Hypnosis is a totally natural, completely safe method of self-development… and can help you achieve goals you never thought possible! Hypnosis is one of the quickest and most exciting ways to make positive, lasting change in your life.
Absolutely 100% YES! The fact that you want to give hypnosis a go is enough to diagnose that hypnosis will work for you. Hypnosis feels fantastic! For some people, the hypnosis session may feel as though it lasted just a few minutes.

Hypnosis often produces dramatic results in as little as one session. However it can often take several days or a couple of weeks before the changes are integrated at a deeper level within the mind. And contrary to popular myth, hypnosis is completely safe…  you can experience huge leaps forward with just one session!
During this stage, the hypnotherapist begins providing the subconscious mind with positive suggestions and stories to help achieve the goals of the individual.

If your hypnotherapist was to leave during a session, or your CD player were to run out of batteries, you would either simply wake up or drift off to sleep.

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