What we did was contact an Empower Network individual representative to get the ins and outs of why he believes the new Empower Network online business opportunity might just be one of the best ideas of a home based business in a long time. Let’s review Empower Network insight from someone who has been there from the beginning and shares his truth about what makes this his favorite home based business opportunity online.
This excerpt is taking from one of the leaders of Empower Network, Troy Shanks, and explains why he believes Empower Network is a true game changer after 7 plus years of full time internet marketing. Enjoy the contextual wisdom explained below from someone who has been into Empower Network since the beginning and is opening up for the first time ever on why he thinks it is one of the best businesses to be apart of now and for the future. Hi, my name is Troy Shanks and I know that you are searching for a better way to generate money online and get started with your very own home based business opportunity. Let me cover a few distinct angles and perspectives on why I think and see Empower Network as one of the best ideas and concepts to come to fruition in the home based business industry. Before I breakdown and review the Empower Network Business opportunity, let me explain why I do what I do and why I chose Empower Network as my #1 online home business opportunity.
I am a big natural health advocate as they say people who take at least a week long vacation every year live longer and was one of the primary focuses of me getting started over 7 years ago in the work from home business world. That’s why I wanted to share this because I have a strong sense of direction and purpose as to why I do Empower Network. Once I got my bearings down in the grass with how this industry really ran from top to bottom, I saw Empower Network and I was like, wow this is finally it. This is what I want to come out and open my show with and help all of my team members individually knowing that collectively we can all do this together because there’s strength in numbers.

This vacation alone I put all of my Empower Network, not all of it, but obviously some of it into saying, “You know what?
That’s all I was or I was just a basketball player in general, I should say, then I obviously have played in Division One.
I actually got hurt, and that’s when I started to transform like an alchemist does into the Internet marketing space and the online digital world starting to make money online, a home based business entrepreneur and really living the work from home lifestyle.
While I was an athlete I always took well care of myself and health was a big component of how I lived day in and day out my mindset was not always there and that’s when I started to become an alchemist and really transform my mind, realizing a healthy mind is a healthy body and Empower Network has really brought the best out of me, because I realized that making ten, $20, $30,000 a month amongst the leadership here at Empower Network is really maybe standard or average. I like to say a system is literally saves yourself time, energy and money, because a lot of us, we don’t know how to set up a blog or hosting a domains or widgets and sidebar plugins and all of this. I believe it’s very natural for us to be artistic in nature realizing we have to create new creative pathways in our consciousness to really raise our awareness and levitate our perception as to what we think is possible and you have it done for you system like Empower Network and you have the leadership and the team and the mentors, such as myself, that are willing and open minded to helping you get to where you want to go. I guarantee you the only thing that’s missing is for you to make a decision in a moment to take the right action on the right information and you can do that today. I believe Empower network, for the first time ever in my seven years, is the perfect vehicle for me to allow it to go out there and do that for others. They have done it from top to bottom so extremely well that it’s like a dream scenario, in my opinion, as a home based business entrepreneur to be a part of the Empower Network movement and company and connections that we have here because so many people of like mind, high minded spirits out here are gravitating towards this company, because we ultimately do want to empower people.
You can travel the world and have fun on the beaches of the world with the people that you care about that are making money.
Like I said, if I know the more people I help the further I’ll get along myself and I position myself to be an alchemist to transform myself into an alpha, which is ultimately, like I said, becoming the greatest, highest version of myself, I know if I want to become the best alpha engineer, the best alpha within, release the inner oracle within and become the universal alchemist that is my ultimate goal, if you will, I have to help as many people, I have to inspire as many people as I humanly, possibly can.

I have to upgrade their stories because us humans, we live and die by stories we tell ourselves, and if you can master the art of storytelling, you can get out there and tell your story, trust your struggles, such as a cough in the middle of a video, then I guarantee you can get exactly where you want to go, especially if you align yourself with the right people, the right company with the right vision with the right mentorship.
This is an Empower Network trip driven vacation lifestyle that I just wanted to take here”, because I wanted to come out here and cut a bunch of videos and hopefully I get a chance to upload them all because I have a nice new camera that I actually won an Empower Network contest along with my life partner Melissa.
This is over seven years ago but in that time I really started to realize it was all up here. It’s just such a beautiful scenery and when I got here and I realized I was soaking it all in, absorbing all the energy and just the environment here I was like, “You know what?
I believe that Empower Network is going to stick around and be that reliable trustworthy opportunity because the mindset is there, the vision is there, the mission is there, the leadership is there, the system is there, the company and the connections and the movement is there. We want to uplift their belief system on just what is possible so you can live the mobile lifestyle. It’s all belief system and Empower Network has increased my belief system on what is possible so I can go out there and help hundreds and thousands of people that I directly sponsor in the Empower Network, help them get to where they want to go easily without me soaking all of my time helping one person, I can now scale and automate and stream my entire business because of the way Empower Network is set up and the way our prosperity team functions as a whole and the way the leadership carries themselves here. I want to do this for the people I care about, the people that invest their money into me, invest their time into me.
You don’t have to do all of this craziness that can get in the way of actually having real authentic fun.

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