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Please Like, Comment and Subscribe it means alot and please give me feedback on my videos, thank you! So after using this cheat sheet for a few kills, I noticed that the original creator had made a few mistakes with the placement of the purple dot (that indicates where you are supposed to stand).
In addition to fixing these mistakes, I decided to add a few more features to (hopefully) make this sheet more useful. The second feature is an inclusion of numbers for every phase, so that it is easier to keep track of exactly where you are in the current rotation. However, I understand that not everyone may approve of or want these new features on their version of the sheet, so I have uploaded several copies of it for your benefit - just choose the one that you prefer most! I basically re-made an existing cheat sheet to suit my own needs - it took a lot of time to rotate each individual image 180 degrees, but hopefully it will be worth it!

The dimensions of the cheat sheet are 1366x768 pixels (the screen resolution of my laptop) as I designed it to be used as a desktop background. Just quickly skimming the first two rotations, the 3rd phases you're not able to stand all the way over there when the mage spawns due to venom clouds but overall great job on this, I may look into using this to re-memorize rotations. I did notice that, but I presume the guy that initially designed it was implying you're supposed to run to that spot during the mage phase ready for the next range phase? Well you're able to run to where you need to be for the next phase in time while phases are changing.
Quick note: Have just made a few little tweaks to the sheet (see original post) that will hopefully make it a lot easier to use! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Luckily for you guys, I decided to go and watch a few step-by-step rotation guides on YouTube so that I could correct his errors, so all NEW versions of the sheet should now be 100% accurate.

The first feature is an inclusion of arrows that indicate where and when you should run to the next spot - the beginning of the arrow indicates where you should be stood at the START of the phase and the end of the arrow indicates the direction that you should run in towards the END of the phase - this is usually due to venom clouds being in your way, hence the timing of your running is crucial to avoid taking that extra damage. As opposed to having to run over there after the range phase has spawned, meaning you'd lose a few hits. If we round down to 1000 casts an hour and 30 minutes to open everything, the profit made is STILL 1.5m an hour.
Then again, I'm still a Zulrah noob so I could easily be wrong but thanks, hope it helps!

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