Rockstar Games is serious to put an end to a€?GTA 5 Onlinea€? infamous cheating and hacking practiced by some players. Without further ado, check out the five legit ways to make millions of GTA$ from least to most profitable jobs, as shared via Nexination.
Players can also opt for VIP Missions in accumulating more in-game cash for a€?GTA 5 Onlinea€?. Heists is another means to make whopping amount of GTA$ which only requires easy-to-do jobs. However, this job would need a particular number of players to work together to finish the job.

CEO Cargo allows players to also make more millions of money but it can be double-edged sword, too.
One important tip is to pay associates with more than just the standard wages of $40,000 to $45,000 indicated in the CEO system, noted by International Business Times. But thanks to a seasoned hardcore gamer of the popular franchise who is here to help.A He runs a website dedicated to sharing legit guides, tips and tricks to rake in hefty amount of cash in easy and simple tips. One must have a high-end apartment where players can park in their cars and use a space to scheme the heist. Then, they also have an opportunity to gain weekly and monthly bonuses to add to cash made per day.

But to take on a VIP mission, players must have money in their bank accounts not less than $1,000,000.

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