I have moved my Sharpening Service to a new location after 20 years of serving my knife sharpening customers from the Country Village location to the North Creek Valley Grange at 19510 Bothell - Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA. I am situated directly behind Wise Key Shop and the Taquria taco truck which are between F&F Auto and Tiles for Less.
Although it is possible to find a place, in the Seattle area, to spend more money on knife sharpening, you are going to experience some great difficulty in finding a better service.
It is also necessary to thin the blade in order to allow for easy cutting and I do that somewhat as a part of normal operation, however the blade may require, in time, a significant regrinding to regain it desired geometry.
I also like to remove that pesky part of the bolster, on some chef knives, that obstructs proper blade sharpening and usage of the knife. Stop in for a chat, or maybe have a knife or two tuned up, Lyle is good at talking sharp and stuff.
Before the great economic disaster of 2008, I sold what I considered the worlds best knife sharpeners and still offer the information for them below for those interested in finding the best. A-4 Description: More precise and faster than any other jigged hand sharpening system.
Variety of accessories can be adapted to the file adapter to make this unit a very versatile system.
Includes the Apex Sharpening System, cloth, water bottle, 8" 1200 grit ceramic hone, 120 grit (coarse), 220 grit (medium fine), 320 grit (extra fine), 600 grit (extra fine) and 1000 grit (ultra fine) water stones. Includes the Apex Sharpening System, cloth, water bottle, 220 grit (medium fine) & 320 grit (extra fine) water stones. I have sold well over a thousand Edge Pro knife sharpeners and many EZE Sharp systems over the past several years to satisfied customers that have in return, sent many glowing testimonials and I have used this great knife sharpener in my own shop as well. Recently I have discovered a new knife sharpener or knife sharpening system that I have become to like as well as the Edge Pro. The EZE Sharp from Australia can deliver the same incredible edge as the Edge Pro but has taken a little different approach. I have now finally come to believe that the EZE Sharp system is pound for pound and dollar for dollar the better value of the two because of its price, ease of use, versatility and rugged durability. It fastens solidly to table or bench and allows the use of both hands to guide the stones over the blade’s edge. Because of its versatility and ruggedness, I compare it more to the Edge Pro’s Professional model knife sharpeners on steroids. I am asking that my customers please refrain from using American Express credit card on my shopping cart or for that matter, any where else.
However, my shopping cart, at this time, is not capable of deselecting that card, but I felt the need to stop using their services.
Savings GuideThe complete guide to saving money, budgeting and paying off debt.Savings Guide is Australia's leading personal finance blog on how to save money. Though a little known fact about JB Hi Fi is that it is easier than you may think to ask for a bargain, negotiate and get a better price – all you have to do is ask for a discount. Here we describe the best ways to get a JB Hi Fi discount using price matching and some tricky sales tactics that JB Hi Fi would not like us telling you.
Move your existing credit card balance to a new card and pay no interest for up to 18 months.

Before we outline ways to get a discount at JB Hi Fi, it is worth noting that JB Hi Fi themselves promote the concept of asking for a bargain. There are numerous signs stating ‘ask for a JB deal’ which is them telling you they are open to discounting and offering a reduced price; all you have to do is ask.
This guide is best suited to those wishing to purchase higher cost items such as digital cameras, computers, home audio products and anything that is over $100 to $200 dollars. Prior to visiting JB Hi Fi, you will need to visit another retailer such as Bing Lee, Big W, Harvey Norman or some other large franchise. Hot tip: It’s wise to note that online prices are less likely to be matched by bricks and mortar retailers like JB Hi Fi, so this step shouldn’t be skipped in favour of price hunting online.
Now while it may seem easier to simply buy from this retailer then and there, saving yourself time, trust me; it’s better to wait and employ the rest of this article to save money. Armed with your quote from this alternative retailer, it’s time to visit JB Hi Fi for a proper discount.
Tell the staff member you are ready to purchase your product, but need them to help you out with a deal.
State the previous quoted price and ask if they can please discount the product further for a quick sale. If they say they can’t do any better; tell them you would much rather not walk back to the store and tell them that even $5 to $10 off will make you buy. JB Hi Fi makes the majority of it’s money from accessories and small items when a big ticket item is sold.
Example: I have personally purchased a laptop and had an expensive wireless mouse, carry bag and a range of cables given to me at a full 50% discount with no questions asked. Hot tip: even if you don’t need any accessories, consider whether you could use this moment to purchase a few presents for Christmas or family and friends birthdays. The products drive significant foot traffic into the store, which leads to other purchases. So while JB may be unable to move greatly on Apple products, the accessories have a lot of room for bargaining and discounts. Please tell us in the comments below; we would love to hear any tips or tricks you use to get a discount when making a purchase at JB.
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A well-designed landscape will not only create a striking appearance, but will increase the value of your property. Overall you would be crazy not to try this store out whether it be for flowers or their vegetables or pumpkins.
Enter Our Contest!If you think you have an eye for photography, love nature, and want some sweet Pahl's merchandise, enter Pahl's Something For Every Season Photo Contest! Doing the job right is often a combination of removing the sway, developed in the edge by continued sharpening, so that the blade will contact the cutting board again, allowing the knife to cut all the way through those carrots again.
I could never really figure out why some companies insist on putting a blob of useless metal where it has absolutely no purpose and stands squarely in the way of cutting or sharpening. It includes the Apex Sharpening System, cloth, water bottle, 8" 1200 grit ceramic hone, 120 grit (coarse), 220 grit (medium fine), 320 grit (extra fine), 600 grit (extra fine) and 1000 grit (ultra fine) water stones, two sharpening tape blanks, 2000 grit polishing tape, 6000 grit polishing tape, instruction manual and DVD enclosed in black cordura carrying case.

It also uses full size bench stones that are easy to find in many different grits and will last a very long time with hard use.
As it turns out, many Australian’s love to spend on these products which is likely the reason that JB Hi Fi continues to do well; regardless of the economy and those trying to save money.
In saying that, these tips do indeed work even for small products like headphones and accessories; I’ve done it many times.
The goal here is to obtain a baseline quote for the product you wish to buy, ideally in writing, however a verbal quote is also OK. Bing Lee is a great retailer to visit as they are quite competitive and if you ask them for their best cash price, they will likely go pretty low. JB have a policy that states they won’t be beaten on price; this means they are willing to block a sale with another retailer even if it means a slight loss or significantly reduced profit margin. Explain to them that you visited the previous retailer, didn’t feel a good vibe with the sales member and want a better price.
99% of the time you won’t have to resort to this as the JB staff member will no questions ask take the price down lower than your previous quote immediately.
When you go to JB Hi Fi for your discounted purchase, go knowing all of the accessories your purchase will require.
Using your original quote you have haggled a better price at JB Hi Fi and received a rock bottom price and significantly discounted accessories that would have otherwise cost you full retail price at another retailer.
Alternatively, share with us the product you purchased and how much money you saved by asking for a better price. Pahl’s Market employs a highly trained staff dedicated to making your landscaping experience enjoyable. There is always helpful staff around to answer questions and point me in the right direction.
A Koala Bear, some lame actor named Hogan, Foster beer…none of those would make me want to book a ticket to the country down under. So tell your sales assistant that you will definitely purchase the big ticket item at the agreed price; as long as they help you out on the price of your required accessories. This means that most big ticket Apple items only have a few dollars profit built in and means JB are less likely, if not unable, to move on price. She has appeared on multiple runways worldwide, as well as in a variety of fashion and glamour magazines. It can be adjusted to a wide range of knife angles and so is ideal for European as well as Japanese chef's knives as well as custom knives and folders.
We also received Von Hanson’s meat and Great Harvest bread four times each throughout the season.

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