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If you are looking for a unique gift for someone who likes to fish, follow the directions here to make them a fun survival kit. Items to Decorate (Optional) Stapler (If you use a zip-top sandwich bag) or Craft Glue (For any other Container) Scissors Instructions:If you decide to use a small container to hold your survival kit items, you might want to start off my decorating it or painting it. This unique doctor survival kit makes a great gift for someone just finishing up with medical school or even for someone who has been a doctor for a long time. This is a creative gift that is fast and easy to throw together, and sure to be a hit with everyone. An ideal novelty gift for a Mum, the post card explains the humorous sentiment behind each item.

You can use a plastic sandwich baggie to hold your survival kit items and print out the bag tag templates; or, place them in a small box or container and print out the label I created (both available below).
Small plastic mazes can easily be found in at party supply stores or in the party section of larger stores. Right click on your desired version here and then save it to your computer: Download PDF Label Template Download JPG Label Template For the best results, make sure your printer is set to print the actual size of the image (at 100% size).
Cut out the label and then you can attach it to the container using small dabs of glue spaced evenly around the edges of the paper. The template is created to be the same width as a sandwich bag and to fold over the top of the bag, with about 2-inches showing on the front of the bag and 5-inches on the back.Cut out the bag tag.

This unique homemade gift will certainly be a hit with not only the person you present it to, but with everyone else who sees it.

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