I would also say this, if you are ever asked to make a payment to join some money making scheme, then do your research before you part with your cash!!
OK this one has to be my favourite, well only because I love the idea of being able to test items and then keeping them.
Now I am sure that this one would appeal to my kids, they spend loads of time gaming, so why no earn from doing it? By renting out your car and earn ?250 per month, you can earn even more if you rent it out regularly. OK there are lots more things that the page offers, so why not pop over to Latest Free Stuff and take a look at all the ideas.
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Of course, I am always interested in finding new place where there is a opportunity to make some money.
You earn points for completing survey and in turn these points can then be converted into cash. You can GET PAID to play games, search the web, read emails, take surveys and take daily polls. So if you have a car or a spare car that is doing very little, even during times when you are at work, then this may be another money earning source for you?

So anyway I followed the link that they sent me and I ended up on a page full of money making offers. I am fairly confident that all the offers are genuine, but I really do not know how much work there is involved in order to make a decent amount of money.

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