I would recommend using Choice Scarf Heracross, cause besides Mach Punch, you dont have a solid way of revenge killing stuff. I also question HP Dark on Keledo, since you could easily run HP Electric, or HP Grass, to hit bulky water types (HP Grass is good for Gastro, which can Toxic you and ruin your day, or HP Electric for Gyarados, which walls). I know I need a spinner but I didn't know of any fighting type ones and I fixed HP on keldeo thanks! Seeing as Fighting resists Rock, that's understandable but Spikes and T-Spikes are still problematic and many teams do carry them, even in Monotype. We know the cut scenes take place in FNaF 1, as we can see by the models of Bonnie and Chica on either side of us.

Now, two other animatronics can also appear in these cut scenes: What is supposedly Golden Freddy, and The Marionette (or Puppet). As you can see, Bonnie, Chica, and freddy all lose their eyes once they look directly at you.
It's OHKOed by so many huge physical threats, virtually every Dragon's Outrage being the most noteworthy.
Sash is fine, but if teh opponent gets Stealth Rocks up, it's worthless, and you don't have a spinner.
Hazards break the Sashes and make it pretty easy to beat them (I rarely even notice them, seeing as they're only really viable on Alakazam or dedicated leads, more of an annoyance than anything.) So you kinda do need the spinner, and Terrakion is the best fighting-type in OU for a reason.

I had said that it’s Golden Freddy because he has no eyes in the picture being talked about, but I was remembering when Bonnie looks sideways at us and still has his eyes and I assumed they kept their eyes through the whole thing. If you really want to keep the Sashes, use something like Hitmontop, for Rapid Spin, and to actually save ur sashes.

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