Authorities are investigating Serbia for its potentially illegal financial support of a coal-fired power plant.
The investigations comes in response to a complaint brought by ClientEarth  to the Energy Community, an international body that extends a legally binding energy framework to several countries outside the EU. Serbia supported the development of coal plant Kolubara B by guaranteeing bank loans and transferring property to the project, giving it a significant financial advantage. As a member of the Energy Community, a country cannot grant State Aid unless it is assessed and approved by a designated authority. The Energy Community Secretariat’s initial findings say that Serbia did not follow this protocol.
Serbia’s Commission for State Aid Control did not properly assess whether the State Aid was in line with the Energy Community Treaty – and in doing so, Serbia has breached its obligations under that law. Following complaints brought by NGOs and citizens, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development recognized in 2015 that it had failed to follow its own Environmental and Social Policy. Malgorzata Smolak, lawyer for ClientEarth’s Warsaw-based Climate and Energy team, said: “The Secretariat’s investigation is a major advance for ClientEarth’s work to end the human rights and EU environmental law violations caused by certain coal projects, and to achieve a managed coal phaseout across the Europe.
Following a complaint by ClientEarth, authorities have found that Serbia is violating its international legal obligations by funding coal-fired power plant, Kolubara B. Attempts by Sweden’s state-owned power giant Vattenfall to offload its German lignite operations appear to have been stalled at the EU level, according to reports in Germany. The government’s decision to look again at the Hinkley Point deal is an opportunity to build a more flexible, decentralised energy system. The fifth carbon budget has just been made law, committing the UK to limiting its annual emissions between 2028 and 2032 to an average of 57% below 1990 levels.

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Five-year survival rates for brain tumours are reaching 100%Because of their invasive and infiltrative nature in the limited space of the intracranial cavity, brain tumours were once considered a death sentence.
In the 21st century, however, detection and treatment methods improved greatly with nano-robotics, gene therapy and technologies able to scan, analyse and run emulations of complete brains in astonishing detail. The most commonly used analogy to understand how voltage, current, and resistance work together is the water tank and hose. The three main aspects to the water flowing through the hose are the pressure from the water in the tank pushing downwards, the size of the hose, and the water flowing through it. The size of the hose will also make a big difference as to how much water can get through the pipe at one time, a large hose allows more water to pass through at once. Now that we understand the relationship of voltage, current, and Resistance we can get back to the math.
So we need to use a 125 Ohm resistor in series with the LED to keep it at the manufacturers  recommended amperage rating. The Energy Community’s first findings, just published, say Serbia is violating its international legal obligations by funding the project. Aside from the Olympics, winter sports in general are increasingly being moved indoors, or are taking place in simulated environments.

Detection usually occurred in advanced stages when the presence of the tumor had caused unexplained symptoms. Lets say we have a large water tank with a hose coming out of the bottom, when the valve is opened it is safe to say water will come out of the hose. The less water there is in the tank, the less pressure(voltage) there is pushing the water through the hose (current). Using the Beaglebone Black as our power source we can do a simple equation to find out what we need to power a component. LED’s have a third factor to them called voltage drop that must be calculated when selecting the proper resistor. If download lock by social network button "Please like to download" you must like first and download button will be display. People have protested repeatedly against the expansion of the mines, including a hunger strike against the exhumation of graves from the local cemetery.
In this situation the water tank acts like a battery where the voltage is the pressure and the amount of water in the tank would be the amount of charge left in the battery. An LED will draw all available amperes from the power source so to keep it from burning up we must use a resistor to limit it.

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