The Elder Scrolls series of roleplaying games started in 1994 and with each iteration the fantasy settings got larger and more detailed. How large is the world of Skyrim as compared to 2002's Morrowind and 2006's Oblivion? How do you create the different towns and areas and give them all unique feels and cultures? We have a big team of artists and designers and we started with coming up with the world map.
How much detail have you put into plants and animals, lakes and mountains—the natural side of things?
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Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. March 23, 2015 by Shane Scarbrough 21 Comments Follow this method to level your thief skills fast in The Elder Scrolls Online.
A few weeks ago, I wrote an article outlining five essential tips to follow to become the best thief ever in The Elder Scrolls Online (in case you missed the post you can read it here). There is a way to level your thief skills fast in The Elder Scrolls Online, but I should caution that the play style  isn’t for everyone. From what I can tell, the level of loot doesn’t correspond directly to how high your Legerdemain level is. Either laundering or selling a stolen item with a fence will gain you the same amount of XP.
When stealing, at a low level this is beneficial, but when you’re above level I think 30, you can make way more money, and steal way faster and fill your loot bucket much quicker.
At the same time, i am aware of the rotation of respawn for both Davons watch, and Riften of all the safebox locations in the town. Thanks for posting ?? Your ideas spot on and will absolutely help the intrepid thief level fast. Good point, however, Shane’s tips are great for getting your live stock achievements at the very least. Here is my grinding routine for the Legerdemain skill line (this is for my Daggerfall toon since he’s the thief. When standing outside of the entrance to the refuge and looking north you will see three NPCs (all three are easy marks) on the boardwalk (2 standing and 1 sitting with her back against a piling).
Once the sitting NPC is attacking you, lead her away (behind the crates to the east of this location is best) then kill her. If you could careless about these achievements, you can forego the killing, I think the NPC pockets will respond fresh loot doing this circuit anyways, but I haven’t tested that theory.
I had to leave a reply to my own reply (lol) because I failed to check the Notify check box.
Oh and EDIT: I said there is an NPC to the east of the lone lady that is usually carrying a box, I meant west not east. Game director Todd Howard explains how his team at Bethesda Game Studios approaches the creation of a world. With the latest title, Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios has created a more lush, natural world and a more intricate society for players to explore. If you look at the actual land mass, it's about the size of Oblivion, which is quite a bit larger than Morrowind. So if you do particular things in Skyrim, there are other events or quests that we will push on you.
But then there is another version of the world, a more simplistic version than the Artificial Intelligence in the game, the AI that the characters use to maneuver. Kill The Goats Players could always kill goats in The Elder Scrolls Online, but with the release of the Justice System, slaughtering goats is now a crime. Harvest The Goats Once you clandestinely kill the goats, you can harvest their bodies for Game, Guts, and Hide. Added Bonus Not only can you level your thief skills fast, but you can profit monetarily from this grind as well. If so, please share your thoughts and experience in the Speak Your Mind section below. Until next time fellow travelers! For the record, I think it should — it would be a real incentive for players to level. You’re absolutely correct, and the more stolen items you launder and sell, the more your Legerdemain Skill increases.
If you launder though, you can keep the item for personal use, or sell on your own in Chat or a Guild Store for big bucks (if the item is rare).

Riften is another good location, especially with a very very close refuge to the end of the city circle. There are some guards that patrol in this area so familiarize yourself with their patrol routes and be aware of where they are at all times.
Again, do not concern yourself with your bounty, besides, you should be able to kill her behind the crates without being seen, but it really doesn’t matter.
There is also a guard that patrols here (probably the same one, never paid enough attention). Also by this point the NPCs that you killed should have respawned with fresh loot in their pockets, so repeat the process until your inventory is full. Well the reason I say not to worry about the kill or the bounty you gain is because there are achievements tied to them. You will still work up a bounty from the times you get caught pickpocketing, but waiting out a bounty is a simple thing. Far easier to keep a stack of stolen guts in my bags while leveling than several handfuls of other items. So we do benefit from the fact that the technology and the hardware we do each game on is very different. And then that goes through a series of concepts artists, who will draw lots and lots of images on how those people live. And once we decide this is good gameplay, there are various ways to drive players toward that.
And we built these for just the people to do, but then we figured out that with a little extra work we can make it that the player can do all of these things. We came into this with more joy to create trees, and plants, and flowers, and waterfalls, things that are more beautiful to everybody. We wanted a song that went with the Elder Scrolls theme, and then these words of power you could shout. The game is presented as an open world, allowing the player free roam over Skyrim, a large, open environment. At the time of writing, the average Guild Store price for Game is 39 gold and Guts is 8 gold — it may not sound like a lot, but when sold in stacks you can make some decent money while leveling. I think rare loot drops are still determined by chance, and the more you steal the better your odds of striking it rich. Even then, the buzz on the ESO forums is that new stuff won’t be coming until September, with the exception of a DLC release or two.
I take all 2h gear (staves, Greatswords, bows, ) and large equipment (curiass, jack, other chest and pant pieces) as these sell for the most. With her out of the way go back to the NPC that she caught you stealing from and empty his pockets. Once your inventory is full go down to the refuge and sell all your stolen goods to the fence. I have verified that your bounty does go down when you are logged out, so when your bounty gets too high and you don’t want to pay it, logout until the next day or go play another toon (if you have one) for a while. The last game we did was Fallout 3, so we were coming off of that, finding our way in terms of how people experience a game like this that is so wide open.
There is more little nooks or more dungeons, more activity when you walk a road or take a path.
And then we find gameplay reasons for why we would want to chop wood—you make a little bit of money.
We try to keep the fantastical elements so that when they arrive on the screen, they feel special.
The player may navigate the game world faster by riding horses, or by utilizing a fast-travel system that allows the player to warp to previously-discovered cities, towns and dungeons. If an NPC witnesses your poaching efforts, you’ll rack up a bounty, so be sure to go into stealth mode. In a relatively short period of time, you can fill your bag space with stolen goods at a much faster pace than skulking around town looting barrels and picking pockets.
He's currently on his third playthrough of Skyrim, and is playing as a Templar in The Elder Scrolls Online. I’m still hoping to find one of the rare motifs (Primal, Barbaric, Ancient Elf, Daedric, Imperial). The value of lvl 3, might be like 15 gold, but at level 30 the face value is 30+ (52 for me at lvl 42).
Every 50 items = 5k if just common goods, Ive made out with 20k for a full 110, and 25k for the next tier. The best way is add all the skills points you get in legerdemain in light finger and trafficker.
Be careful though because there is a guard who patrols there and will sometimes be standing behind her a few yards looking in her direction. Run this a bit before you plan on logging off and you shouldn’t have a problem with it. We don't want to define our games by a list of specific features, but more on how the game should feel. Once the space is built, during that time, there is usually a designer who is writing up a site guide—they write the names of all the people and what they do during the day, where they go to eat, and what their job is.

Oftentimes in a game like this, when you are playing for a long period of time, I think the player wants some diversions. One of our touchstones was this idea of epic reality, things that humans on earth could've built, like the pyramids. ESO even has an Achievement for it — Livestock Slaughterer, or something close (forgot to mention the Achievement in the article).
Than go outside of windhelm keep (next to kynestgrove wayshrine) there is some houses and boat next to it with npcs, steal them. When you pick his pocket, you will be successful, but the sitting NPC will see you and attack you. When he is out of sight there are three NPCs to the north of the top o the ramp you just came up. If at any point you get caught by a guard, choose flee then use any skill that will immobilize him for a few seconds. Yes this is a hefty price and it might be an achievement that you might want to save for later in the game when gold is easier to get, but this grind can get you up to 10,000 bounty in just a few cycles, so even if your Legerdemain is maxed, you can still come back here and grind out that achievement very quickly. As that area is being built, designers are going in with our custom tools and making those things happen. There are certain things that have good gameplay: magic items, and gems, and gold, and then you have all these forks and plates and cups and everything you would find in a regular world.
The player can interact with NPCs in other ways as well, for example by having conversations with them, which may probe the opportunity to be assigned a quest by the NPC.
Veteran level players can find a great little farm right outside Craglorn’s Dragonstar Wayshrine for example.
I know they’re out there though, so I keep picking pockets and unlocking every safe box I find. Just hoping the money is there, and the B2B business model works out (I’d truly hate to see P2W). If npc attack you and you are low lvl just flee far a little for they can’t reach you.
He does alert the other NPC to your presence though, but if you just wait there his awareness will go away and you can pickpocket him again.
By the way, the Felonious Recompense achievement also unlocks the color Shadowfoot Gray at the dye station. So we debated whether we should let you pick those up, because ultimately they are worthless; they are bad gameplay. And they feel authentic for what they are, as opposed to some very high-fantasy, super-magical structures. Some NPCs that are befriended or hired by the player may act as companions who will accompany the player and provide aid in combat. With them taken care of head east to the stable looking structure that is next to the Refuge entrance.
There was a state of the project where we felt we had overdone the mountains and it was too rocky. And they all have different kinds of meat you can get out of them, and then cook those meats. The player may choose to join factions, which are organized groups of NPCs such as the Dark Brotherhood, a band of assassins. When and NPC catches you trying to pick their pocket (as opposed to catching you picking someone else pocket) they become aware of you and their awareness takes much longer to go away. Go back up that ramp (be sure to only go up the first ramp because there is a guard that patrols at the top of the second).
Just get caught by a guard very near the Refuge entrance and escape as described above over and over again. How does it make you feel as the player?" And ultimately that drives what you might want to do in that world.
So the game works on two levels: you have the minutiae that I just talked about, but then you have these big battles with dragons. Probably the tiniest one that very few people will notice, is that on some of the logs, if you look really close, every once in a while there are ants crawling around on it. Each of the factions has a headquarters, and they have their own quest paths which the player can progress through. Turn right (south again) and go all the way to the end where you will see another ramp leading down to the right. We do tend to design the world and make it feel right, and then we can drive the players toward the good gameplay. There are two marks at the end of the dock; one is fishing and the other looks like he is standing guard to the ramp that leads to the ship. Another npc you can steal is npc in windhelm there is wayshrine Inside spawn there and steal people next to the house you spawn near wayshrine in windhelm. When your inventory is full in windhelm and you are in safe spot next house of the shrine go at the right of the house go in front of the wall a little away of the central door prepare your skills of running and then run like hell and fall down of the bridge at the left directly when you pass the door the guard can’t reach you when you fall.

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