Keep your best cars in your garage The more you use your expensive rides, the bigger the chance that something will happen to them.
If you go back to the same spot where you found that first chest, then the chest should reappear. Before a heist, pay attention to what parts of the heist are most important when Michael and Lester are talking about the next job. Use Franklin's special ability, which allows you to slow time down, in order to navigate through tight traffic jams while driving. Participating in races can help you win lots of money, and boost your driving skills at the same time.
The better your driving and stamina skills are in GTA 5, the better you'll get at finishing heists. If you invest in a car company, you can eliminate the competing companies by destroying their cars.

End of the World Today a€“ July 29, 2016: Video on Doomsday Prediction Contains 18 Ads; Is the Apocalypse as Prophecy Tells It Upon Us?
It's the end of the working week, but for End Times Prophecies, today - Friday, July 29, 2016 - is the end of the world - doomsday, the apocalypse, armageddon or however people wish to call it.
Mom Who Beat Teen Daughter on Facebook 'Live' Has No Charges Filed Against Her a€“ Did She Go Too Far? To get at the money inside these vans, you can either shoot at the van's occupants to get them to come out.
If you're diligent and patient, you'll likely find ammo, health packs, and other stuff you could really use. Los Santos isn't exactly a safe place, and you definitely don't want to see your pride and joy come to any harm, which also translates into tons of wasted money for you. If you grab money underwater, and then switch to another character, the money should appear in the same spot once again.

Considering how violent the world of GTA 5 is, it shouldn't take long for you to make money by taking this route. Once it does, buy that stock cheaply, and destroy the cars that are owned by rival companies.
In GTA 5, you can "stalk" (which is similar to "Liking" something on Facebook) the pages of the stores listed below.

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