Graduates who leave university with a 2:2 or a third can expect to earn A?10,450 less each year than their peers with higher degree grades a€“ a loss of almost A?500,000 over a working lifetime, according to new research. And those without a degree can expect to earn A?11,619 less than those with top scoring degrees a€“ but just A?1,166 less, on average, than those with lower equivalents.
The average salary for a maths graduate stands at A?41,568, the research found, while civil engineers make A?41,124. Top 5 degree subjects by pay: Graduates with engineering and computer science degrees can expect to earn the most.
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ADRIAN LOWERY'S eight-point wish-list to punish aggressive drivers and make our roads safe. Will my friend be forced to sell her house if her husband, who has credit card debt and loans, dies before her? I'm about to book a trip abroad - will my travel insurance cover me if my holiday company goes bust? In a related report by the Inquisitr, UFC fighter Ronda Rousey recently weighed in on the gender pay gap and income inequality. Isis Wenger says when she originally agreed to do the OneLogin ad, she felt fairly apathetic about the prospect.
Calling a female software engineer too pretty essentially means that the stereotype of a nerdy-looking woman engineer is expected by many.
Regardless, some people felt it was impossible Wenger was a real female software engineer, and they assumed a model had been chosen to represent.
Wenger also wrote an article for Medium, where she described her experiences working as a female software engineer. Having worked in the industry, Wenger is using the controversy generated by the photo to discuss gender equality in the workplace. Gross Annual Salaries in Europe As demonstrated in the chart below from Statistics Norway, Norway is the highest gross annual salary earner (per capita) in the private sector in all of Europe (2005). As you can see in the chart below from Statistics Norway, Norway still has a way to go with wage equality. Another interesting fact is that from 2004 to 2008 a labour cost survey from the Statistics Norway showed that there has been a 26% increase in the private sector. Below I have gathered information from Statistics Norway (the National Statistics bureau), Jobbfeber (A youth careers advisory website), Studenttorget (a student portal) and Barn i magen (a website and forum specifically for pregnant women) to give you an all-round view of pay and wages in Norway.
Monthly earnings for full-time employees in private hospitals were NOK 37 300 as per 1 October 2010. Dentists – A newly qualified dentist employed in the public sector can earn about 350,000 a year, but there are also counties that offer more. Laboratory Technicians – Starting salary is dependent on education and how long you have worked.
Nurses – In 2006, a newly educated nurse in a temp position says she earnt about 300,000.
Vets – In 2009, a vet works nights, weekends, 17 May and Christmas Eve (a 150% position) and only gets about 350,000. Car Mechanics – When it comes to skilled workers in mechanical engineering, it is difficult to give a concrete picture of the exact income.
Bakers – Depending on the workplace and how long you have worked a basic is from 250 000 to 350 000.
Fishmongers – As an apprentice you will receive pay during your apprenticeship, both first year (year of training) and second year (value added per year). Carpenters – In 2005 the average monthly earnings for a full-time carpenter is 23 949 per month or a salary of 287 300. Cleaners –  The salary varies depending on whether you are working privately or in the community, but  in the municipality about 130 NOK per hour, ie 25,350 per month.
Hotels and Restaurants – Full-time employees in hotels and restaurants had average monthly earnings, excluding overtime pay, of NOK 29 000 as per 1 October 2010.
Retail – Full-time employees in wholesale and retail trade had average monthly earnings, excluding overtime pay, of NOK 35 100 at 1 September 2010.
Receptionists – In 2007, a receptionist on a ferry worked for 9 years earnt 390,000 plus union labour.
Full-time employees in the oil and gas extraction industry had average monthly earnings of NOK 59 700 as per 1 October 2010. Geologists – It depends on what work and how long you have worked, but geologists get a generally good salary.

Geologist – In 2008, a geologist in an oil company earnt 700,000 depending on travels and overtime.
Government Administration – The central administration consists of public administration, the foreign service, and the National Insurance Office.
Information and Communication – Full-time employees in information and communication had average monthly earnings, excluding overtime pay, of NOK 47 000 as per 1 October 2010. Financial Consultants – Salaries are dependent on where you work, what firm and how many years you have worked.
Libraries and Museums – Academic professions, which includes archivists and curators, had a monthly salary of NOK 35 600, while technical and associate professionals received NOK 32 900 as of 1 October 2010.
Sports, recreation and leisure – Average monthly earnings for employees in sports, recreation and leisure were NOK 34 500 as per October 2010.
Actor – A starting salary of 310,000 and up to 400,000 with employment in the highest establishments in Norwegian theaters in 2008. As you can see there can be great differences in wages according to where you live, education and luck.
Anything over 500,000 is good for one person and a family who doesn’t need to buy a house or a car. I have got a BSc Chemistry & Biology teacher degree, And MSc degree Analytical Chemistry these diplomas are europass diplomas. I would like to ask from You: It is possible, to apply job in an oil-company as a chemist, or a Lab assistant in a local waterworks, or until when i cant speak fluently norway nyorsk I can’t get good natural born citizen job?
Or it is possible to teach in a Finnmark (northern-Norway) little village Elimentary school chemistry and biology (temorary) in englisch to the little kiddo ? I am a tough guy, dont smoke, dont drink, I hate USA(!) fast food (unhealthy) reastauraints , I eat only healthy food. Everyone does IT here – if you think you are better than a Norwegian at IT then go for it. You need at least NOK 80,000 for each year of study before Norway will let you in, unless you can get a scholarship. You will likely have to work as a cleaner at a hotel unless you know how to speak Norwegian. Hello, I have read the above posts with interest.I am a uk qualified and registered dentist. It all depends on what masters degree your wife is doing and whether she makes connections in her industry and whether you have any education and where you plan to live. I suppose that 400 000 NOK for one person should be enough for comfortable living in Stavanger, but how it looks when family of 3 people is coming from EU, is it enough then ? 1- i am planning to apply for the class of 2013 , as i see that there is no tuition fee for the course,is this for real??
2- I got to know that you need to show some bank balance in order to get a resident visa for norway,how much is that amount? 3- Now considering i am aiming for class of 2013 i have already starting learning norwegian from a school here..and if i am able to get a six-month certificate in norwegian will i be able to work part-time in norway while i am studying there?
4-I intend to come back to my nation of origin,how much value would such a norwegian degree would be on the global scale?
Sister L-Jay, Being as an Indian , I had been graduated from India having bachelor degree in pharmacy and master degree in alternative medicines.
Employees on offshore oil platforms can expect to earn A?70,500 a year on average, commodities traders earn around A?60,464 and a firefightera€™s average annual salary is A?52,960.
The income level in private practice depends on many factors such as working hours, access to patients and expense levels, but dentists in private practice often earn between 500,000 .- and a million. As a researcher, or employed by private companies (eg, oil industry) you can earn from 380 – to 500,000, and more. Academic professions are heavily represented within this industry, and include among others musicians, actors, dancers and directors.
I am looking for a job as a dentist in norway and wondered what the salary and lifestyle is to be expected.?
I just have a small query, i am a hospitality graduate from india with 14 months of work experience ( the experience tends to increase considering the fact that i am still working) in a 5 star deluxe hotel here in the capital city of the country, i am planning to go for my masters in international hotel and tourism leadership(from Univ of stavanger) or Msc. Like in a hotel or a restaurant as i would already have 1.5 years of working exp in a 5 star hotel ?? And if i get a job in norway after my masters what is the approx sum i can expect and how would be my living,considering i would be living alone for atleast next 5 years. All public tuition is free to anyone in the world but the living expenses will get you big time – you need at least NOK80,000 per year to study in Norway.

The uni will set up a bank account for you and you need to transfer all the money before you come to Norway. You will likely have to work as a cleaner – six months of Norwegian will not get you to a good standard to be able to talk with customers. Can you provide some site those are recruiting Pharmacist or Pharmacy technician or doctor?
Students that leave with at least a 2:1 can expect to earn about 10,000 more a year than those with lower degrees, according to analysis of more than half a million professions conducted by jobs search engine Adzuna. At the other end of the scale, some degree subjects will only lead to relatively low salaries.On average, a graduate with a degree in hospitality and tourism can expect to earn around A?18,996.
In fact, the slogan next to the name of Isis Wenger specifically said, “My team is great. You also get a supplement for inconvenient working hours (shifts), and many have special agreements. According to Statistics Norway, the average income of a municipal employee dentist in 2006 for 438,000.
300-350000 in the starting salary (2006), and rises quickly when you have worked for a few years.
The collective agreement between the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Federation and the Norwegian Taxi Association has set minimum rates of pay rate.
The average salary is from Statistics Norway is 358,944 in 2008, but this can vary greatly from workplace to workplace. It is based on current tariffs in the workplace, but the pay can vary from workplace to workplace. In the state employment it depends on how you have worked, ie from 250,800 as a starting salary to 287,600 per year.
If you are working with education, from 394,000 (Assistant Professor) to 513,000 .- (Professor). Employees in radio and television had monthly earnings of NOK 40 300, and employees in publishing industries had monthly earnings of NOK 44 500. Among interpreters who take assignments in the public sector, it is usually legal and police interpreters who achieves the highest wages. My partner and I are looking at moving to Norway (Just had our 5th holiday there and really love it very much). Art and design attracts an average salary of A?19,209 and anthropology an average pay of A?21,321.
As a practicing veterinarian, self-employed income will largely depend on the efforts and access to work. The rates for other types of assignments in the public sector can vary from one region or municipality to another. What should be a good salary range so that I provide a decent standard of living to my family and save decently for future in Norway?
I understand the main barrier is going to be the language, as I think, that my degree and qualifications will be recognised and in principal I could gain registration to work as a pharmacist in Norway (doing research now to confirm this).
According to Statistics Norway, the average salary for a nurse includes all additional 32,200 per month, or 386,400 per year.
I am a well payed System Engineer, i am specialist in several areas of IT, and i am wel payed, but still we cant possibly live of my salary alone. Permanent staff interpreters usually start at pay grade 22, which is 239,800 per year in base salary (2007), but the more education you have, the higher the salary. The sad thing about norway is that we have so many clients and laidback people who doesnt give any value, and the amounts are increasing, wich in turn makes it more expencive for teh rest of us.
The lack of market driven prices gives such high costs that it have made a new border industry, where people mass drive to Sweden to buy stuff. But often i find the sale price to be the same for the exact same thing at regular price abroad. I compared myself with a studen friend of mine, who has about the same job, but he moved to sweden. If you want a Cabin here you got to pay the same or more than you pay for a full house in your country.

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