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I recently moved from Texas to Missouri and often wonder what kind of emergency supplies I should add for the colder weather?
I shared your eBook on the Preparedness Challenge today and will post again on FB later this next week about it. When I say Emergency Sanitation as part of your emergency preparedness plan, what comes to mind? You might be tempted to overlook this part of your preparations, after all, emergency sanitation is not something we talk about every day.
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) a knowledge of hygiene and handwashing, bathing, dental and wound care during emergencies is essential. 13 gallon size (or larger) heavy duty garbage bags– get the heaviest ones you can find – no skimping here! Sometimes you may not be able to use your home toilet, it may be backed up, or you may have to evacuate. GOOD: Using the guidelines listed above, gather your emergency sanitation kit supplies together and make a plan to purchase what you are missing. BEST: Watch a You-Tube video (or two) about emergency sanitation kits and download the publication from Johns Hopkins University listed below. CDC Information about Food, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene before and after an emergency including community drinking water, private wells and rainwater catchment systems.
Have you had this panic attack every time you read or heard about the earthquake which experts said could strike and isolate Metro Manila?
Department of Health Photo: There is a high risk of malnutrition during emergencies like typhoons. Useful information about emergency preparedness suggests that a family secure a food checklist. Please check on the picture above to find out the necessary goods to stock at home in preparation for emergency situation.
This entry was posted in Advocacy, Family, Health Advisory and tagged emergency preparedness plan, family emergency preparedness food checklist, what to prepare for an earthquake on July 10, 2014 by Yami. Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more. After I drove home from the salon I decided I would make my whole wheat bread and take pictures to show the world step by step how to make it. If you have gluten issues you need a mill that will work with the grains your family can tolerate. I have taught classes for years on how to make bread and I have used 99.9% of all electric bread mixers out there and the Bosch is my mixer of choice. 2 tablespoons dough enhancer  L’Equip Dough Enhancer  I buy six at a time, typically, and store them in my freezer. 2 tablespoons wheat gluten  L’Equip Wheat Gluten  I buy six at a time too and store them in my freezer. 2 tablespoons Saf Instant yeast Saf Instant Yeast, 1 Pound Pouch  I buy six at a time and store them in my freezer. 14 cups whole wheat flour (I start with 7 cups then I add the other 7 cups) I had to use 16 cups of whole wheat flour in Flagstaff, AZ.

The third step I add the rest of the flour until the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl. This isn’t the fourth step, but I wanted to show you how easy it is to clean your Bosch mixer parts. This is the fourth step, I tip the bread mixing bowl and use my hands to bring the dough onto my greased counter top. The sixth step is to cover the pans with greased plastic wrap and let the loaves rise until double the original size, give or take.
The seventh step is to remove the plastic and place the loaves in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, or until golden brown. Hi Deb, the wheat gluten, and dough enhancer are really only to make the bread soft and fluffy.
With that, perhaps a seperate sandbag that has a combination of sand, gravel and dirt, (to put in front and behind the tires to gain traction) should one get stuck if they happen to run off the road ?
Mostly East coast or Midwest are affecting lot of storms and floods than where I am here in SoCal but we only have many minor earthquakes but no majors yet in my 40 years of life in LA but major would happen someday! Do you think about how you will keep germs and disease from spreading if you are without running water?
Interruptions in service can occur because of storm damage, power outages, sabotage or broken pipes. We will assume that the city will have a way to dispose of these bags after the emergency is over. I read stories of people evacuating from hurricanes that were stuck in their cars for many hours and had no emergency sanitation available.
At no additional charge to you, I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links. What should be in your emergency food stock list to prevent this from happening to you and your family?
The 72-hour emergency kit includes non-perishable goods, medicine, among others, but the food checklist includes a variety of non-perishable and nutritious goods enough to sustain a family for a few days.
I typically grind my wheat for a month ahead of time because then it takes me only 15 minutes to whip up a batch of bread dough using my Bosch bread mixer: Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine.
So, let’s get started with my step by step pictures on how to make whole wheat bread.
I store my dough enhancer, wheat gluten, salt, instant milk, SAF instant yeast in the container shown above. It sounds like it takes forever to make bread, it doesn’t, it takes me 15-20 minutes to assemble, mix for ten minutes and mound the loaves to let rise. In my vehicle, for example, I specifically add a warm sleeping bag (though I keep a small blanket in the trunk all year) and a few extra pairs of warms socks, mittens, stocking caps. While the family discussed about this in passing, we don’t have a solid plan yet on what to prepare or do when earthquake happens.
Then she mentioned her husband had been in New York when the terrorist attacks of 9-11 occurred. The jars are half pint regular mouth mason jars: Ball Canning Regular Mouth Half Pint Canning Jar 8 oz.

I use hot water and my kitchen sprayer so I don’t find bread dough in my washing machine from using a wash rag to clean up my bread making tools. I punch the bread dough down and turn the edges into the center and push it around, I guess you could say.
After I bake my bread I use a baggie to cover my hand to spread butter over the hot loaves. Besides other winter-related preps like an ice scraper and small shovel, I also like to include extra hand warmers and things like that.
This will be a very big problem if your water supply is cut off and you aren’t prepared. Empty the water from the bowl, put in a heavy duty garbage bag and secure it with duct tape (tape the handle too).
I told the kids that wherever they may be when earthquake hits the area they should try not to panic and protect themselves (and please try to reach home safe). I love it when Jennifer is available to cut my hair because she lives in Hurricane, Utah and I will tell you one thing for sure, that town is prepared for any disaster. By and large, most of the preps to include in your vehicle should be kept in your vehicle regardless of time of year. There is a large group of people who meet monthly, and I was lucky to be invited to one of their meetings about a year ago. Use the same supplies for your home port-a-potty listed above and store them in the bucket. The wheat grinders and bread makers last for years, so save the money you need for the ones with the quality and features you really want. I had asked my helper to watch the mixer while I was getting the pans ready to bake and she didn’t realize I really meant watch the mixer. The hotel where he was staying was totally out of food in three days and the people staying in the hotel were told they could help themselves to anything they could scrounge in the kitchen. My daughter tried making whole wheat bread with a Kitchen Aid mixer and it died from overheating. I turn the kitchen faucet on to get my six cups of warm water and dump it in my Bosch bread mixer.
Perhaps the most important prep item is a DC cell phone charger for your phone and even a pre-paid phone in your glove box to call for help.
You can also purchase a Reliance Fold-to-go Portable Toilet or similar RV type item if you just can’t bare the thought of using a bucket! The original plan was some pigskin after a pig was slaughtered, but one of the doctors had a family emergency and was not able to bring the pig pieces.
I think if you only made one or two loaves in the largest 6-quart model it may work, but be careful. Jennifer said everyone needs to read my book to learn to be prepared for a disaster or an unforeseen emergency before they happen.

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