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The stigma associated with DID has led to countless men and women living with dissociative identities to hide their true, whole self in fear of the repercussions if they are found out. An Infinite Mind was formed out of need for accurate information on all Dissociative Disorders, but especially DID. We believe strongly in promoting and showing the positive truth to dissociative identities. We also provide training to improve the quality of care survivors receive from their therapist as well as train new therapists to enter the trauma field.
8 x 10 Prints of the original art by Randolph that we use for the CD cases are available for purchase.

They are printed on Premium Quality Glossy Photo Paper using Archival Quality Pigment Inks and are guaranteed to be fade resistant for many years. The Prints can be purchased Unmounted or Mounted on archival quality matte board and are suitable for framing. OUD-VOSSEMEER - Naast Steady New Sounds uit Middelburg is er nog een Zeeuwse muzikant in de race voor de finale van The Global Battle Of The Bands: drummer Francis van Dijke uit Oud-Vossemeer van de band Infinite Mind. Click play and learn why Burke prefers eyeQ to help train students how to study and take tests more efficiently. Met elf andere is de vijfkoppige band geselecteerd voor de Nederlandse finale van The Global Battle of the Bands, een muziekwedstrijd van alle continenten, met 38 deelnemende landen.ParkpopOp Facebook kan het publiek zijn stem uitbrengen op een van de twaalf genomineerde bands. In just minutes a day, students double (or more) their reading speed with improved focus and comprehension.

Our goal is to change lives by producing products which enhance and inspire human potential at home, at work and at school. Hunta€™s seminal work on the human bioenergy field is must reading for scientists, health-care professionals and anyone seeking increased awareness and self-development.

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