Writing your own knitting patterns can be a fun and rewarding way to take your craft to the next level and a great way to start earning money from your knitting skills.
With crafts such as knitting and crocheting, there really is so much competition that it is hard to remain original. Knitting patterns that get passed around the most (and sell for the most money) are those with the most interesting designs. If you take your basic beanie pattern and add some original thought, some interesting stitch combinations, or fun colors, you may just find your pattern booming in popularity and a top selling Beanie on your hands! Some fun creative knitting pattern ideas could be things like fun character accessories or designs with elements from nature. In order to create truly unique and creative knitting designs, you must have more than just basic knowledge of knitting techniques.
It’s so hard to stand out in the knitting community, which is why most knitters are unable to be successful at designing their own patterns for sale.
Creating yarn bombs is a fun way to discover new inspiration and get as creative as possible. If you’ve found yourself bored with the patterns available to buy online, you may be ready to create your own. If you’re ready to make your knitting more creative, designing your own patterns is not only personally very satisfying but can also be a great way to earn money from knitting. Click Here for the new Knitting For Profit Patterns section - A list of patterns by designers who are happy for you to knit their designs for profit! Knitting is generally either treated as a new fad or the lost art – but in fact, lots of people know how to knit. One of the best parts is choosing which wool to use, which more often than not is dictated by the size of your needles.
We’re not going to teach you how to knit, because there are lots of fab sites out there that can make a much better job of it than us, it really is a great hobby – you can do it on your own or with a friend, learn from someone or take a class. Here, we’re going to show you some of the different ways that you can make money from your knitting skills!
If you want to get your hands on different knitting patterns, you can find them for free all over the internet (just drop the owner a line to ensure that they don’t mind you profiting from their pattern). Alternatively,  you can visit your local library to find loads of books on knitting patterns, how to get started and advice on stitches. It’s a good idea to try and cut the cost of your materials as much as possible, so any profit can go straight into your pocket. Many knitting magazines offer freebies and you can often increase your stash of needles, markers and other bits – as well as getting a magazine full of helpful hints and tips. Rather than buying wool full price, get it for less from charity shops like Age Concern and Oxfam.
First of all, decide what hourly rate you believe your time is worth to produce your items.
Then look at your material costs – how much it would cost to make one item, and how many you could make in a week.
Add this number to your production costs (a total of ?310) and then divide this number by how many items you can make in a week.
However, if you’re charging over the odds, think again – perhaps you could increase the amount of time you spend making your crafts, or find other ways to cut the cost of materials? Try out a stall at a car boot sale first – it will only cost you between ?5 and ?15 to set up there. Once you’re more established, you could consider going a little more upmarket, with Country Markets that are run by the Women’s Institute.
You’ll probably know the good markets in your area, but if you don’t, the National Market Traders Federation website has a very comprehensive list.

Craft in Focus aims to elevate the status of craft shows and Woodland Crafts is the top market organiser in the field. Choose places like eBay to market and sell your items, and once you get into the swing of things you could even start up your own eBay marketplace. Don’t forget the other online auction sites as well, like CQout, eBid, Preloved and Auctionair.
Knitting is a great skill to have, and many people are envious of those who can sit click-clacking away and produce a beautiful creation.
You can offer to teach people on a one-to-one basis or in a class, at your house or somewhere nice like a cafe or bookshop.
Top tip: start your students on larger needles and brightly coloured wool, so they can easily see where each stitch goes. If you have a website for your knitting business, for the items you sell or for the classes you give, you could also sell books of knitting patterns and ideas.
Find out where you can buy wholesale books on knitting, and then re-sell them at a marked-up price. You could also put announcements in the newsletters or web pages of your local guild or knitting circle.
You can take books along wherever you set up your stalls as well, at car boot sales or markets. The Basic Guide to Pricing Your Craftwork: Basic formulas for pricing craftwork, retail or wholesale. Big Book of Knitting: A good illustrated knitting reference guide with basic techniques like increasing and decreasing and more advanced techniques like knitting cables without a cable needle, working with charts, and placing sleeve increases in openwork patterns. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? Ive just completed a contract knitting project, pay is based on weight which is less than ideal if you’re making something intricate but light weight! Hi I am an experienced knitter and I don’t think someone would pay me ?10 an hour to knit something.
Well places like Primark are doing it all the time – they look see what things are in fashion and make their own versions.
While it’s nice to have a basic beanie or scarf pattern to fall back on, there are so many available online that yours may not be the one that’s chosen. Many of the popular designs you see online today, such as the owl hats and polka dot purses originated as someone else’s creative pattern and have been copied so many times that it’s impossible to stand out. Basic knitting has been done so many times that it’s hard to stand out without changing things up a bit. Once you learn to take your designs to a new level, it is easier to stand out and get good sales of your patterns.
You can try and depict something you’ve seen in nature, tell a story from your favorite book, or depict a scene from a movie. However, be sure that you are advanced enough in your skills to be able to create your own stitch combinations, correct sizing, and color changes before you take on such a large task.
My name is Emily and I write this blog to give you great information, ideas and resources for making money from your knitting passion! Even if you are an amateur you can learn the basics in about ten minutes (or five if you get help from Aneeta Patel), learn how to cast on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and how to cast off. The easiest, and the one that most people begin with when they first start to knit, is the scarf. Don’t get the cheap acrylic stuff, but if they’re selling wholesale bundles of nice wool, go for that.
Remember that investing in good needles should be a one off payment so take good care of them, and if you’ve followed the suggestions above, the cost of your wool should not be very high at all.

Once you increase production to ten jumpers a week, your total material cost would be ?30 a week. For example, if you can make ten jumpers, then your total production cost per jumper would be ?31. They’ll let you sell your goods (for just 5p to join) and they’ll take around 10% commission on sales to cover the costs of the market. Living Heritage Events has an annual list of craft shows on its website, and Craft4Crafters also lists upcoming events.
If you get some good items together and put clear pictures online, people will be keen to buy from you. For example, if they make a mistake you need to know how to pick up where they went wrong, sort the problem out and guide them in the right direction. Read here about London knitter and teacher Aneeta Patel, who enjoys the enthusiasm that both new and experienced knitters bring to her classes.
Advertise in any online knitting groups you belong to, and make sure you have the web address of your new shop in your email signature. And if you don’t fancy selling books, you could always write down any designs you create yourself and sell them on your website or blog.
It’s full of helpful advice, tools, patterns and, of course, other knitters who will give you help and ideas. Think I’m going to move to knitting lace, I love the idea of having a craft stall at the WI! Knitting is OK for making a tiny bit of pocket money, love knitting, have not got anyone else to knit for, but don;t expect to get anything anywhere nearing a minimum wage. Good your site content work great, although I can?t agree on some points We nonetheless like your blog, We bookmarked as their favorite it regarding Jumptag so i can visit it later for a second time !
Many people under-estimate the level of creative knitting needed to design and sell your own knitting patterns. That means that in order to remain ahead of the crowd, you must constantly be changing your ideas and keeping your ideas original.
If you find yourself in a design slump, creating something just for fun is a great way to get yourself in the mood to create.
Anything goes with yarn bombing, which is why so many knitters turn to this medium when the urge to get truly creative strikes.
The beauty of using patterns that have already been published is that they help you learn more about knitting until you are confident enough to put your knowledge of knitting concepts to work on an original design. With these basic skills you’ll be able to start knitting loads of things, and then you can sell them for a profit. They can range from the big thick woollen garments worn during winter to the stylish thin acrylic scarves that are worn as fashion accessories. Combining thin needles and thin wool will create a much tighter effect, perfect for dish clothes and tea cosies.
I love to crochet, but instead of trying to make money making and selling, instead I have a completely free crochet website and get money from google ads. If you want a truly unique design than you can sell for top dollars, you must be able to combine different techniques and really use your artistic talent to make something new. With yarn bombs, you can make just about anything you want, whether that be a cozy for a telephone pole or an intricate landscape of knitting that tells a story. You’ll have a huge ball of wool that cost you what retailers charge for one small ball.

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