In the 1960’s spiritual leaders, priests, and some secret society organisations, from around the world, decided in unison, to lift the veil of secrecy and to shine light back into the darkness of ignorance. The crop circle phenomena, in my mind, are another form of consciousness manipulation of the mindset of those desirous of an ‘intervening Saviour’, that will redeem us from the horrific future we all now foresee.
All the information I have indicates that, in each crop circle, the bend in the stalk occurs at the first knuckle-joint above the ground, which appears to observers to have ‘burst open’ as the stalk was bent. Obviously, if that were the case, the stray stalks, which would have a different resonant frequency to the main crop, would be untouched and left standing.
I think this whole debate has been conjured up by our Disinfo friends trying to screw with folk’s heads. There is also Spherical Earth cabalistic geometry and spherical navigation which still works for everyone and how geo synchronous satellites stay in place without Newtonian physics? The Bedford Level Experiment- Is a series of observations carried out along a six-mile length of the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level, Norfolk, England, during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Simple physics says that if the Earth was flat so would we be… maybe we are, but since it’s all illusion anyway, how would we ever know if all of our agreed perception, 3D, wasn’t the illusion.? Now comes with an added “Powerful Wealth and Abundance Rune Sigil” and 3 “Powerful Rune symbols” and 8 FREE very “Powerful E-Books”.
Powermind-subliminal 3 is the first subliminal software in the world to use shortened power phrases structures (Acronyms) . When shorted structures are used it breaks all subliminal attachments associated with the full sentences.
Powermind subliminal now comes with a very complex powerfully designed 6 piece, “wealth and abundance rune sigil”. The sigil is hand designed from an original authentic rune sigil , that has been charged according.
Powermind subliminal also now comes with in build specific Runes shapes as extra added feature. Sigil’s can be used in a positive way; they work on the subconscious mind to trigger the desired effect. The great advantage with sigil magic is that no particular belief system is needed to work with here. The ritual of manipulating matter, or manipulating energy with sigil magic symbolism and incantation, (or verbal mantras), has certain rules to follow. We’re all on a quest that will take us through a predetermined path, teaching us everything that this incarnation requires. All of the “energies” we encounter, be they positive or negative are essential to the whole – for balance of your being in this illusion. The “Shekinah” is an emanating resonance from The Source (God) (Gematria = 385) (5x7x11), described by Ezekiel as coming and going in time. It’s the Sun changing frequency and opening up your codons, the junk DNA that waits for the magnetic “key change” from Ra. Consider yourselves lucky to find this documentary series – or that the series has found you. Why has it proved impossible to find any archaeology of the Israelites in the land of Israel? One man’s 15 year exploration of the mathematics and sacred geometries of an Ancient Architect’s message for a future time – designed into the Gaza Pyramids.
Our true history has suffered 2,000 years of corruption, that has buried a Pre-eminent fact, one that was encoded into the Giza Pyramids mathematically. We have been contacted by the researcher who has found the riddle of the Sphinx, and the mathematics of the pyramids has now been decoded.
The information will be presented in a 447 page book, which will be published soon – with all details and the mathematics and geometry to prove them. Part 2 of the book explains the authors understanding of that process of ‘returning energies’ in time and appendix 1 has the details of processional resonance, the patterns in time that induce volcanic activity – and recorded in the Greenland Ice Core Data. There are many behind the scene scenarios for this to get published, and they’re hoping it’s released before the world goes even more haywire.
The information is very powerful and in line with some of the findings shown in the Holographic-Disclosure series, which we were told was one of the best on YouTube. Read this book at your peril, but read it three times to understand where you stand on the issues it raises – for eventually you will realise that the argument can only be with yourself and your own ignorance. Knowledge can become an addiction, but it’s the only addiction that can save our place on this fragile lifeboat Earth, cast adrift on a Clockwork Cosmos. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we have finally come to the cross roads of history, when the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan.
You can imagine what philosophy anyone who was given the secret would achieve, without following an ancient script that was designed to enlighten and release the soul in consciousness and wisdom, as later taught by Buddha. Those who have moved above the heart resonance are becoming “enlightened” to a degree, but the propaganda being fed to them as misinformation directs them off into blind alleys, still seeking salvation from outside sources. The so-called outside salvation will come from outside, but it will be staged by our controllers, whose mission is to save us from an illusion and promptly deliver us back into slavery for the “family”. We have saved the best ’til last for obvious reasons, and the information is priceless. The process to produce these YouTube videos is slow, due to the fact that we now work full-time in other jobs and have only a small amount of time per week to dedicate to these documentaries.
It’s a tedious, time consuming project that we funded ourselves to get important information across. We promised earlier to do more projects like The 6000-Year-Old Health Secrets and various other documentaries, and try to put together a very informative website but failed to deliver due to a lack of funding and not being able to do this on a full-time basis.
We are worried that the documentaries may not be produced in time, before the shit hits the fan – and it will. Some of the information has come from insiders, with whom we have communicated over the years from all over the world, and was researched at the highest levels of the knowledge pyramid. We have also contributed anonymously to dozens of very powerful, thought-provoking articles, blogs and websites throughout the years that have become an important informational backbone to many researchers in Health, Real History, Hidden Science, Spirituality and the Occult. We only interface with balanced, intelligent folks who have made the grade by their own hard work and research, including many authors and professionals in their fields who have studied our research and adapted it to their own perspectives and ideas, and vice versa (By adapting their ideas, hard work and research into ours). We are also a group within a group from around the world, all coming together to promote findings from these very special people who have made these magnificent discoveries.

Our particular group are like the dot connectors, connecting the dots from these special people and then producing documentaries for YouTube.
Of course, not everything was planned and the synchronous aspect of it would stand your hair on end… but also make you laugh at how transparent things are when you reached an awakening stage. So, you’re probably wondering, Why we are getting involved in this, if the shit will hit the fan?
Don’t forget that the problem is “too many stupid people and not enough bullets,” to quote Clint Eastwood. Those who control us cannot stop that predetermined plan – neither can I – but I have no game plan other than sharing and teaching what I’ve found, whatever the cost. My awakened Brethren, be conscious of what constitutes a “safe place” at this point in time.
We are urging any investors out there who can afford it to donate and fund these worthwhile projects that affect, inspire, and awaken people who are ready. In return, we will work full-time pumping out documentaries on various subjects, including health, and share with you priceless occult wisdom we have gathered over the years, before it goes public. Opening the chakras in the required order, which involves precise knowledge of the resonant locations on Earth that deliver that “inner tuning”.
Think of it as helping people awaken and have a positive effect raising planetary awareness. Yet even that best-selling author was still completely unaware of whose discovery he had partly revealed, or how?
On a personal level we are really not interested in digits and profit but that could be the investors’ desire if they wish so. A recent archaeological discovery that throws a wrench into the conventional theory of evolution has reportedly cost a California professor his job. Holographic-Disclosure 7 ( Edited Version)This is the edited version with all references to the software recommendations taken out . The Secret Experiment of 3398 BC caused the great Deluge, find out what snuck into our dimension.
If mind control, threats, and bribery were not enough, Black magic is also added to the mix.
In 1979 when I was walking home from school the postman was shouting that we were about to have a Nuclear war.
A training tape that simulated all the signals of a massive Soviet first strike had mistakenly been loaded into a computer at the U.S.
Movie after movie about nuclear wars, terrorists caring nuclear bombs was lurking in the back off everyone’s mind.
In the 90’s I came across a remarkable man named Bruce Cathie, he could accurately predict the time and place of an atomic weapons test. He also confirmed that a nuclear device cannot be detonated at any time or at any place the device is based the geometrics of space and time.
The bloodlines knew the sun cannot be seen from Space this is why they called it “THE BLACK SUN. From the 1940’s genetics experiments were preformed trying to perfect man-made ETs in the United States and Australia. These so called alien abductions are nothing more than staged events designed to make the participants think they were abducted by aliens. The unwilling participants are also mind controlled to further cement the alien agenda… They are then released and before you know it the stories are running rampant on how they were abducted by UFO’s and aliens. By this staged the general public have already had their share of fear porn about aliens and UFO through the Zionist run media. Remember this PR stunt for the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still “When they told The American public Aliens have landed and whipped the unsuspecting public into a frenzy .
Then there’s even a smaller number who understand that the strings being pulled behind the scenes are from a trans-national, fascist-oriented group, not unlike the Thule’s that were behind the emergence of Hitler. Millions of gullible desperate people now believing Aliens are coming to rescue them from Andromeda and other star constellations and other groups thinking god knows what else.
They can only occupy one part of space this is because they are a GOLEM life form which has no connection to the earth and have no grid of their own. Another other words basically they have no souls and no bio plasmatic body attached to the silver cord; therefore occupying the one space.
There are different vibrational frequencies within the hologram that vibrate to specific Harmonies, These harmonies are set by the mood of the person, to the type of person you are, what your likes are, what you hate, what you love, you’re positivity, negativity, sexuality, your health, so on and so on are specifically coded in the information structure of the frequencies.
These frequencies will then match other people’s frequencies and attract that person to you.
And this is why the group of friends or relationships you’re with right now, you will always find that you have something in common.
But right now I want to get into the grossest thing you could ever do to your body which relates to what I have been saying.
The Elite cabal through the mafia families that control the whole entertainment industry wanted to inspire the people of planet zombie that tattoos are the coolest things around and through the pop gods and movie gods they slowly promoted the idea and now it’s become an unstoppable epidemic worldwide.
Tattoos where mainly seen in prisons around the world although this made the prisoner when released stand out to authorities in the outside world, inside prison this was a sign of strength. Shortened word structures works on the subconscious mind because the mind loves filling in the blanks to word suggestions and abbreviations. Holographic Disclosure and Secret Space Secret Past All writers are credited after approval of the articles.
We are going to try and crowd fund this exciting new project, so we can presented to the world inmany languages on DVD . The production will take place in June 2016 and should be ready for distribution June 2016. If you would like to help us with our 25% short fall in funds, then this is the way Pre-order now.
If you would like a presence in the new documentary or to promote your health product or new development company in alternative health , or you have some break through product. We are going to try and crowd fund this project in the next few weeks, to make it available worldwide and on DVD and in many languages using subtitles. This documentary is not to be missed, a very powerful, thought provocative series that will answer a lot of questions that you might have been seeking but unable to find.

The Answers will be given to you on a silver Plate in more detail and the sources will be referenced in even greater detail on the website.
There have been many discoveries of these similar disks and plates , although many claim that they are alien in origin.
Remineralisation of Bones and Teeth- All proteins needed, are being extracted from the air you breathe – from nitrogen present and the last accounts by an average, to up about 112 grams per day.
I struggle with the idea of ‘alien intervention’ or ‘earth energies’ producing the mathematically precise geometries that have appeared over the past 25 years. This was the unusual phenomena of stray stalks remaining upright when all around them were flattened… in every case the upright stalk was of a different species to the main crop. There’s also the problem of Canopus moving below the horizon at Giza and successive capitals moving south over time to keep it on the horizon, as the equinoctial marker.
Early results seemed to prove the Earth to be flat, but later attempts to reproduce the observations firmly support that the Earth is a sphere. When Google pushes a subject onto people, better get suspicious…… Flat Earthers, eh? It’s about opening the chakras in the required order, which involves precise knowledge of the resonant locations on Earth that deliver that “inner tuning”. It’s associated with the “whirling wheels” – the Ophanim – which don’t turnabout, but allow the Angels (which are angles of lights) to travel in all directions. Yes, it involves earthquakes, tsunamis and one other possibility: an EMP that takes out the power grids worldwide.
All you need to understand beyond that is the morphic resonance – the hive mind – creates reality as a consensus of our mutual opinions of what it is.
There are a lot of people making last ditch attempts to keep us in the dark, but it’s failing against the people’s will. The sacred texts of every nation on this Earth are encoded with the knowledge, placed within them by a single group of teachers whose mission it was to perpetuate a singular message. In fact, the discoveries from this gentleman have been given to a lot of like-minded thinkers around the world. How quickly that comes about will be the result of a change in human consciousness regarding what the “problem” actually is.
They have for millennia, and it’s their karma to bring about those Biblical prophecies which were written by their ancestors. Kings are not priests, and the priests were destroyed with the druids when Rome came back to Britain – as a charade to subdue the truth of Nature. Personally, my entire life appears to have been one big “teaching”: Whilst others followed the status quo, going through life saving their digits, buying a false reality, following each other like a baby elephant grasping its mother’s tail, going around and around in a circus tent, I was curious for information at a young age and questioned everything along the way. Save yourself first – you’re useless to anyone else until you do, and live amongst people you can trust with the truth. Mark Armitage, a former scientist at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), was reportedly fired after claiming to have unearthed a dinosaur fossil that still contains soft, flexible tissue, suggesting that it can’t be millions of years old. Copyrighted film clips or short proportions maybe used for documentary films and noncommercial videos under U.S copyrighted law. Through a secret ritual by a certain secret society throughout the world, the members are asked to pick a person in a position of power in their country. Top all this with area 51 disinformation, hoax photos, and alien autopsies… So there you have it. What they couldn’t do overtly during the Third Reich, they have done covertly and through Operation Paperclip we brought them into the United States and seeded the aerospace industry and the CIA.
As a geometer, I know how difficult and time-consuming just drawing these constructs on paper becomes, let alone the surveying skills and time required to lay them out in a landscape. However, that doesn’t account for the stray stalks from a different crop, unless the process is generated by a frequency-specific microwave or laser beam that can be programmed to the specific, and calculable, resonant frequency of the knuckle-joint of the target crop at that stage of its growth. Not one of them has any practical scientific or historical knowledge to back up their idiotic claims. Curiosity seemed to be the drive, traveling the world in search of light, my frequencies aligning me with similar people and situations; the answers were slowly coming together. We appear to be insignificant in the bigger picture, since even those who examine what we do are controlled by the same mechanism and perceive no danger to themselves, but it’s already too late, they don’t control ‘The Source”(God) and they can only manipulate the hive-mind while the power stays on. The Real Disclosure they are keeping from us are about human beings occupying different frequencies of space, who are probably benevolent trying to warn us about the Illuminati Cabal . They are far too complex and intricate for the guys from the pub to produce with boards and string in the few hours of darkness they have in summertime. The beam can also be programmed to draw precisely the specific diagram of the crop circle without error, in quite short time, with a number of pre-programmed passes which heat and disrupt the stalk, causing it to fall in a chosen direction.
Field McConnel (Abel Danger) will tell you that at 60,000ft you can see the curvature of the Earth quite clearly. If it goes down, it’s every man for himself and survival of the fittest… or best prepared.
Some folks have claimed to have seen glowing orbs flying around fields in the darkness and producing crop circles as they passed… one YT video shows this in action, but could be, and likely is, fake. This technique is virtual identical to stage laser shows, which produce images from a single laser source deflected by a rapidly moving mirror run by a computer program. The Bedford experiment was disproved long ago because they hadn’t accounted for refraction and the Egyptians AND their predecessors from Atlantis were navigating on a spherical Earth, which the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus demonstrates quite perfectly. They had even calculated the difference between the polar and equatorial diameters to the inch, and the different measures between each degree of latitude on the oblate Earth. The historical ‘belief’ that the Earth was flat is a myth, nothing more, stemming from Roman Catholic propaganda in the Middle-Ages. The star Canopus (Canoptic Jars) – the ‘Southern Anchor’, was the sacred star of Egypt, which slowly moved south over the horizon as the processional cycle changed the angle to the Milky Way.
The capitals of Egypt moved south over time to keep it in view, sitting on the southern horizon at the Equinox. 1,000 years later it couldn’t be seen from Giza, hence the rebuilding of new cities and temples further south.

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