soaked in sterile saline or home-prepared salty water. Apply an adhesive layer (Vetwrap or Elastoplast) over the top to hold the bandage in place.
Generally it is best not to try and stabilize fractures to the humerus and scapula (the bones above the elbow) but keep your pet quiet and let it find a comfortable position on its own. Wrap conforming bandage such as gauze loosely around the paw going front to outside to back etc.

Bring the gauze up over the outside of the shoulder and down behind the opposite leg and back to the starting point. Apply more layers bringing some of the layers over the front of the wrist to prevent it sliding out of the bandage.
The need to apply a sling to the hind leg for a femoral fracture is very rare in the first aid situation. Bring the gauze up over the outside of the leg and down in front of the opposite leg and back to the starting point. Cold compresses (ice wrapped in cloth) can be applied at the site of the swelling once a diagnosis has been made. Later the dog may rest the foot of the affected leg on the ground without pressure on the main pad.
Avoid stairs and do not allow your pet to jump.The opposite leg is now taking all the weight normally shared between the hind limbs and rupturing this cruciate as well is unfortunately quite likely. If the nail is not bleeding and is causing the dog or cat pain because it is in the way then it needs to be removed. This can happen if your dog or cat tears the nail or if you have trimmed the nail too short. Restrain your pet and elevate the affected limb above the body if possible by rolling your pet onto its back. An alternative is to drag the affected nail over a bar of soap to clog the nail and then apply the cloth to the nail. Apply a bandage if the nail tends to start bleeding as soon as the pad is removed or your pet is licking the paw excessively. The LINE2design Traction Splint effectively realigns a fractured femur to proper position, effectively reducing pain, restoring profusion and inhibiting vascular, nerve, bone and muscle damage. These regulations apply to all workplaces, including those with five or fewer employees, and to the self-employed.
By looping the tail through the locking bar and pulling tension, a VERY effective pressure dressing is created. Normally the break is complete but in the young animal the bone may only be cracked or bent.
Open fractures are generally more serious as infection may result and more care is required for successful healing.

Allow you pet to make itself comfortable rather than force it into a position you think will be comfortable. However if your pet is in severe pain or the leg is so floppy it is getting in the way it is possible to apply a "Velpeau" sling.
They occur due to direct force such as being hit by a automobile or when the leg is caught while the body is still in motion.
When walking limited weight will be put on the affected leg and it may be held up at faster gaits.
Continued bleeding may indicate a bleeding disorder and your pet may be in serious trouble. These splints feature a unique telescoping design along with easy-to-follow directions printed on the nylon leg straps to ensure quick application. This is called a greenstick fracture and is extremely painful, often more painful than a complete break. Bandaging an open fracture helps prevent contamination and prevents the bone from drying out.
However if the bone is exposed some type of bandage must be applied if there is a to be a delay in reaching your vet.
Saline used for cleaning contact lens or the Intravenous fluid Sodium Chloride are basically the same thing as salty water but are usually sterile and are excellent for wound cleaning.
If you use sticks or other hard material either apply a layer of bandage material to the limb first or wrap a towel or cloth over the splint.
It may not be possible to decide if the limb is fractured or dislocated so if in doubt treat as a fracture. The most common cause of fractures is direct force, and in our domestic animals this is usually due to being hit by an automobile (car, truck, train and in Melbourne the rare tram). Other causes are falls, being dropped (or thrown), being stepped on or kicked and getting the leg caught while the body is still in motion.

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