I’m continuing our exploration on quantum physics and how, when understand the power we have to exceed our human potential; we will become empowered in our life. A first question confronting a classically biased mind-brain researcher is this: How can two things so differently described and conceived as substantive matter and conscious thoughts interact in any rationally controlled and scientifically acceptable way. Therefore the usual tack has been to abandon or modify the classical conception of mind while clinging tenaciously to the “scientifically established” classical idea of matter, even in the face of knowledge that the classical idea of matter is now known by scientists to be profoundly and fundamentally mistaken, and mistaken not only on the microscopic scale, but on the scale of meters and kilometers as well (Tittel, 1998). Experiments show that our experiences of instruments cannot possibly be just the passive witnessing of macroscopic physical realities that exist and behave in the way that the ideas of classical physical theory say that macroscopic physical realities ought to exist and behave. Scientists and philosophers intent on clinging to familiar classical concepts normally argue at this point that whereas long-range quantum effects can be exhibited under rigorous conditions of isolation and control, all quantum effects will be wiped out in warm wet brains on a very small scale, and hence classical concepts will be completely adequate to deal with the question of the relationship between our conscious thoughts and the large-scale brain activities with which they are almost certainly associated.
The emergence of classical-type relationships arises from interactions between a system and its environment. Then one has a clear separation of the world into its pertinent parts: the unobservable atomic subsystem, the observable features of the instrument, and unobserved features of the environment, including unobserved micro-features of the instrument.
But the central issue in the present context is precisely the character of the brain states that are associated with conscious experiences.
In short, the practical utility of classical concepts in certain special situations arises from the very special forms of the empirical questions that are to be asked in those situations. The issue here is not whether distinct objects that we observe via our senses can be treated as classical objects. Quantum Mind Power (The Morry Method) by Song Chengxaing and Morry Zelcovitch is a set of audio files that uses brain wave entrainment sounds to retrain the subconscious mind to empower you create wealth, health, and happiness. If you already like and have experienced success with binaural beats, you will find that Quantum Mind Power is a nice step up.
We listened to the Quantum Mind Power Neural Synergy recordings before bed nearly every night for 30 days.
A downside to the program is that it is more expensive than most other brainwave audio products. This program is the first program that is really working for me and is very easy to use. Uses isochronic and monaural tones which research has shown to be more effective than binaural beats. Morry Zelcovitch is an brainwave entrainment engineer and co-creater of Quantum Mind Power. Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation - This recording is designed as a gratitude building meditation. Subliminal Health Support #2 - Enhances how you use your mind to positively affect your health. All brand names and product names used on this website are trade names, service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective owners. God and the ego, knowledge and perception, truth and illusion.  Strictly speaking, every aspect of the post-separation world of perception reflects the ego. However, the Course further subdivides the world of perception into wrong- and right-mindedness.
Thus, we can speak of three thought systems: One-mindedness, which belongs to knowledge, and wrong- and right-mindedness which reflect the world of perception. On this first level, for example, the world and body are illusions made by the ego, and thus symbolize the separation. It is the natural state of direct communication with God and His creation that existed before the mind of God’s Son thought of separation.
To ensure its survival, the ego continually attracts guilt to itself, since guilt proves sin’s reality and it is sin that gave the ego birth. Once it has established guilt as real the ego teaches us never to approach or even look at it, for it says we would either be destroyed by an angry, vengeful god—a god that the ego made, in fact, to suit its purpose—intent on punishing us for our sin against him, or else annihilated in the oblivion of our own nothingness. This fear keeps the guilt and sin intact, for without seeing them as decisions of our minds we can never change our belief in them. Left with the anxiety and terror brought on by the fear of God, our only recourse is to turn to the ego for help, since God has become our enemy. Second, after the guilt is denied, we project it out from us onto another, magically hoping to be free from the guilt by unconsciously placing it outside ourselves. Our anger or attack attempts to justify the projection, reinforcing others’ guilt for the sins we projected from ourselves.
Special love relationships have the same goal of projecting guilt, though the form differs greatly.
Believing this lack can never be corrected, we seek outside ourselves for those people who can complete us.

The ego’s world becomes divided into enemies (special hate) or saviour-idols (special love), and the true Identity of Christ in others is obscured.
Through special relationships the ego sustains its existence by maintaining guilt, since using others to meet our needs constitutes an attack, and attack in any form reinforces guilt.
This sets into motion the guilt-attack cycle, wherein the greater our guilt, the greater the need to project it by attacking others through special relationships, which merely adds to the guilt, increasing the need to project it.
The body’s existence is one of sickness, suffering, and death, which witness to the seeming reality of the body as opposed to spirit, which can never suffer pain, or die. All aspects of the separated world are illusions, since what is of God can never be separate from Him, and therefore what seems separate from God cannot be real. God’s Answer to the separation is the Holy Spirit, and His plan to undo the ego is called the Atonement. They include: miracle, forgiveness, salvation, healing, real world, true perception, vision, face of Christ, reason, justice, holy instant, holy relationship, function, happy dream, Second Coming, Word of God, Last (Final) Judgment, resurrection, redemption, correction, awakening, and undoing. The Holy Spirit turns the tables on the ego by changing its purpose for projection into an opportunity to see this denied guilt in another, thereby bringing it back within which allows us finally to change our minds about it.
The first step reverses the projection as we realize that the guilt is not in another but in ourselves. Illustrative of this process-aspect of forgiveness are the references under periods of unsettling and bringing darkness (illusions) to the light (truth), as well as workbook lesson 284.
When our guilt is finally undone, right-mindedness having corrected wrong-mindedness, the bridge to the real world is complete. This world of illusion and separation ends as God takes the last step, reaching down and lifting us unto Himself.
Many think of positive affirmations as simple mantras that are said over and over to one’s self until the person feels better, but there is more to it than this. After your positive affirmation reaches your subconscious you will undoubtedly start to see the results you desire in your life.
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Over tens of thousands of years our ancient ancestors discovered how to maximize human abilities of mind and spirit for healing, problem-solving, keeping our connection with Mother Earth and All Creation. The main principle of shamanism is that everything on Earth is interconnected into the Web of Life, as everything that exists is alive and has a spirit (energy). A shaman knows that all things are alive and walks with one foot in this world and one foot in the spirit world.
In this experiential workshop you will be introduced to some of the main ideas and methods used for thousands of years by shamans around the world. You will learn how to use the traditional methods of singing, rattling and drumming to shift your consciousness. The main emphasis of this workshop is learning shamanic journey and how you can use it to explore non ordinary reality. By the end of the workshop you will learn how shamanism can be applied in your everyday life. These interactions induce correlations between this system and its environment that make certain typical quantum interference effects difficult to observe in practice, and that allow certain practical computations to be simplified by substituting a classical system for a quantum one. The usual argument for the approximate pragmatic validity of a classical conceptualization of a system is based on assumptions about the nature of the question that is put to nature.
It is not known a priori whether or how a self-observing quantum system separates into these various parts. Consequently, one must revert to the basic physical principles in this case where the special conditions of separation fail, and the nature of the questions put to nature can therefore be quite different. It automatically incorporates all decoherence effects, and the partial “classicalization” effects that they engender.
Although it is a bit pricey, there is still good value delivered here with the standard package. The effects seemed to build gradually, but we feel that this provided a boost over traditional mediations recordings we've tried. Also, the premium package which costs $50 more than the standard only gives 2 extra recordings, which we didn't feel were worth the extra cost. Think calming thoughts, or nothing, while you drift off listening to these specially designed tones that lead you gently into a healthful and restful sleep state.
The first level presents the difference between the One Mind and the separated mind, while the second contrasts wrong- and right-mindedness within the separated mind.

Included in the Second Person of the Trinity are our creations, the extensions of our Self or spirit. In special hate relationships our self-hatred or guilt is transferred onto others, making them responsible for the misery we feel. Our guilt teaches we are empty, unfulfilled, incomplete, and needful, all aspects of the scarcity principle. Special love, thus, takes this form: I have certain special needs that God cannot meet, but you, a special person with special attributes, can meet them for me. Judgment, always based on the past rather than acceptance in the present, is the ego’s guiding principle. A Course in Miracles employs many terms that reflect the Holy Spirit’s plan, and each is a virtual synonym for the other.
Without these relationships we would have no way of being freed from the guilt the ego has taught us to bury through denial, and retain through projection. Second, now that the guilt has been brought to our attention and we recognize that its source is in us, we undo this decision by choosing to see ourselves as guiltless Sons of God, rather than guilty sons of the ego. The memory of God dawns within our minds, as all interferences to it have been removed and we see the face of Christ in all people. Both positive and negative affirmations exist in our minds whether we are aware of them or not. The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you are emitting, and when you are thinking positively you will receive positivity back.
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In particular, if the subsystem of interest is a brain then interactions between its parts produce a gigantic jumble of partially interfering classical-type states: no single approximately classical reality emerges. The assumption in the usual case is that this question will be about something like the position of a visible object. These features are essentially just the overall position and orientation of a visible object. It is not clear, a priori, that a self-observing brain can be separated into components analogous to observer, observee, and environment. Overall however, we felt that the basic package delivered on what was promised and along with the bonuses provides enough value to justify the $147 price. The Second Person of the Trinity is not exclusively identified with Jesus, who is part of Christ, as we all are. But what I failed to realize was how powerful positivity can be in making decisions and living my life.
The first step in creating positive affirmations is to determine what it is you would like to improve or change in your life. Write your affirmation down and put in places you will see throughout the day like your refrigerator door, the mirror in your bathroom, or on your desk. So do not give up on your positive affirmations and continue to focus your energy on changing your life for the better. No content published on or otherwise available from this site constitutes medical advice or professional health advice. In fact, positive affirmations are a tool of mind power that can be harvested by anyone, if you know how to use them. When we say, ‘I hate my job’ we will come to believe it and it will affect the way we work and our attitude. Or you can simply remember the affirmation and repeat it silently or out loud while you perform daily tasks such as washing the dishes, fueling the car, or walking the dog. Information on this site should not be used to diagnose a health problem or for prescribing medication.
On the other hand, if we say ‘I love exercising it makes me feel so good’ we program our minds to believe exercising is an enjoyable experience. If you suspect that you have a medical problem or disease, you should consult your physician as soon as possible. Write down positive statements like, Money is readily available for all of my needs, I am happy and healthy, I am confident and I draw people to me.

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