July 24, 2014 Kathy Watts permalinkReturning clients spend an average of 67% more than new clients. You want to make sure you are rewarding behaviors that help your business to grow, either in the number of clients you have or the amount of revenue being generated. Create rewards and incentives that your clients desire, but also that are unique to your business. A successful rewards program not only rewards your clients for their loyalty, but can help to reinforce the relationship they have with your business.
Stay in touch with the latest marketing technology and updates for your spa, salon or massage therapy practice. You also want to make sure that your Rewards program is helping to grow your business and isn’t hurting your bottom line. But now might be a good time to ask both your staff, and some of your top clients, what they think the rewards should be. Making it an easy program for your clients to participate in, and also for your staff to administer, will ensure that your clients are happy and keep them coming back for more. SpaBoom gives you full control over how much each point is worth, so you can decide what works best for your business. Tailoring your rewards to meet the needs of your clients will make your program more successful.
They should all understand how it works and why it is a benefit to both the client and the business. Follow-up regularly with your clients to make sure your program is meeting their needs as well as yours and that the rewards are really worth it. Or maybe referrals are more important, so you would want to make referrals for services or actual signups worth more points.
But keep in mind that people who participate in a rewards program typically want to be able to redeem their points in 3-6 months.
When a certain level is reached, SpaBoom will automatically send your client a congratulatory email with their reward attached as a gift certificate.
Communicate with them regularly, both about what is available in the rewards program this month, and also about how many points they have currently.
The default in the Rewards setup is 1 point per dollar spent and 100 points for email newsletter signup. So making it easy to earn points, and easy to redeem them, will make your rewards program much more effective. Talking with your clients about your rewards program should be part of the checkout process at the end of every visit. We also make it easy for your staff to look up how many points a client has earned and redeem them right there while the client is still at your front desk. But you can change these and fully customize the point values for each individual activity.
Let them know how many points they currently have, and also what they can redeem them for, as well as an incentive for re-booking at the time of checkout.

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