The Formula is flexible, designed to meet you where you are, and from there, journey on to wellness.
The Formula can help you recover yourself – the self you thought you had lost due to illness. Not only do they solve the murder, but they unravel the astonishing secrets and shocking history of the four individuals who came together to become the friendly and powerful shape shifter, Gus, who runs the antique pawnshop in the Inn.
Join the team as Jessie, the unfaltering young proprietor of the Haunted Inn and Nirvana Tea Room (and a novice sorceress), follows the trail of clues with her beagle Arthur, her Granny’s ghost, a pair of very nice monsters, a Romanian witch, Moondance the cat (or is he?), and Ginny, her breakfast chef.
With her folksy style, wit, and uncanny common sense, Ginny Vandersnoop keeps the fantastic story and the other sleuths grounded as they accompany a mystical couple through time and space to follow clues to the murder, sharing adventures and unlocking secrets along the way.
On a nondescript planet on the far side of the galaxy, the M’Uktah have evolved from a wolf-like predatory creature into a highly advanced species that has mastered intergalactic travel. Rafe, Brady and Dan thought they were getting a male ex-con to help out around their secluded ranch.
Rafe, Brady and Dan never expected to get an attractive and very appealing female to help them out at their secluded ranch. Falsely accused of murder twelve year old Evan Peregrine battles through a raging storm to get home to the island of Little Yarnmouth only to find it deserted. It can become a curse that causes you to sabotage your own success, be brought down by old habits and held back from genuine happiness. The steps are individualized so that you can make The Formula your own and begin to see results quickly.

It is for you, with special attention to the unique needs of those of us with depression or manic depression.
In this book, you get to read the honest reflections of people from different countries, races, ages, and demographics.
The last thing she expects is to get early parole along with a job on a secluded Canadian cattle ranch serving Christmas holiday dinners to three of the sexiest cowboys she’s ever met!
But JJ’s love for her men continues to grow as she gives into the fevered heat and scorching passions she feels for each of them.
Their cattle ranch is flourishing and their continued desire to share the sexy woman who cares for them makes their life complete.
Searching for explanations he finds himself plunged into the savage world of the Conkwoyoto, an Arctic tribe that turned to piracy after the polar ice cap broke apart. After spending most of his life trying to kick his own underdog curse, chiropractor and success coach Dr. The Formula is a creative blueprint designed to produce healing and recovery from depression and manic depression. But this time the real mystery is not the brutal demise of a guest at the Haunted Inn…which comes in the wake of the arrival of a mysterious bounty hunter of bizarre and paranormal creatures of the night. But there is something strangely familiar about these fearsome men and their tattooed faces and memories of the day he lost his leg and his mother in a collision with an iceberg come flooding back. Don MacDonald now spends most of his time trying to help others with the cure to this purpose-destroying pattern.

Now that his sister and her husband are welcoming a set of twins, old enemies have come out of hiding, hoping the children will a serve as a key to reclaiming what has been stripped from them.
Read perspectives on race and nationality from people who live in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Guyana, just to name a few. Now Evan must avoid being captured by the police and Conkwoyoto while trying to track down the missing islanders, prove his innocence in a murder, and uncover the mystery of the Arctic tribe that’s traveled thousands of miles to Little Yarnmouth Island. This healing guide includes traditional and nontraditional approaches, the ancient art of mental alchemy, practical steps to recovery, and mindfulness practices.
This book sparks an important conversation about assimilation, racism, and cultural rejection on a global perspective. This will only drive you away from your purpose, and drain your energy, inspiration, and self-esteem. Keiran knows the smart thing to do is cast a spell and push the human away, but something about the way she stands toe to toe and eye to eye has him forgetting that getting involved with a human could cost him everything he values, including his power.
You will learn a lot about the way people view their own race, such as whether it is a gift or a curse. If you are looking to break through a plateau in your health, relationships, or finances, this inspiring book will equip you with easy-to-follow steps that will help you hone in on your purpose and find authentic success in life.

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