To help you meet your financial obligations, here are twenty ways to (legally) get cash quick. There are many quick ways to make money online that require few skills and experience – you can start them today and make cash that gets deposited into your Paypal or bank account.
If you need free money ASAP, but still have some time to burn, look around you – you probably have items that you can sell online. Have a garage sale if you have a ton of large items to sell – you’ll be more likely to sell them with less effort than if you posted them all on Craigslist individually.
Rent out something, either a part of your house, a car, a bike, your computer – whatever anyone is willing to pay you to use for a short period of time. Look for government programs or other organizations that help people, especially if you are in extreme need. Return cans and bottles – sure, you may not get much money for them, but you can acquire a decent sum for your time just by cashing in on the return deposit. If you are really desperate, and need money urgently (such as the same day), your last resort is a payday loan. Interesting, I will take a further look … looks like you might be in the Sacramento area. If you need money now for some urgent bills or debt, you may be ready and willing to do almost anything to get the money you need. You probably will need to work a full-time job at this point, so you’ll need to start something that you can pursue in your off-time.
Of course, the key is education: you need to know the opportunities that are out there in order for you to even stand a chance. There are plenty of people out there who need content for their sites, or need a great site to start, so if you know how to do either of these, you’ll make some good money quickly.

Big items, like cars and fancy electronics like TVs, are best sold on sites like Craigslist.
Make sure before you put up the “for rent” sign that all your legal and financial bases are covered with any of these rental plans.
Many banks will loan you small sums as long as your credit is good and you have a good reason. As always, be careful when taking on more debt, especially if this is the financial problem you’re dealing with right now and the reason you need money badly. If you want to make money online or grow your Home Business or MLM Online i'm here to show you how to create a Tsunami of leads, how to supper charge your Online branding and marketing for free.
One great idea is to make an online business – you can either sell products, services, or information. Simply have them deposit your payment into a Paypal account, transfer it to your bank account, and voila!
You’ll need to pick a niche that you’re interested in and that has people willing to spend money and click ads.
This is so you can deal locally and don’t have to get involved with crazy shipping charges. Obviously, you’ll have to swallow your pride a bit, but this is a good way to make extra money quickly. Obviously, this option is more viable for you if you don’t work full-time, but consider the possibility of weekend work as well.
Make sure to pay interest, so as to make it feel like a real ‘loan,’ and to protect the creditor. You have to justify why you need the money, else others won’t give you the cash, but it’s a great way to get small loans for short-term projects and problems.

Of course, make sure that your needs are legitimate, and not trivial, before going this route. Here’s an example of each – fill in each example with your own ideas given your talents, abilities, and assets. You should spend time learning about search engine optimization and how to use simple publishing programs like WordPress.
In addition, write it up all official so all parties understand the terms of the agreement.
That’s when something else dawned on me, i was actually spending more money than i was making.
In addition, you have all the traditional options available to you in the offline world as long as you know where to look. This may take some time to get off the ground, but once it gets going you can create a good residual online income that will last for months and years to come. You can easily and cheaply send these products out long distances, so you’ll be able to command hire prices for your goods than if you were limited to your local area.
Please don’t skip on this part – otherwise you could see yourself paying back MORE than the value of the loan in interest payments!
You need to be clear on how much time you have, as this will determine the options available to you. The rest of the ways will be in ‘time order’ – the ways in the beginning of this list will be along the longest time frame, and the ways at the end of the list will be ideas for you to get some money right now.

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