It was Fantasy Suite week on The Bachelorette, otherwise known as Double Entendre Week, or the episode where JoJo spends the entire evening dangling her lady parts in front of the contestants. Luke’s got the personality of a rock and the IQ of a mug, which is why I think he was one of the few contestants who genuinely went on the show to find love.
Until he returned during the Rose Ceremony, shirt tucked in once again (seriously, dude, it’s OK to loosen up every now and then), so that he sort of apologized to JoJo. I believe a certain group of producers would love for Chase to be the star of a certain reality love show next year and informed him that, in order for that to happen, he’d have to end this season with a clean image. Also, during dinner he pulled out a note that, he claimed, was written to him by his father. They spent the evening off camera (probably discussing geo-politics) and then Robby, not quite done, even stopped by her room for a surprise visit before her date with Chase even though you’re not supposed to get multiple days with the Bachelorette during Fantasy Suite Week. Yaron Weitzman is a freelance writer based in New York whose work frequently appears on The Comeback, SB Nation and in SLAM Magazine.
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a common silicon substrate through microfabrication technology. MEMS promises to revolutionize nearly every product category by bringing together silicon-based microelectronics with micromachining technology, making possible the realization of complete systems-on-a-chip.
Microelectronic integrated circuits can be thought of as the "brains" of a system and MEMS augments this decision-making capability with "eyes" and "arms", to allow microsystems to sense and control the environment.
MEMS Investor Journal and MEPTEC, the MicroElectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council, will hold the 1st Annual Workshop on Micro Power Technologies on October 22, 2009 at the Radisson Hotel, San Jose, CA. On the prior day, October 21, MEPTEC and MEMS Investor Journal will hold another event, the 2nd Annual Workshop on MEMS Testing and Reliability. MEMS and Nanotechnology is enabling new discoveries in science and engineering such as the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) microsystems for DNA amplification and identification, micromachined Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STMs), biochips for detection of hazardous chemical and biological agents, and microsystems for high-throughput drug screening and selection.
High frequency circuits will benefit considerably from the advent of the RF-MEMS technology. Reliability and packaging of RF-MEMS components seem to be the two critical issues that need to be solved before they receive wider acceptance by the market.
MEMS accelerometers are quickly replacing conventional accelerometers for crash air-bag deployment systems in automobiles.
Last we saw our favorite whiny white people, Luke was breaking Rose Ceremony protocol (THE NERVE!) and pulling JoJo aside so that he could, for the first time, confess his love to her. He’s not cunning enough to manipulate the Bachelor machine and leverage it into fame.
If not for having actual abs and rocking the only hair style that JoJo seems to be attracted to, he probably would have been sent home in Week 2.
But before we get to why he, momentarily, became my favorite Bachelorette contestant of the season, and possibly ever, let’s re-live Chase making out with a fish. The two had a good day-date, though I don’t remember a single thing they did, other than kiss a fish.
That, apparently, was all it took to cut Chase out of the picture, you know, because anytime you get a single negative feeling about your partner, it means the relationship is doomed. Jordan: Have you noticed that he’s always the first one to hear his name called during the Rose Ceremony? Does this mean that the three guys and JoJo are all staying on the same resort, meaning they can bump into each other at lunch or in the gym or go knock on JoJo’s door whenever they want?

He's also been published on SB Nation Longform, The Cauldron, Tablet Magazine and in the Journal News. MEMS is an enabling technology allowing the development of smart products, augmenting the computational ability of microelectronics with the perception and control capabilities of microsensors and microactuators and expanding the space of possible designs and applications.
Sensors gather information from the environment through measuring mechanical, thermal, biological, chemical, optical, and magnetic phenomena. As a breakthrough technology, allowing unparalleled synergy between previously unrelated fields such as biology and microelectronics, many new MEMS and Nanotechnology applications will emerge, expanding beyond that which is currently identified or known. Electrical components such as inductors and tunable capacitors can be improved significantly compared to their integrated counterparts if they are made using MEMS and Nanotechnology.
The conventional approach uses several bulky accelerometers made of discrete components mounted in the front of the car with separate electronics near the air-bag; this approach costs over $50 per automobile. This, just minutes after JoJo told the cameras that she was going to have to send Luke home because she wasn’t sure where he stood (a phrase she might as well trademark at this point). She wants someone who can escort her down the red carpet of the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards, not a simple rancher more comfortable rocking jeans and no shirt. They bloviate about love and the future and pretend that they’re in a real relationship. JoJo told us about five times how much she loves him, though she wasn’t so sure when her date with him started.
The electronics then process the information derived from the sensors and through some decision making capability direct the actuators to respond by moving, positioning, regulating, pumping, and filtering, thereby controlling the environment for some desired outcome or purpose. With the integration of such components, the performance of communication circuits will improve, while the total circuit area, power consumption and cost will be reduced.
MEMS and Nanotechnology has made it possible to integrate the accelerometer and electronics onto a single silicon chip at a cost between $5 to $10.
They might be cruel puppet masters, but the producers of this slop sure do earn their cash.
Not only is this cruel to his body, but clearly JoJo doesn’t care about the amount of effort our favorite failed QB puts into doing his hair. Because MEMS devices are manufactured using batch fabrication techniques similar to those used for integrated circuits, unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, and sophistication can be placed on a small silicon chip at a relatively low cost. In addition, the mechanical switch, as developed by several research groups, is a key component with huge potential in various microwave circuits.
These MEMS accelerometers are much smaller, more functional, lighter, more reliable, and are produced for a fraction of the cost of the conventional macroscale accelerometer elements.
The demonstrated samples of mechanical switches have quality factors much higher than anything previously available. She claimed dumping Chase was her way of being nice to him, of not doing to him what Ben Higgins did to her.
JoJo, again, told the cameras that she’s so happy that Jordan showed her what she needed to see to alleviate her fears.

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