I have started blogging as my passion and there are lot of people like me who want to lead their life by sitting in from of their PC.
In this article I am going to share you the most profitable niches which helps you to make money online. Originally Posted by RashM Every once in a while a WSO comes along and before getting to the end, you already know you've hit the GOLDMINE!. Neilo has a very well laid out system that is easy to understand and even with my supreme FB knowledge i still found nuggets to streamline a autopiloted system.
I purchased your WSO and went through it and I am sending a recommendation to my subscribers. I've been doing Facebook marketing for a bit now, and I found a few golden nuggets in these methods. This is my first post here and this is my first WSO i've bought Guys, this WSO is AMAZING. I can see not many ve purchaed this and that is a good news for me and others who actually bought this product as it means less competition. I will show you all my secrets from start to finish in step by step format and even if you’re a complete newbie or experienced marketer, you will have this up and running in no time!
I offer you all the tools you need such as the eBook template, Faceboook viral cheat tool, my personal resources and much more!
BTW - I assume the OTO covers a couple of paid methods (as well as how to determine demographics for your free offer)? Google AdSense, while easy to apply for and set up, is one of the most least profitable ways to monetize a blog. SocialSpark provides you with Offers and Leads from Advertisers, collectively known as Opportunities. My blog doesn’t have decent traffic and after I try SocialSpark, it has overcome Adsense to become the top revenue source of my blog. Back in 2008 when I started blogging in blogspot free platform I put adsense like any rookie. I strongly recommend new bloggers to take a shot at SocialSpark as they have more opportunities for small blogs. I have actually set up an account from the last post you did on social spark and am getting to grips with it. One question, there is a step in social spark where we need to give our username and password for the wordpress blog that we are submitting.
I have joined social spark many months ago when it was still starting and I haven’t a clue about it at all. We have just been hit by the Google update Panda 3.5 and I was not hit at all, but instead, my sites rose in the SERP.
Not a big fan of them published the article into your blog via Direct Publishing, who knows what kind of fishy links,iframe or codes they will use. It isn’t letting me sign up, says there is an error once I have typed my details in to sign up as a publisher.
Hello John, I have joined this programme through the email you send me but I still need to configure some of the website details.
Discover the secrets I used to take my small blog from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands, and how I made millions along the way!

John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years. Facebook has been a power house for some time now and just keeps growing like crazy, with thousands and thousands of people joining everyday. The system is simple and very effective, here is how it all works… You create a Facebook app like the one below and share it on your wall were your friends will click on it to find out more. Inside that eBook you created, there is a link that you redirect your reader to another offer such as a Clickbank product, CPA offer, Squeeze page or even to a sales page with your own product.
When someone downloads your eBook, that means they are highly interested in what you have to share and this my friends makes them very likely to buy from you… and that is how we make money from this system. This Strategy is very powerful as you take your prospect through a funnel that works wonders. This method is probably the most powerful way right now to make money from Facebook as not many people know about it and those that do, are keeping it all to themselves! The other reason marketers don’t use them, is simply because it’s way too complicated to create these applications and nobody really bothers to make an effort! By the way… This strategy won’t get saturated anytime soon as the possibilities are endless! The strategy is 100% FREE to setup as I provide you all the free resources you will need to make this system work.
Far too many people pretend to know about the topic but you really appear to actually know lots about it. I believe everybody has entitlement to their own perspectives but I believe a few of your disagreements could be challenged. All you need to do is you need to gather good information about the following topics and get well knowledge on these and write good content on these and publish on your blog. You are going to create a Facebook app like the one below and share it on your wall were your friends will click on it to find out more. So, before I change my mind and decide to take this off forever, grab your copy below now and get ready to make money online!
Most of the time, this content is done with a paid blog post, but there are also sponsored videos and social media campaigns as well. You will then be asked to authorize Google Analytics and Direct Publishing on one of their supported platforms. Each Opportunity details what the Advertiser would like you to blog about and how many SocialSpark Points you can earn.
Now I’m trying to submitted my site, unfortunately I keep getting rejected for some reason. I say the same as you John, there are no shortcuts to success, just hard, hard work on creating quality content. What happens next is absolutely priceless… The whole traffic part goes viral as your friends share it on their Facebook walls and their friends continue to do the same!
For that reason I have made this tool and strategy available to my fellow Warriors for a limited time only! Social Spark is ideal for low traffic blogs because the effective CPM is extremely high, making it perfect for smaller blogs. While $60 to write a blog post is too low for John Chow dot Com, it can be a year’s Google income for a small blog.

You can accept the terms of these Opportunities as defined by the Advertiser or negotiate terms. They truly understand the smaller bloggers and have crafted a great system to help them make money off their blogs. At least they will get 2 things, a topic to write about (content) and then get paid for their writing. You write the post on Social Spark, the advertiser approves it, then Social Spark direct publishes the post. To reiterate of what you wrote in your post, you said that we are able to add in a post to the site. Just a short reminder… you will not find this tool anywhere else online besides here, so make sure you grab this opportunity while you can and before it’s taken down! You have no excuses to not make money now, so jump in before I the price gets increased again.
If you come up with an idea then search for your compotators and their way of presentation.
As these are the most search on the following niches so your main aim is to drive the traffic to your blog from search engines. If you follow through with the traffic methods shared, you will start seeing results almost instantly. Considering that many blog don’t even get 1,000 page views a month, you’ll be lucky if it makes enough for a cup of coffee.
The following morning at 10h24 I logged in into my Clickbank account and almost jumped off my chair.
Luckily, there are ad networks that pay a lot more than Google, and the most profitable way for a low traffic blogs to make money online is with Social Spark.
I’ve seen many low traffic blogs (1,000 to 5,000 page views per month) making $100 to $1,000 per month off the Social Spark network. I made $158 within hours of launching my app and knew from that moment onwards that I had discovered a powerful system that I could use over and over again to make me money on autopilot! The tool I provide basically requires you to fill in the blanks and you’re ready to go. It simply does not work, people are on there to socialize plus share their daily happenings and not to be bombarded with ads, buy this now, etc Your approach has to be different and that is where my Facebook app is perfect in this regard. That is all about to change today with my brand new product called ‘Facebook Viral Bomb’! Purchasing a domain No hosting at all No SEO skills or knowledge required either Have no clue on Facebook marketing? By the way if you aren’t interested in doing anything or you looking for some magic button that prints money, then please leave this page now!

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