Can you maintain cost leadership, service levels, solution quality, and deliver projects flexibly and to schedule? Also, as trends become more and more specialised, it’s no longer good enough for a systems integrator to be well versed on a broad range of topics, the chosen partners must be certified in highly specific areas, be that cloud, mobility, social, or Big Data.
DeBono highlights that particular interest in a trend that continues to see momentum can be a real attraction to vendors who may be looking to prove market leading quality to end users — in this instance, cloud capabilities. Though, on the contrary, partnering with someone who has a deep industry knowledge and strong relationship skills are also highly sought after. Though like all regions, the Middle East is still trying to work on a shoe-string budget, despite popular belief, perhaps, in other areas of the world.
Depending on the project, cost can be one of the key differentiators, depending on who the project involves, what solutions are involved, and what the scale of the project is.
Bamatraf feels that two key elements, combined with cost, are the crucial aspects of any integration. For any serious IT player in the Middle East, there are key market sectors that are easy to list - government, energy, banking, education, health, hospitality and so on.
There's no easy way to say this, but a LOT of Americans begin their morning by using the face of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Angered by Donald Trump's allegations that China stole American jobs and profited out of US markets, Chinese manufacturers are selling toilet papers with Trump's face. Many Chinese companies are already producing these novelty Trump toilet papers with the slogan "Dump with Trump".
Qingdao Wellpaper Industrial Company said sales of its Trump toilet papers have been rising since mid-February.

On Chinese online business-to-business platform Alibaba, more than 70 Chinese manufacturers can be seen selling these toilet papers.
While wholesale prices from Chinese sellers are averaged 50 US cents, resell prices on eBay or Amazon can be as much as USD 30, it said. Sydney Leroux, member of the US women's national soccer team, is one of the prominent American customers of Trump toilet papers who posted a picture of a roll of the toilet papers on Instagram in May. On January 23, he was filming an advertisement for the company in a public area quickly attracting more than 5,000 people nearby. A company representative explained why they chose him as their model, “The most important virtues in electronic commerce is developing trust and consumer sympathy. Taobao is an open market run by Chinese internet company Alibaba Group, which brings in a revenue of 940 billion won (about 940 million USD) a day. As such, Lee Min Ho is receiving special attention as he’s the company’s first foreign model.
One of the staff at the filming site said, “A crowd of over five thousand people formed since the morning just so that they can catch a glimpse of Lee Min Ho. With competition in the Middle East building year-on-year with the increase of international brands setting up camp in the region, and more and more local start-ups in the integrations, distributions, and solution providers arena, the challenges to successfully execute IT partnerships continue to harden. Many vendors believe that systems integrators that are solely focused on a specific trend, to the degree that it can forecast user demand and profit capabilities, are valuable in today’s market.
We may be using a cliche, but the ideal relationship with a customer is that of being a partner or an advisor, rather than a seller of products or solutions.
This can have a heavy influence on who a company partners with or which vendor a customer chooses.

Through continuous innovation — in all industries — lies the promise to keep customers satisfied and engaged,” DeBono believes. Whether intended as a gag gift or actually used for wiping, apparently Americans do enjoy Trump toilet papers, the report said.
The 69-year-old real estate tycoon had accused China of stealing American jobs and making profits out of American money. Industry insiders believe that his popularity along with the company’s heavy consumer base will bring bigger success. But the differentiators can be few and far between, and during a time of economic belt tightening, the region may be asking for more damning evidence that your business is a suitable partner for a critical implementation. Any partner who displays and demonstrates these elements will be more likely to succeed,” he says. But the revenue may not always be birthed from the services and sales — over time, it could quite as easily come down to the longevity of the partnership, reputation and collaboration. For those familiar with Trump's rallying cry of 'bringing our jobs back' from the likes of China, irony might be palpable as the toilet paper is made in China. Not only do they hold over 80% of the Chinese online market, their company ranks first worldwide in profits.

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