First off, who of us could really argue that a persons perspective on life and the world doesn’t effect his reality? I’ve always thought it to be a hilarious statement that the world doesn’t revolve around you. So if our reality is being projected from our minds, how can we bend it to our will with our limitless mind power? Have you noticed that people who expect good things get good things while people who expect bad things tend to get bad things. That’s how you use your mind power to bend the universe to conform to your will and get out of life what it is you really want. Hang with me for a bit, and I’ll do my best to explain what’s actually happening when the ‘bending’ happens.

It seems almost silly asking that question but it’s worth poking around to get an answer…so yes, we could all agree that the way a person see’s reality… effects his reality.
In all truthfulness, we both know that it’s not literally bending the universe…but it is bending your universe. To bend the universe to conform to your will, you need to get a goal and focus on it like their isn’t anything else. When I wake up in the morning, all my thoughts of my life and reality come flooding back into my brain and effect how I see my life. It’s true in that the world isn’t hanging onto your every move and waiting to serve you, but at the same time it’s not true because life does revolve around my perspective of it…for me. Now, I can’t get into the science of exactly what happens on a subatomic particle level, but I do know that what a person thinks about tends to happen.

It’s bending how you perceive things and hey, since you can only experience this life through your mind, it really is bending your universe.
They don’t necessarily effect your reality and what’s more, my views on life effect me more then they effect you…obviously.
It’s seeking to sort through all the data coming into your reality every second to find a way to make what you believe come true.

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