Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 5 perhaps wasn't the triumphant Xbox One debut many expected it to be. It's funny, the story of the Xbox 360 the bigger global story in the media was how video game companies going to survive, because the new generation is so expensive to build content for. Follow the games you're interested in and we'll send you an email the instant we publish new articles about them. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums.
Keeping Track: CollectionsThere are a number of Collections in the game, from Road discovery to different types of Signs (Billboards), to the Bucket Lists and then there are Speed Traps, Speed Zones, and Destinations. The Speed Traps, Zones, and Destination you will unlock and discover as part of the regular game play, and the Bucket List locations will be automatically revealed to you with map markers. Helpful Hint: Other racers CAN hit the Boards and, if they do, that can make them harder to find for you. The XP Board sets - all three of them - are very useful for gaining bonus XP, and since XP unlocks the Wheel Spins as well as Barn Finds and other gimmes, they are good to find! Of course as you collect the Fast Travel Boards you also gain discounts on the Fast Travel service mind you - each Board is worth a specific set percentage of discount, so the more you have the less it costs. Bear in mind that this does NOT include an item-by-item record - it would be nice if it did, but no, it is just tracked by the overall number of found and unfound.
Just FYI you can find the basic tracking info under the Main Menu in game by selecting the PROGRESS Tab, and then under the PROGRESS Sub-Menu, select the STATS Tab.
Of the Tabs above for our purposes the one we are the most interested in is the Discovery Tab, as that contains the numbers that mean the most to Collectors. Note that for the most part all of this stuff is marked on the map, so it should not be difficult to find in the world as long as you are comfortable with maps and know the basics of reading them. Due to some quirks in the way that the Road Collections work in the game we found that it is necessary for us to make some observations on the subject in order to help you head-off confusion that might arise due to the two separate sets of stats that are used in tracking them. The first set is Road Discovery - which is significant largely due to the fact that there is an Achievement associated with it -- Human GPS (10g) Drive down every road in the game. The reason that this is being remarked upon is that you do not actually have to do what it says to unlock it.
The reason that this is possible has to do with the bubble-like cloud of discovery that travels with your car.
Due to that it is not only possible - but likely - that you will get credit for discovering roads you simply drove past as cross-streets and never actually drive on. If you are a completionist and this is important to you, you will do well to remember that the map does keep track of the pieces of road you have actually driven on as opposed to simply discovered. If you examine the map now, you will notice that the paved roads (including highways) that you have actually driven over change in color from subdued grey to bright white. When you examine the map you will notice that it can grow very cluttered with all of the information it is displaying, and in particular when you are looking at an area of one of the towns or villages where a lot of information and objectives are close together.
You can de-clutter this by selecting LB while in the Map View - that will pop-up the Map Filter - and then you can select the information you actually want to see as opposed to do not need to see at the present time. Speed Traps and Speed Zones: Speed Traps are remote cameras installed on poles with range and speed detection kit that snap a pic of both the driver and registration plate for any vehicle traveling faster than the posted Speed Limit.
Speed Zones on the other hand use the same sort of kit but track the overall average speed of the target car over a set measured distance. These are defacto two of the Collections in the game, and there is an Achievement associated with these two collections -- Bragging Rights (10g) Beat Friends or Club Members on any 20 Speed Cameras -- which makes knowing where they are located espcially important should you want to try to unlock it. The easy way to do that is to wait until after you have completed the Human GPS Achievement since by then you will have revealed every Speed Trap and Zone location on the map.
Personally I recommend the 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 as it is a particularly steady and stable platform that while it is plenty fast enough, is not overpowered, so is less likely to get you into trouble while making breaking these records a lot easier. While these are impressive stats to begin with, you could (if you wanted to) bump them up even higher by modding the parts and kit with which the car is configured. Using this whip you should find it relatively easy to unlock the Bragging Rights Achievement. One other point you may find helpful - Speed Zone markers (Icons) are Yellow, while Speed Trap markers are White. Icon Completion Markers: You will notice that for every major event there is an Icon on the map (examples include the various racing Championships associated with each destination, the five Showcase Events, and so on), and each of these Icons is a well-designed and very colorful presence on the map. When you have successfully completed whatever the challenge is that the Icon represents on the map, its colorful and obvious Icon is changed to a rather subdued grey so as to leave it available for your reference but so that it does not interfere with finding future events or desired destinations. This system is used widely for the Bucket List events - as you will see once you start racing them - but it is also used for the Championship races. This should be sufficient to get you started exploring and using the map for collections purposes.
Don't be sad - they actually added the Map to the Xbox One Edition now too so there is no longer any need to hunt for these. A diminished track list - a result of the challenges in creating content for the next generation of consoles - was one problem, but another that gained more traction was its embracing of mechanics more typically seen in free-to-play games, where XP boosters and microtransactions are commonplace.
That's happening again, but it's not the story in the media - we're now in a new generation, we're now on Blu-ray and we're filling them up.

He has a Gradius 2 arcade board and likes to play racing games with special boots and gloves on. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. The developer certainly hasn't been deaf to the cacophonous noise that's met certain parts of its game, and has worked to redress the balance in Forza Motorsport 5's economy.
And those tracks, they not only take nine months which is a lot of time and money, but they take a lot of space.
What started with a blog post from Brian Ekberg acknowledging the issue carries on, with a new patch set to reduce the cumulative price of cars within the game by 45 per cent, and on average a 60 per cent rise in the amount of credits paid out per hour.Dan Greenawalt, creative director at Turn 10, has certainly taken the criticisms to heart, and he's not putting his feet up - although, strictly speaking, he has to right now under doctor's orders, recovering as he is from surgery to address a ligament injury picked up while practising jiu-jitsu. Go to our Forza Horizon 2 forums to talk about the game, or visit our other forums to chat to gamers.
Nevertheless, he kindly offered to speak about the reaction to Forza Motorsport 5, and how Turn 10 wants to address some of the key concerns. It must be a relief in some way to have the game finally ship, but the reaction's been more muted than some other Forza games.
When I was looking at Forza 2 and all the previous launch titles, I was so proud of what we'd done. What's your take on the initial response, and the first reviews?Dan Greenawalt: I have to be honest, our team takes great pride in what lights up our players, and community's the heart of what we do.
I was so proud of what we'd been able to accomplish, and I think I was in the sausage factory for too long - I was looking at how much work it took to make the tracks we made and all the cars we made, and the level of fidelity and immersion in the cockpit view, the physics. I wasn't looking at it relative to Forza 4, I was looking at it relative to every other racing game that's been launched alongside a console. I remember you saying last time we spoke that this felt like the first Forza that wasn't compromised - but do you think you could have done with another 12 months of development, and didn't have the pressure of having to launch alongside Xbox One?
I think the biggest travesty for me is how people have misread our intentions, because that's just been sad - community's the biggest thing for us, and the whole point is to get people excited about cars and excited about games, so people saying we've changed the economy for this reason and we removed this feature for that reason - I understand it, because perception's reality, and people start believing what they believe, but I know it's not the thought process we went through to make the decisions we made. The Lotus E21 is one of Forza's most expensive cars - and in recent weeks its been gifted to certain players through the Forza Rewards scheme.In terms of its reception, Forza's had an impeccable past on Metacritic, hitting over 90 with every instalment, but this one dipped below that for the first time in the series' history. We've developed a team that's made to have process around concept, and prototype and production and close-down in a very set cadence.
Why do you think that was?Dan Greenawalt: If I'm honest, I think our scores have never been so varied.
In statistics there's the idea of the inverse U - the more time you have something can get better, and the more time it takes eventually it gets worse.
When I read the reviews there's a split between those that evaluate the game as not Forza Motorsport 5 but a great racing game at the launch of the Xbox One, and those that reviewed the game as the sequel to Forza Motorsport 4 as if it was on the Xbox 360.
So you think some of the series' heritage hurt it a little?Dan Greenawalt: Here's the thing, I'm not really driven by Metascore - hurt would imply damage, and I'm not damaged in this way. You can't make a triple-A game in a month - I'm being hyperbolic here - and as you take more and more months, you get more time to get the quality required, the innovation required and you have to be able to throw things away to make a triple-A game.
But - and I'll be hyperbolic again - after, say, six years, your technology starts getting old. Review scores are what they are, and I appreciate that feedback, but they don't represent the diversity of who's playing, so the community and what they're doing and how they're playing is what I spend more of my time looking at. It starts getting outdated, and you have to rewrite it, so you're in the state of constant rewrites.
If you're saying specifically what do I attribute to the scores being low and hight - well there's the series' heritage, and in some ways it's a bit of a lack of context. Looking at most games being developed, the two to three year basis is the sweet-spot for triple-A games.
If you look at what we've done, we've made the biggest racing game at the launch of a platform ever - nothing has ever been this big before. Since we've made a team that's able to make games in two years, I think another year we'd have to change our processes to make the most of that. But that's not how it was looked at - people were using words like cut, that we cut things. I think it comes down to how people frame the question - I'm not saying people are wrong, that they're framing it wrong. In terms of the free-to-play mechanics that are coming into it - because it came as part of a wave of Microsoft games that introduced mechanics more typically found in free-to-play games in full-price games, what's your take on that and how do you justify their inclusion?Dan Greenawalt: So that's how you felt about Forza 4? I did feel that way about Forza 4, so I'll admit an inconsistency there, but it wasn't pronounced as much. But honestly if you look at free-to-play games they usually have things called paywalls, where you're slowly wearing something down and the only way to get around it is to pay. We have acceleration, and that was based on feedback from players in Forza 4 - there's a small group of players that can't be bothered to do things and they have disposable income.
They don't want to do the career, and they don't value those aspects, and that's alright by me. With Forza 4 we had car tokens that range from one dollar to three dollars - the most expensive car was ten million credits in game, and it only cost three car tokens which would have been three dollars. So we made car tokens equal to credits - it's not about making more money, it was actually about saving people's time when doing the grind.

I can totally see how people are perceiving it, but that wasn't our thought process - we designed the tokens last, which isn't how you'd do it if you were making a free-to-play game - you would design that economy and the token economy first, because that's how you make your revenue. That's not how we make the revenue - we sell the game, and the tokens aren't a big revenue driver. As a creative director, we were looking at it as basically giving people cheats, but if you want to put cheats in you have to pay for them, which puts a barrier in and makes it exclusive to those who want to pay for them. The grind was not designed to be arduous, but I understand people perceiving it that way and that's why we're making the patch to change the grind. We changed so much in the game, and our goal was to make a truly next-gen experience, and some of the assumptions we made in converting our data from Forza 4 to Forza 5 were wrong. That's why we lowered the price of our most expensive car from ten million to six million - we wanted to make it more accessible. And we have people that have already earned the car - the GTO and the F1 car - but that was about rarity.
We didn't want to lock cars, we didn't want to have unicorns, we wanted it to be based on work that people put in. Dan Greenawalt: Well, it's hard to say with the XP boost, because that was an experiment just seeing whether people are interested are not.
The work's already done to put it in, and we're experimenting - we didn't expect people were going to take it as a statement.
When it came to introducing these mechanics, was it a case of assessing the data from Forza Motosport 4? Was it not something that came from higher up, that you had to have these mechanics in there?
Honestly I think, unfortunately, people attribute too much communication to this organisation. The truth is, at Turn 10 while I'm a Microsoft employee, we're off-site and we have our own culture and work our product to have our own culture. For the most part, Microsoft sees it as we're doing a good thing so keep it up, and so we're left alone.
A lot of people noticed and thought it can be introduced where it's not a paywall, and people don't seem to be up in arms because it's just an accelerator. I worry - and I don't know this - that we were in some cases the inspiration for some of this in other games. This is happening more and more in games, and I understand gamers being resistant, especially if they feel like they're being short-sheeted.
I think people are looking out for being short-sheeted, and they're seeing conspiracy where there isn't one. We were definitely not mandated to include these - we were experimenting in Forza 4, we experimented a bit in Horizon and now we're further experimenting in Forza 5. Can you say that these elements won't appear again, or are you just going to be rebalancing and looking to carry on doing it in a way that can be embraced by the community?"It was sad when I saw people's responses that this game seemed small to them. And we're going to be doing more updates, and more serious updates, than we've done in the past.
The nice thing about Xbox One is that it's fairly easy to make changes and make updates, and we're getting a lot of data and telemetry.
We have a really broad customer base - and while I love the people on the Forza forums, their play-style isn't indicative of the overall community that's playing the game.
We have a lot of people playing that are brand new to the franchise that have never been in. So that's part of the assumptions that we got wrong - we've got a lot of people that aren't playing the way Forza 4 was played by our fans. We're going to be using it as an experimentation platform, tuning the economy, tuning the features. Ultimately, the whole goal of the product is about getting people to have relationships with cars- that's why we got rid of gift cars, that's why we changed the way people earned out, that's why we allowed you to earn credits in free play. All of that's designed to have people to have a relationship with cars, and not have a garage full of cars they didn't use. So when we design how much money you should be earning, we design it based on the value of the cars that people owned in their garage that they used, not just the cars that they owned, because some of them they didn't use. The cool thing about the Xbox One is that with Forza 5 we're going to be able to update and change and experiment. My biggest hope is that we can win back the fan's trust - we didn't do this for any other reason besides getting people excited about cars and games, and whenever we work against that purpose we take that very seriously, because it's not our intention, and we're going to make changes as needed.
Another big criticism is the track list - obviously it's more difficult to get the tracks up to the standard that you have them in Forza 5, but what are the plans for the lifespan of the game for expanding that track list? Dan Greenawalt: So I'm not in a position to announce a lot of that - I'd like to be able to tell you that, so there'd be nothing more exciting to talk about that. What I can say is that we have plans to update this game and make changes that are going to delight our fans, but all the tracks had to be rebuilt either 100 per cent or to be updated seriously.

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