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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, released November 4th, is getting ready to launch its first expansion pack. Originally a zombie mode was not going to be part of the Advanced Warfare series, but developers had dabbled with the idea sometime around the games launch date. In order to play the new zombie mode, you must either purchase the Havoc DLC or season pass, which will also have other exclusive content. Though the developers have been quiet about what will be included in the new Exo Zombie mode, they highly encourage players to watch out for new information being released in the upcoming weeks.
In Call Of Duty: Black Ops we saw the introduction of playable celebrities undergoing masses of zombie trauma in the Escalation DLC, a tradition that then played out in the zombie installments that followed. With Exo-Zombies now on both next-gen consoles, fans can judge what effort Sledgehammer have made to ensure their satisfaction. There is however a slight twist, instead of having one ultimate power source, the power is simply switched off for the various Exo-Perk machines, the generators are easily located via means of the coloured cables on the floor. With Exo-suits fitted to their backs, zombies will now dart at you from a distance, interrupting chains and at times genuinely scaring the life out of you. Complete with some brilliant voice acting and plenty of puns (and annoyingly random fake laughs from Oz) these are quite an interesting quartet to play with. With millions of fans back in the zombie-game it is easy to say that Sledgehammer have remained true to everything that drives zombies to be such a popular pass time for video gamers. Havoc, which is the first of four DLC maps included in the season pass, will release early 2015. Call of Duty: Black Ops originally started off the zombie map packs and are a real favorite amongst COD fans.
The new mode is going to be completely unique to the series co-op experience along with a new breed of zombies. From there her love of gaming only grew moving on to more advanced consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation, PC, and later on Xbox. Several retailers have apparently broken the street date for the game, resulting in the inevitable leaks.The relevant video clip is being taken down from YouTube whenever it appears, and the DailyMotion link I viewed it at is also now dead. The initial question is what can possibly be so enjoyable about spending hours upon hours murdering the undead? From bigger maps to a wider zombie-killing weapons arsenal, severely scarier enemies to more intricate easter eggs, Treyarch worked their game developing butts off to provide us fans with even more to consume our time with.
Sledgehammer have certainly tried to remain true to the zombie concept and to maintain the features fans love so much about it.
Furthermore, much like before there are creatures riddled with infection that players encounter every 4-5 rounds – Zombie- Dogs. The same applies to crawlers, some will launch from one end of a room to the other in an attempt to have a good swipe at you. The pack-a-punch system also be tackled a little differently by Sledgehammer as weapons can now be upgraded up to 20 times each, unlike before in which 5000 points got you one phenomenal weapon. By maintaining the existence of the most renowned features of this game mode and then adapting them to cohere with Call of Duty’s latest installment to the series, Exo-Zombies has really brought the fan-base back together, well those who got lost or frustrated with all the Exo-jumps and so on anyway.

Though many are looking forward to the new content, the much anticipated Exo Zombie Mode will also be available.
Though Treyarch isn’t involved with Advanced Warfare we can only hope this new league of zombies meets up to players’ expectations.
The idea of zombies having Exo suits seems absolutely terrifying given the end footage of the released trailer. It not only features Exo Zombie mode, but a new weapon that is available December 11th and new Atlas Gorge maps. These days you can catch Daniela battling guardians in the crucible or enemies plaguing the world of Destiny on PS4. Well, over the years creators of the fan-favourite game mode, Treyarch have been adapting and bringing more to the game mode to make it almost impossible not to want to play it.
Now, with Sledgehammer (Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare developers) working on the latest zombies, it was undoubtedly going to be hard for them to make something so fan-driven as pleasing as before. Under the new name 3D printer, the mystery box makes a comeback, providing you with a random weapon at the cost of 1,000 credits (the new fancy name for points). Although less challenging than the Hell-Hounds found in the previous zombie installments, Zombie-Dogs can be charged with electricity or saturated with acid upon later rounds, making them a bit of a pain in the behind.
To top it all off our mindless flesh-eating enemies can (much like the Zombie-dogs) be fueled with electricity that has the potential to shut down your Exo-suit or acid that can just pose to be a general pain.
The revamped COD 4: Modern Warfare map Pipeline will be included with the season pass content.
She is currently studying to become a software engineer in hopes of one day developing her own game. The following perks have made a return also under new names: Exo-Health (Juggernaut), Exo-Medic (Quick Revive), Exo-Reload (Speed Cola) and Exo-Slam (pHd Flopper). We are also presented with 4 new playable characters in the form of: Kahn (Bill Paxton), Oz (John Malkovich), Decker (John Bernthal) and Lilith (Rose McGowan) following the prior trend of celebrity appearances. As the character moves through the zombie infested building, you see all the havoc and chaos that has been unleashed. We’ll find out for sure when Activision rush out a press release to confirm it, or when the game comes out on 4 November.Will we see zombie Kevin Spacey? Atlas tried to end the war quickly with the use of the Manticore, but it instead created an army of the undead. Exo-Zombies also has an apparent electricity issue as again, we are suffering the burden of having to turn on the power (honest, who is the electrician in these games?). Four Atlas employees must band together to survive the outbreak and find a means of escape from the Atlas facility they find themselves trapped in. One previous Zombies mode had JFK, Nixon, Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro as playable characters; another had Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker, and Robert Englund.
He is played by John Malkovich, known for his roles in Con Air and Being John Malkovitch) Kahn was once an executive at the Atlas corporation. Usually after reaching a round divisible by five, players will encounter a Zombie Dogs round.

Zombie dogs are a little faster and harder to hit than human zombies, but they take the same amount of damage. Once infected, players have 60 seconds to reach a decontamination zone (marked by a bio-hazard sign on the map) and pay 250 credits to become cured.
Every time an infected player is hit by another zombie, five seconds will be marked off of their timer. If a timer reaches zero, the player will become a zombie and start attacking their teammates. Multiple players can be cured in the decontamination zone at once, and all zombies on the decontamination pad will be instantly killed. Also check the the Achievements and Trophies section for guides on the ten new achievements and trophies for this Exo Zombies map, including the story-related easter egg Game Over, Man. This will enable power to the Administration area and the Exo Medic upgrade locker, which is located in the short hall to the northeast. The door to the northwest will take you to the Main Hub, while the door down the hall to the northeast will take you to the Administration area.
The door to the west will take you to the Holding area, and the door to the east will take you to the Morgue. Use 250 credits here when infected in special Infection Rounds to prevent yourself from becoming a Zombie.
The door to the southwest leads back out to the Courtyard, and the door to the northeast will take you to the Morgue.
It seems like the 3D Printer always starts out in this area, but it may not be there at the start of your game. This will enable power to the Exo Reload Upgrade Locker up the stairs on the northwest side of the Morgue. The door to the southeast will take you to the Administration area for 1,000 credits, the door to the southwest will take you to the Main Hub for 1,000 credits, and the door to the northwest will take you to the Exo Testing area for 1,250 credits. Grab an Exo Suit to gain Exo Movements and purchase upgrades from Upgrade Lockers around the map. The door to the east will take you to the Morgue, while the door to the southwest will take you to the Holding area. This will enable power to the Exo Health upgrade locker to the northwest for 2,500 credits and the Exo Soldier upgrade locker to the east for 1,750 credits.
The door to the northeast will take you to the Exo Testing area for 1,250 credits, and the door to the southeast will take you to the Main Hub for 1,000 credits.

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