As my gratitude for all the support from the community, which helped me achieve the 1,000 YouTube Subscribers milestone, I have put together a compilation of 10 exceptional base designs along with brief analysis of their attributes.
The 10th Bonus design and how these bases were rated are shown in more details in the following video.
I paused a ZILLION times on your vid to read every single details of the points alloacted.. I'd like to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to put this video together and help out the CoC community! Good question, but I honestly don't know if I should rate my designs using my own rating system. They redirect Wall-Breakers to the corners of his base, which are heavily reinforced with staggered junctions. There are an increasing number of people turning to the internet to earn an income and this is due to greater awareness of the opportunities and changing attitudes to traditional working lives. In many cases, people who began exploring the different ways to start earning online ended up creating thriving businesses and this is possible for anyone prepared to commit to taking action. The two main methods for generating an income on the internet are affiliate marketing and product creation.
A further important factor in making real income on the internet relates to how traffic is generated to ensure a regular flow of website visitors. Any successful internet marketer understands the importance of exploring new ways to attract customers and leads.

The opportunity for making money online is open to anyone who is prepared to take action and to follow the methods and strategies that have proven to be successful.
Now I know you're being modest by not including your TH8 theme park, but seriously, using your scoring system, what would your farming base have scored?
I submitted my base from the PM on the forums, because I have no idea how to PM on youtube. It would be somewhat biased, because the system is based entirely on the criteria I used to create my designs. The first step to start making money online is to understand the different ways this can be achieved and to follow proven techniques to become successful.
This basically means that money is made by either earning commissions from a wide range of products or by being a product owner.
This is sometimes overlooked by people just starting out online and yet those who are successful will often state that their most important asset is their list of subscribers. There are various ways this can be achieved and this includes knowing how to rank sites in the search engines and how to run profitable campaigns if using paid advertising methods. Social media platforms continue to grow and are an integral part of an overall marketing strategy online. For enthusiastic players, it might be a great tool to evaluate their own designs by calibrating them with the discussed criteria. In reality, many people will actually create various streams of income by both developing products and being affiliate.

An autoresponder service and lead capture page is all that is needed to start building a list.
These can all be tested to see what works best and by learning from those who are experts in different areas of traffic generation.
If used in the right way, these can become a rich source of loyal customers and so it is important to learn how to use these platforms effectively. In starting out, it is sensible to focus in one area and then expand into other methods and marketplaces.
The relationship can then be built through sending emails and providing value so that customers start to trust any recommendations that are made. If high numbers of potential customers can be directed to a lead capture page and decide to opt in to a list, this is when automated marketing can start to create a passive income.
The use of video marketing and webinars can also be highly profitable and learning these more advanced skills can lead to greater success online.
There are business models that work and these include ways to build lists of subscribers and techniques to drive traffic to websites. It may take time to build up but once established, an email list can become a major source of income.

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