The main objective of IMP workshop is your Oneness with The One within and thererby activating your dormant psychic potential using scientifically designed, step-by-step, multi-dimensional Integral Mind Power Practice based upon time tasted ancient wisdom and latest science and technology. This workshop will act as a catalyst for your speedy integral evolution and equip you with the tools, truths, technology and teaching to solve your current life problems with INTEGRAL MIND POWER TM  .
For Better Relationships: IMP workshop can save you from people whose relationships can harm you in anyway by allowing you to read their energies beforehand. For Spiritual Development: All spiritual practices are aimed to connect you to your True Inner Self.
For Clearing Negativity: Learn to clear off negative energies blocking your evolution from your auric field and from your mind. For Time Travel: Learn to see your probable future with guided meditations bringing messages from core of your Being to your conscious mind. Workshop will be conducted by Amitt Parikh, a modern mystic, a prolific writer, an intuitive life coach, the author of ‘Conversations with The Mysterious One’ and the Founder of Spiritual Science & Research Foundation (SSRF), India.
Note: Please bring your own portable mp3 player and stereo headset to work with brainwave entrainment technology. 4)     Lifetime Membership of Integral Mind Power Club – Get heavy discounts on spiritual products and workshops! One of the main objective of this workshop is to promote Oneness Revolution as guided by The Mysterious One and help you easily connect to your Authentic Higher Self! Open up your natural intuitive powers with scientifically designed step-by-step process that increases your success rate in remote viewing. Keeping abreast with modern technology in the field of teaching and comprehensive education to equip the teachers with the cutting edge and state of the art teaching aids, KPS Raipur conducted a 4 day workshop on TEACHNEXT , an audio visual interactive learning software.Prabhash Chandra of TEACHNEXT demonstrated the use of this software which is designed specifically for the CBSE syllabus from classes 1-12 for all subjects. As a result of this endeavour, all the teachers of KPS Raipur are conversant with the latest technology in the field of education. They tread the path of development andprogress by pursuing a career in different disciplines anddeveloping their personality which has distinct traits to benurtured in the right perspective.
Ashutosh Tripathi, hasa vision to develop the personality of students through the rightblend of proper areas of orientation and imparting motivation to develop self. Interactions were very beneficial and brought alot of awareness towards the development of children and making them self conscious tochoose careers, thereby boosting self confidence. Priyanka Tripathi, too reiteratedthe need to follow the stream line best suited to the strengths of the child.
This art originated, perfected and practiced in India thousands of years ago.Customized for the teachers and delivered by our dynamic instructors in a language and framework relevant to their lives, a workshop was conducted by Mr.

Sarla Gupta during summer vacationempower them to be a friend with their body and it, discovering from their own direct experience practices support their well being and growth. The benefits of childhood education not only impactsthe individual child, but also the society, nation and world.Prof. Williams, Singapore based CAO ofKnowledge University emphasized that recent researchclearly demonstrates that ECE generates significantreturns. Vrinda Dutta(TISS), provided valuable insight intodeep research and advances inp r e - s c h o o l e d u c a t i o nworldwide. Anand Tripathi was the onlyPrincipal from the state to attendthe event from 25th June to 2nd July2010. About tenPrincipals gave presentation of theirrespective school among which thepresentation by Mr. He visited theOldershaw School in Liverpool and interactedwith their students and teachers. Principals from various schoolsof Bhilai and Raipur attended the gathering andgladdened by the gem of knowledge they sharedeminent Indian Television personality Derek O Brien. Science adventure would increase the student’s interest if they would make models and projects from the topics, being pursued in the class.Brien, suggested that sections of the school terrace should be allotted to the students to turn it into a garden. They should maintain it and this would be a practical experience for them to apply their knowledge . Students should remain abreast with every day news and to enforce it any student from the assembly would be expected to read out the day’s news on stage.
Through shared reading there would be a great mingling among the students and enhancing of knowledge since seniors would coach the juniors. Priyanka Tripathi, Principal KPS Raipur shared her experience on Club Activities through a power point presentation. The topics for the 3rd session of the workshop were creativity and innovative ideas of teachers and discussion on project work. Shailendra Singh, who was the main speaker at the seminar emphasised the importance of National LawSchools in imparting basic skills, required to excel in any career. Analytical counseling, inter-personal argument, negotiation and mediation are various skills generated by the law schools to help the students choose their career in the field of litigation, research, judiciary and civil services or corporate sectors . A work shop designed to acquaint students of professional careers in film, video, and digital media was conducted in the school on 3rd December 2010 for the students of Class X. Gaurav Ghosh from FTII-Pune and his team taught the students to create a documentary film with mobile phones andcameras.

Students became conversant with the documentary tradition and learnt about the essential equipments needed such as video cameras, professional editing setups, microphones, lighting systems, audio and video recording systems, etc. Tripathi, Chairman of Krishna Public School, while inaugurating a seminar on Water Harvesting on 26th June2010 in the school premises.Mr. Panigrahi, Director Panigrahi Consultancy services, the founder of Rain Water Harvesting inChhattisgarh highlighted the benefits that this celestial resource can have for bothhumans and nature. These systems are low in capital cost and once put in placeoperate on their own without much monitoring or furtherexpenditure.Mr. Suranapresented a three-hour training session toupdate them on the use of technology forteaching, record keeping and research.The session covered how to set up and saveweekly lesson plans in a digital format.
Teacherslearnt about the school's lesson-plan template inMicrosoft Word and Excel, reviewed the essentialelements of the plan, and learnt to name and save each lesson plan in their ownfolder on the school's server, which allows for safe storage and easy access. Teachersreceived introductory and ongoing training on how to use the program to accessstudent data and input grades and notes for their students.Teachers learnt the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation anddiscovered the software's many classroom uses. To use email as a managementtool, this session demonstrated how teachers can use it for personalorganization.
It also showed them how to use email to documentcorrespondence with parents and administrators. The focus areas ofthe workshop were the teaching, speaking, reading and writing, grammar,vocabulary, handwriting spelling and communication skills. Being a leadingeducational institution, KPS Raipur understandsthat a smooth communication channel is essentialto bring all our stakeholders closer.
KPS alwaysstands for the technology to enhance the teachinglearning process in and beyond the classroom.
Aswe know, school websites today are seen as a oneway communication, little more than a virtualnotice board.KPS wanted to enable every stakeholder of theschool to Connect, Communicate andCollaborate and also wanted to provide thepower to experience education with atechnological advantage, and also a Platformto Network.
Realizing thenecessity and vitality of such a smooth communication channel the school wants tomake it accessible for its students too.
A special session was arranged for the studentsof Class XII and about 80 students attended the training session under the guidance ofMr. It will enable the children to share theacquired knowledge with their peers, to equip themselves with the pace of the fastgrowing technological world.

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