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Students must be a minimum of 14 years of age and a certificate can be offered to all, subject to assessment. A student cannot assume a responsibility in the workplace for children and infants until they reach the age of 16, and then it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the student is suitable for that role. Talk to us about your training needsOur experienced trainers provide engaging courses to give participants insightful, interesting and relevant training. Level 3 Paediatric First Aid - First Aid Training in Manchester, North West, North Wales, Cheshire, UK. This qualification is for people who work with or look after children, enabling them to have a basic knowledge of how to deal with paediatric first aid situations, illnesses, injuries and emergencies. Note: This qualification fulfills Ofsted’s first aid requirements for early years teachers, nursery workers and child minders (as defined within the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 and within The Child Care Register guide). Learners should be able to demonstrate the practical administration of safe, prompt, effective first aid in situations which can arise when looking after children. Minimum contact teaching hours apply to this qualification (to comply with First Aid Awarding OrganisationForum), initial training should be delivered in no less than 12 hours (2 days) excluding breaks. Requalification training should be delivered in no less than 12 hours (2 days) excluding breaks. There are no formal entry requirements but to benefit from the learning we advise that Learners have a Minimum of Level 1 in literacy or numeracy or equivalent.
Please view our Level 3 Paediatric On-Site training price list on the course price drop down tab. As we said last night, all the girls have found this one of the, if not the best first aid course that we have done.

We wish you all the best and will spread the word that Peers & Rooney Training is the one to go with . First Aid Training in Cheshire, high quality, first aid training courses at sensible prices - we offer our services in many areas around the United Kingdom. As of October 2009, the Health & Safety Executive will implement changes to First Aid Qualifications and the way First Aid courses will be delivered. Emergency First Aid is the initial, but temporary, help given to the victim of injury or sudden illness.
Emergency First Aiders will have basic skills which enable them to take temporary charge of the situation. The training is particularly useful for those employees within the workplace who have a key role to play in relation to the management of Fire Safety.
We provide consultancy services to help business to be fully compliant with little disruption to their daily operations. At Crystal Safety Services our aim is to provide a professional service for our clients whilst also giving them first class customer service. Under current legislation, all employees who are involved with the use of Abrasive Wheels are required to have received suitable and sufficient training, and be authorised in writing to operate such machinery.
Discussion concerning materials (hard & soft), materials to be removed, work piece geometry, machine types, speed and feeds, wet or dry operating conditions and dressing methods. Practical sessions on the procedures to be followed when mounting abrasive wheels on to various types of machines.

This does not have to be face-to-face instructional time and can include self-directed study at home, such as reading course hand outs and further self-study. Now we have our own junior mannequin to practice on we hope that in a year’s time when you come back we will all be real dab hands at our DRsABC !!!!! It is designed to effectively care for the casualty until the arrival of better qualified or more experienced help. However, in most cases, they will hand their casualty on to a better qualified person, possibly someone who has completed a full First Aid at Work course, or in serious cases to a medical professional, such as an Ambulance Paramedic.
Discussion concerning the effects of atmospheric working conditions, protection from shock loading, cushioning between wheels, support from bending and distortion, and shock rotation.
Discussion on British Standards marking system, BS4481, denoting abrasive type, grain, grade or hardness and bond type. The emergency first aider may be the only first aider within the company, or may be part of a larger team.
It is the duty of the employer to ensure that there is an appropriately trained person available whenever people are at work, and for this reason, most employers will appoint several people.

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