Monopoly Empire is a game play variant of Monopoly that has players collecting billboards to fill a tower instead of properties to bankrupt opponents. This is done by traveling around the board and buying brands. There is a new board (with no railroads, though utilities are still present) new rules, new types of cards, and a new die. Choose one of the uniquely branded tokens, move around the board and start building your Empire! Some house rules have the player place the paid tax in the center of the board for collection upon landing on Free Parking. The red property group is a three-space set located in the third stretch between the orange property group and the yellow property group.

The third of the three properties (Illinois Avenue in the original game) is, statistically, the most landed-on property on the board, making it a very good investment, but the first and second properties are #9 (Kentucky Avenue in the original game) and #10 (Indiana Avenue in the original game), respectively, behind all three orange properties, making the full set less desirable than the orange group, but still a good investment recourse. There are no trades, however there are cards that can force players to swap billboards (also called tiles), or to take tiles from other players.
Buy your favorite brands one by one and slide their billboards onto your Empire tower: the game is a race to the top! Every space on the board is an iconic brand, including Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Samsung! It is bounded by the Free Parking corner and the third railroad with a Chance space between the first and second properties of the set.

In the Here & Now Edition, it is titled Interest on Credit Card Debt and is worth $750,000 instead of $75.
You'll need to make tough decisions and smart moves to take down the competition and be the first to reach the top. At least one version (The 2000 Mac CD version), you can customize Luxury Tax to be $0, $75, $150, or $300.

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