Positive thinking, one of the most common factors that will determine the quality of your life, yet it is also what most people forget about when things get tough.
Well, before I share with you these top 10 tips, you have to understand that in order for you to think positively, you must first be aware about your thinking pattern. The people that you mix around in your life are important because their thinking can affect yours. If you don’t know what songs or music to go for, just head over to YouTube and search for some.
Just like Donald Trump, there was once he was in deep dept, however, he kept moving forward and did what he does best, making deals and focusing in his business. The first lesson that Jack Canfield taught in his book, Success Principles, is to take full responsibility in life and in business. When you understand this principle, you will be able to think through and look at the positive side of every negative thing that happens to you. If you understand this, you will be able to get through the negative thinking faster and get into positivity sooner.
These are my top 10 positive thinking tips that I believe can help you in your business and in life.
Learn how you can so train the mind to channel energy, focus it on an effect and keep it in a closed circuit. Specialists in Creative thinking training, leading Innovation, Strategic Thinking techniques and facilitation. The millionaire organiser of the pool party in Surrey where a man was shot dead has spoken out, denying the gathering was a sex party.
Summerlyn Farquharson, aged 29, spent thousands each month to rent the mansion the party took place on Sunday night, which she hosted with her boyfriend the Jamaican reggae artist Braintear Spookie. Police continue to question two people arrested after the attack, which also left a woman, 36, with a gunshot wound to her leg in the attack at a mansion with a swimming pool in Headley. One person has been arrested on suspicion of murder and a second on suspicion of assisting an offender, but the gun used in the shooting has not yet been recovered.

Braintear Spookie, aged 21, whose real name is Jason White, posted adverts for the party on his Instagram account. Mum-of-two Ms Farquharson said that she had rented the house, in a small road between the church and a pub in the quiet village, for the past four years and had held similar parties twice before without any trouble.
Neighbours described hundreds of people gathering for the party, which had been advertised on social media, and complained of loud music going on into the early hours of Monday when the shooting happened. Dentist shows off injuries after surviving brutal shark attackTemporary Detective Superintendent Bex Smith said the weapon was thought to have been a handgun, which has yet to be found.
She asked for anyone who attended the event or had phone footage of what happened to come forward. And today, I’m going to share with you my top 10 positive thinking tips in life and business. In fact, getting along with the right people will determine how successful you will be in your business and life.
If you surround with positive people, they will encourage you, support you and motivate you to achieve what you want in life. Studies have shown that moving your body can keep your mind fresh and make your thoughts clear. Look at all those great dreams and exciting goals you have set to achieve in your life and business. No matter what happen to you right now, you are who you are because of your action and decision in the past. Successful people know that when they take full responsibility on whatever happen, they then have the power to control and to change the situation. By so doing you will see the effect manifest along already established channels which will make the causes seem so natural to the untrained mind. They are not aware about their thinking habit, thus, they lost themselves in the negativity and keep producing negative thoughts in their head. If someone cut you while you are driving, and if you feel angry, you will first need to understand that you are angry.

Great people always surround themselves with other great people who talk about big dreams and big goals. Some people like to watch movie, so when they feel depress or down, just get a movie will turn them into good mood again. In other words, we are getting out of our comfort zone and doing something different in our routine.
He understands this principle and he sees the opportunity in the setback, this is how Virgin Airlines started. Tomorrow will still come, you will still wake up, I will still continue to motivate people through this blog, and everything will still goes on.
Doing all these will refresh your mind and help you to get away from all the negative energy.
This is why travelling helps a lot in dealing with negativity and in growing yourself in life. If you fail your exam and feel sad about it, notice that the sadness is not going to be with you forever. Staying in the negative thought without realizing it will only force you to stay in the cycle and keep producing negative thought. And then, try to listen to some other positive music or songs that will pump you up and motivate you. This is why we need to write down our goals and paste the paper somewhere we can see often. This is how extraordinary people deal with negativity and this is how you can do it as well.

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