North Dallas GazetteThe North Dallas Gazette provides information and African American community news and events. With more than $89 million in total prizes, Money Money Millionaire features overall odds of winning of one in 2.90, including break-even prizes. However, your own measure of financial success doesn’t need to rely on whether or not you are a millionaire. Another question that a number of people ask themselves is whether or not it’s even possible to become a millionaire today. But there are some things that are required in order to reach that millionaire status, or even get to the point at which you can feel comfortable that you have achieved financial success.
Even if you never become a millionaire, it’s still possible to better your financial situation. Martin has scratched away the first top prize worth $1 million available in the Texas Lottery scratch-off game Money Money Millionaire.

In addition to four top prizes worth $1 million, 17 second-tier prizes worth $10,000 remain unclaimed in the game. It gives those who aren’t millionaires something to work for, and those who finally become millionaires a way to state, emphatically, that they have reached financial success. Beavers acknowledged that part of the reason he was able to set aside money was due to the fact that he was making more than a subsistence wage. It’s important to make the most of any income you do end up with, do what you can to build an emergency fund and protect yourself against financial catastrophe, and putting your money to work for you through investing, even if you only have a small amount to start. It might be difficult, and it might require sacrifice, but, for many people, the important thing is to make things better than they were before. To many people, financial success isn’t so much about net worth as it is about being financially free. While there are stories of young millionaires, as well as ordinary folks who are millionaires, there are also those who feel that they don’t have the chance to become millionaires.

When all of your money goes toward survival, and especially if you are working two or three jobs just to make that living, it’s practically impossible to save money, or to access the resources needed to get the education, skills, and time to make more money to save. Rather than making millionaire status the end goal, it might make more sense to set things up, financially, so that you are on track to live whatever lifestyle you prefer. As long as I have the income I need to prepare for the future, insure against current financial setbacks, and pay for the things I need and want, I’m not too fussed about hitting some magical net worth.

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