If you need a true professional who is not only knowledgeable about what he teaches but also passionate in helping others to bring out the best in themselves, then Jacky will be the one you’re looking for!
NLP has not only given me a better understanding of how our mind works, but broaden and increase my awareness, generosity and accomodation to people and their behavior around me.
In order to understand what I have learnt during the NLP practitioner course it is very important to understand the background of where I was before joining it and the future course of action required in order to reach my goals and objectives. Work behavior in an organizational or business setting is behavior exhibited by employees or other individuals involved in a workforce who can have a noticeable influence on the productivity of an individual, a group of individuals, and a company. There are many underlying factors and causes which can cause counterproductive work behavior. Counterproductive work behavior is generally defined as behavior which goes against the goals of an organization.
When an employee is late for work, late for returning after excused breaks such as lunch breaks, or leaves work early without permission, they are considered to be exhibiting the counterproductive behavior of lateness.
When an employee is absent from work, they are considered to be exhibiting the counterproductive behavior of absence. Businesses can counteract this behavior in several ways, depending on what is actually causing the employee absence. All information on this web site is © copyright 1999-2016 Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy. If you’re feeling depressed by Black Friday, or by the thought of Christmas, or just because of the weather, then I can help.
And just as an incentive to take action now I will offer you 10% off my usual fee if you contact me to make a booking by 30 November.
NLP has indeed given me the self-enriching tools to build my confidence, self-awareness and rapport with people. It helped me realise the fact that individuals are SO different and it has provided me perspectives and tools in understanding and better working with others.
I recently completed the certified NLP course and found it to be informative, engaging, and filled with practical knowledge and application. NLP has given me a lot of tools and understanding into communication, enhancing my rate of self-improvement. Positive forms of work behavior include behavior such as amiability, generosity, and other forms of positive social behavior that contribute to a positive work environment as well as to productivity.

Sometimes, counterproductive work behavior is caused by problems within the company in combination with individual personality traits of an individual who is exhibiting counterproductive work behavior.
This is a broad definition which is meant to cover a wide range of different counterproductive work behaviors, including workplace withdrawal and anti-social behavior. Workplace withdrawal occurs when an employee is not performing their work duties due to withdrawal. If the absence is caused by a hostile work environment, business should ensure that the workplace is free from anti-social work behavior such as bullying or harassment.
Jacky’s great enthusiasm in NLP easily rubbed off onto everyone who attended his course and I personally have learnt a lot from him. This has led to a loss of enjoyment and sense of purpose in life and the introduction of fear into it. Work behavior, positive or otherwise, can be intentional or unintentional, although both forms of work behavior can still have a noted influence on a work environment.
The above example—an employee who steals from the company—could be explained by their work environment as well as personal characteristics. Anti-social behavior includes behavior like bullying and sexual harassment and, next to withdrawal, is the most common form of counterproductive work behavior. It should be noted that counterproductive withdrawal is unexcused withdrawal, rather than excused withdrawal or withdrawal due to legitimate illness, emergencies, or vacation time.
They can also further reduce productivity if they are required for group work behavior, such as meetings. If the absence is caused by job dissatisfaction, a business should let employees know that they can talk to other individuals in the company—such as a company therapist—about what they are feeling in the hopes of solving the problem rather than simply firing the employee or having them quit. You may reproduce and disseminate any of our copyrighted information for personal use only providing the original source is clearly identified. I am looking forward to seeing my practice grow as I continue to share with people the benefits of NLP.
If anyone were to ask me for my recommendation for an outstanding NLP trainer, I will have no hesitation recommending Jacky. Through the course, I have understood what is required to rediscover myself in order to remove self-doubt and regain the enthusiasm with which I used to live life. In short, work behavior is behavior in the workplace which can influence the workplace and positive work behavior is behavior which goes toward the goals of a business or organization.

For example, the work environment could have the problem of inefficient supervision, which leads to easier stealing, and the individual employee could exhibit problems in their overall personality and psychology which leads them to steal.
Anti-social behavior in the workplace can be managed by allowing employees to make reasonable complaints if they are feeling harassed or bullied and following through on warnings and punishments for employees who exhibit anti-social behavior.
It should be noted that absence is only considered counterproductive work behavior when it is unexcused or unreported. In the case of absence caused by laziness or an inexcusable reason, businesses can put a series of warnings and punishments into place to reduce absences.
Counterproductive work behavior, on the other hand, is a type of work behavior which does not go toward the goals of an organization and can in fact hinder work productivity, cause a negative work environment, and negatively affect an individual employee, a group of employees, or even an entire company. In general, a business should allow for employees to have excused absences for the following reasons: illness, family emergencies such as death or injury, as well as a reasonable amount of absences due to non-work related obligations such as taking care of children or other personal issues. Counterproductive work behaviors, like positive work behaviors, are not always intentional. Employees who are unhappy with their work duties, the work environment or the overall position they are working in are more likely to exhibit absence. However, unintentional counterproductive work behaviors can still impact a company, especially if they are relatively more severe or negative.
A brief but intense example of a counterproductive work behavior would be an employee who steals items from the company. For example, an individual may skip work because they are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. This behavior goes against the goals of the organization, which is not only to be productive but to have productive employees, not employees who perform behavior that causes the company money and potentially creates a negative or even dangerous work environment. In this example, the counterproductive behavior of another employee—sexual harassment—can lead to a chain reaction of counterproductive behavior from other employees in the business.

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