You are sad in your life?feeling very alone in the time of darkness?You are feeling that nobody is with you at the time of need?
Hi colleagues, its great piece of writing concerning teachingand entirely explained, keep it up all the time. Judging by the amount of complaints filling up my News Feed, it looks like just about everyone now has the new Facebook Timeline. So with all this change and newness (and grumbling) rolling around Facebook, now is probably as good a time as ever to step back and reexamine our relationship with the planet's favorite place to both stalk ex-girlfriends AND play Scrabble. And doing it several times an hour will result in something else straight out of high school: Your friends will stop talking to you. And as a friend points out, all those well-intended baby pic posts are probably especially eyeroll-inducing for all your single friends anxiously watching their biological clock keep ticking.
You are alone in real mean?For all these feelings in your life you need some kind of inspirations and motivations to overcome all the hardships and pains of life.Life teaches us many lessons we have to follow the path which is given to us by the people of past by their words and sayings. And those that don't, well, I look forward to reading your status update complaining about it shortly. They're all taken with an outstretched hand positioned around forehead-level with the camera tilting down. Begging for attention by posting cryptic status updates that would appear as if you left off a really crucial second sentence. 13 Rad Recycled Bottle Crafts & ProjectsbyStephGot a recycling bin full of glass bottles?

Unless your eyes and nose really are double the size of your mouth, I imagine you won't love the distorted view this tends to produce.
She can start taking her clothes to the laundry, but putting clean clothes away might need some help from mommy. Why waste them when you could have a new table lamp, candle holder, shelving unit, hummingbird feeder, glass countertop, building block – even a whole glass-bottle house? And even if they do, they're forgotten as soon as the person scrolls past it to the next item on their News Feed. We can all have cute children and don't need to advertise their adorability on a daily, or even weekly, basis. The only special tool needed is a glass drill bit.Wine Bottle Candle Holder(image via: design sponge)How simple and elegant are these DIY wine bottle candle holders?
Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands… Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…  In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. This tutorial by Design Sponge uses a simple glass cutting kit and some sandpaper to snap the bottles in half.Wine Bottle Shelves(images via: renest)Would you ever have thought of using wine bottles and slabs of wood to create a shelving unit?
Made by Zero Waste Design, the shelves are created by drilling holes into the wood for the necks of the bottles, with hook and eye strainers adding a bit of stability.
This design uses circular platforms to support each tier of bottles, and as you can see, the result is as big as you want it to be, from a standard living room-sized tree to the monster 1,000-Heineken-bottle tree set up in Shanghai in 2009. Bottle trees are also popular year-round as garden art and easy to create.Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses(images via: bottlehood)Got half of a wine bottle left over from your candle holder project (above)?

That is let them make their own decisions.  Let go!  When we release an arrow, we don’t hold on to it once it’s released or it will go nowhere or badly miss the mark. This tutorial from Instructables explains how to cut and finish the edges of your favorite beer or wine bottles to create custom drinking glasses – or you could just buy a set from Etsy seller Bottlehood.Tiki Lamps(images via: design sponge)Bamboo tiki torches not your style?
These DIY recycled wine bottle torches are modern and minimalist, but the best part is, they cost next to nothing. Just use the glass cutting kit from the beer bottle drinking glasses tutorial to slice off the bottom of the bottle. Placed on a rooftop and pointed north to collect the maximum amount of sunlight, this incredible DIY solution really does work. The collection of glass buildings at Prince Edward Island – including a chapel, a tavern, a gift shop and a six-gabled home – are just a few examples of how surprisingly beautiful this sort of eco-friendly construction can be. Monks in Thailand’s Sisaket province collected over a million green Heineken bottles and brown bottles of local Chang beer to create a complex of 20 buildings including the main temple, halls, prayer rooms, water tower, sleeping quarters and even a crematorium.

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