These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Red Particles Effect Transparent" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. I read an article with that fact on a few months ago and it sticks in my mind Just how unpredictable and unreliable filmmaking is.
The smartest thing any aspiring filmmaker could do might just be to get a normal job that pays well.
For film office work I count all work within film and tv that does not require you to work within production. I’m going to give this one its own category with the internet as it is right now and I can see more work coming from online.
I know a lot of people who have formed teams with liked minded people and started their own business. For everyone I know who makes money as a filmmaker  they can fit into one of these categories.
I studied Film at university, I really, really loved films (I still do) and I really wanted get involved with film crew work but I never managed to find time to work on project outside of Uni.
In my last year I managed to help out on a couple of films as a runner and taking BTS photos and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I loved it. In order for you to be financial literate, you need to know how to deal with credit (and take advantage of credit card benefits). Get advice from other people: If you know someone that seems very financial literate, ask for their advice. Look for help online: There are many online forums where you can discuss financial decisions.

Thanks Khaleef, Education is the key to becoming more aware of all things financial and better controlling our future. That is to say it is best to not have all of our eggs in one basket and have money coming in from many different places.
This gives you the security and benefits of a normal job, and the money leftover to make films.
Examples would be a freelance camera operator, a freelance editor, a freelance motion graphics designer, freelance music composure. If done well starting your own production company can be very profitable but you need to think of it as a business first and an art form later.
But I ended up having an awful time with my group during my final practical project (way back in February 2014) and I haven’t done any film work since. You should be aware of the process of saving money, and you must know how to budget your finances. Financial literacy is the capability to comprehend basic economic provisions and conceptions related to your family or business.
In order to manage your money effectively, you need to change your attitude and be positive. Therefore, when receiving your paycheck, you should know the difference between your gross and net earnings. Sometimes, you might encounter emergency expenses, and having extra money available will keep you from having to take out a loan or put it on your credit card.
Working for local film council’s, working in post production jobs such as editing for small tv companies . Often as a freelancer they specialise in one skill and then make money selling their services doing a whole variety of jobs.

Web designer, graphic designers, video makers, freelance writers,  can make money by selling their skills online. Some production companies focus on being the best at one type of service, others will film anything that comes along, successful people I know have started companies that deliver music videos, wedding videos and commercials. Even this year now that I have started to take this blog seriously I have already made money by writing articles for others online. The White House wants to help Americans better understand their personal finances, so they are trying to help citizens become financially literate.
We need our work to be creative, meaningful  and we still need to make money to pay the bills just like everyone else. You can carry out meetings on skype.There are people out there making a living from Youtube, creating graphics, shooting videos for company websites, writing articles on every topic imaginable, selling e-books and from teaching skills that they have to others. All of these routes take time to establish yourself within but it is possible to make a living as a filmmaker. I found my film crew experience invaluable however the hours of film set work are too long and this gave me no time or money leftover to make my own films. I am making plans though to free up my time, I have started to make some money online so perhaps I could work part time next year and later down the line make a living online so I have as much free time as possible.

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