Use this mighty mantra to ground to your now with powerful presence… “I am here” (not some place else, or in a different time with the past or future) then infuse miraculous impact by declaring the worthiness you are ready to receive and share. Repeating and weaving this mantra during the week, removes resistance and gives immediate energy expansion. When I was 8 years old, following a leg surgery I was put into a 50 pound body cast when my little body was only 60 pounds. You don’t have to try for this place of knowingness or even think your way into this connection.
Amazing energy will move you forward simply by repeating the mantra… I connect with CERTAINTY!
Invite the energy to receive your PROSPEROUS manifesting match and be in the light of good fortunate for your fabulous abundance.
Repeat this mantra at least three times in a row and you will immediately create a calm centered connection that unlocks constriction and opens prosperous channels to conspire for you.
This week anytime you feel constriction in your body, mind, interaction or with a situation… remind yourself the messaging mantra of your natural ease and grace flow for prosperity expansion. This is by far, absolutely one of the most powerful mantras that I have ever personally used or shared. Life has given me some amazing gifts to stretch into because I have asked for the BOLDLY step forward support.

Miraculous synchronization shapes exactly what you need so you can shift deeper into trust and let go to life’s flow. Most importantly, you can ask… for LIFE to BOLDLY step forward with what you need in areas you aren’t sure exactly the way.
Allowing miracle moments to marinate deeper into you expands the energy for GRACE to pave the path.
Mantras lead to embodying the transformational power to activate the natural laws of attraction. Whatever it is you need, nothing is too big, small or tall for your Divine order, claim it. Let the power of redemptive love connect us to the forgiveness needed at this time on all levels. There is a place of pure power — pure love — all encompassing connection of truth and possibility that lives as our inner “knowingness”. Repeat at least 3 times daily (three is a manifesting number) throughout the week and set the energy field for a rich prosperous dreams. Is another way of saying… I am showing up alive, vibrant, present, filled with charisma and ready to embrace my life fully with no fear.
I promise… if you use this mantra every day for a week or more… miraculous impact will flow to you!

Try speaking this mantra three times, three times in a day for the first 7 days of the month of August.
Exactly the miracle you need will claim you in the way that is the most supportive for you!
I AM… This mantra is where I think I first learned how powerful mantras can be to serve us with embodying the energy to transform, instantly. Try saying this mantra first thing in the morning — every day this week and allow yourself to be surprised in a wonderful unexpected way.
A natural healing energy will circulate in the collective consciousness for healing & transforming good. I AM… as I was being taught to walk on crutches with such a massively heavy body cast.

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