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FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) is, as its name indicates a protocol for transferring files.
The implementation of FTP dates from 1971 when a file transfer system (described in RFC141) between MIT machines (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) was developed. The FTP protocol is currently defined by RFC 959 (File Transfer Protocol (FTP) - Specifications). DTP (Data Transfer Process) is the process in charge of establishing the connection and managing the data channel. PI (Protocol Interpreter) interprets the protocol allowing the DTP to be controlled using commands received over the control channel. The SERVER-PI is responsible for listening to the commands coming from a USER-PI over the control channel on a data port, establishing the connection for the control channel, receiving FTP commands from the USER-PI over this, responding to them and running the SERVER-DTP. The USER-PI is responsible for establishing the connection with the FTP server, sending FTP commands, receiving responses from the SERVER-PI and controlling the USER-DTP if needed.
When an FTP client is connected to a FTP server, the USER-PI initiates the connection to the server according to the Telnet protocol. It is important to note that since the control and data ports are separate channels, it is possible to send commands from one machine and receive data on another. In this configuration, the protocol imposes that the control channels remain open throughout the data transfer. All communication conducted on the control channel follows Telnet protocol recommendations. Command making it possible to indicate to the DTP server to stand by for a connection on a specific port chosen randomly from among the available ports. Telnet character specifying data transfer method (S for Stream, B for Block, C for Compressed). This command (RETRIEVE) asks the server DTP for a copy of the file whose access path is given in the parameters. This command (store) asks the server DTP to accept the data sent over the data channel and store them in a file bearing the name given in the parameters. This command is identical to the previous one, only it asks the sever to create a file where the name is unique.
Thanks to this command (append) the data sent is concatenated into the file bearing the name given in the parameter if it already exists, if not, it is created. This command (allocate) asks the server to plan a storage space big enough to hold the file whose name is given in the argument. This command (abort) tells the server DTP to abandon all transfers associated with the previous command. This command (delete) allows a file to be deleted, the name of which is given in the parameters. This command (print working directory) makes it possible to resend the complete current directory path.
This command allows the list of files and directories present in the current directory to be resent.

This command (name list) enables the list of files and directories present in the current directory to be sent. This command (site parameters) causes the server to offer specific services not defined in the FTP protocol.
This command (status) makes it possible to transmit the status of the server, for example to know the progress of a current transfer.
The FTP responses make it possible to ensure synchronization between the client and FTP server. The responses are made up of a 3 digit code indicating the way in which the command sent by the client has been processed. The action requested has not taken place because the command has temporarily not been accepted.
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All you need is an internet connection and use of local banking services to transfer money to an account in India.
At HiFX, they are not just passionate about saving your money but they also pride themselves on the fact that they’re large enough to undertake the biggest transactions, yet small enough to care about each and every client who trusts us with their international payments. That is why they are being the number 1 ranked company on trust pilot for currency transfers. Many RFC have since made improvements to the basic protocol, but the greatest innovations date from July 1973. The client sends FTP commands to the server, the server interprets them, runs its DTP, then sends a standard response.

So, for example it is possible to transfer data between FTP servers by passing through a client to send control instructions and by transferring information between two server processes connected on the right port.
So, the FTP commands are Telnet character strings (in NVT-ASCII code) ending in the Telnet end of line code (i.e.
The server waits to finish the transfer in progress if the need arises, then supplies a response before closing the connection. To do so, the command sends the marker representing the position in the file where the transfer had been interrupted in the parameter. In the parameters it indicates the name of the file to be renamed and must be immediately followed by the RNTO command.
In the parameters it indicates the name of the file to be renamed and must be immediately followed by the RNFR command. This command accepts an access path in the argument, it then returns the same information as LIST but over the control channel. It can only be used in order not to be disconnected after an excessive period of inactivity. So, at each command sent by the client, the server will potentially carry out an action and systematically send back a response.
However, since this 3 digit code is hard to read for humans, it is accompanied by a text (Telnet character string separated from the numeric code by a space). You can copy, modify copies of this page, under the conditions stipulated by the license, as this note appears clearly. With PC Spy tool, employer can monitor any number of computers simultaneously without any hassles.
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Once the connection is established, the server-PI gives the port on which data will be sent to the Client DTP.
During the response accepting the password, if the response is 230 this stage is not necessary, if the response is 332, it is. It is possible to place a directory name in the parameter of this command, the server DTP will send the list of files in the directory placed in the parameter. Partnered with India’s leading award winning banks, it is 100% safe and secure in transfer and you can transfer money to India from any bank to any bank. You can avoid the steep banking charges and the transaction can be done from the comfort of your home. Their payments are quick and simple and they will take protection of your funds very securely and safely.

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