Last year I gave a presentation at Affiliate Summit with some of the most frequently asked questions I get about affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of presentations, webinars, and ebooks out there to help bloggers learn affiliate marketing. The answer is to continue writing about things you love and use but write with an eye toward monetization. All of the products pictured above are things that I absolutely love and shout from the rooftops about. When you write about things that you use on a regular basis, you are honest and genuine and your audience picks up on that. Think about all of the products, movies, books, vacation destinations, subscription services, etc that you have probably already written about in your posts. Going forward, think each day about what you are using that other people might want to know about.

No matter what networks you are signed up with or what tools you are using, any blogger can find ways to quickly monetize some of their posts with simple links. Want to get more information from me on a weekly basis to help you make money in affiliate marketing? From the time you get up until the time you go to bed, there are probably at least 10 things you use that you could blog about with affiliate links. It’s an easy way to transition from blogger to affiliate marketing while staying true to your voice and audience. You buy the cool chopper that my husband gave me a few years ago and I now use on every salad I eat.
Your review can state both the pros and the cons of the product (unlike in a lot of sponsored posts) so that it comes across as fair and not tainted. Even if they aren’t getting traffic, add the links and push them out through your social media or newsletter one more time.

Make a list as the day goes on and then do a little research to see which ones you can get affiliate links for. Dig a little deeper and figure out which of the merchants convert the best (that’s a post for another day!). Add those links and start watching your traffic and clicks to see how people are responding.

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