A lot of beginners and newbie internet marketers and entrepreneurs get online because they see it as a new gold rush, a new way to make money that hasn’t been fully tapped into. Online coaching allows you to make more money than selling eBooks or selling affiliate products and you can do it quickly.
About Author   Rajkumar is an Electronic Geek, Partime Blogger & Founder of Techraju from India. Did you know that on average, teachers are spending over $500 of their own money on school supplies for their classroom every year?* Help make the difference for your school’s teachers this year with a high-impact school supply drive!
Online services like TeachersList and School Tool Box let teachers create their dream school supply list for the classroom and share it with parents and sponsors. Boost participation in your school-wide supply drives by coordinating strategic outreach on your school and district social channels. This version’s standout features enable you to save time and energy while managing inventory and the software gives you a handle on what you have or do not have in stock. QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to create strong customer service and to keep customers happy. The wonderful thing about QuickBooks Point of Sale is the tasks you perform everyday with this system will be fast and easy. QuickBooks Point of Sale is a great option for small business who are looking to easily track sales, keep customers happy and remain updated on their inventory. The first thing most people hear about is affiliate marketing and that you should promote other people’s products to make money. The reason for this is that when you’re a coach, you can charge a lot more for your services than when you’re selling an eBook.
Use online sign-ups: Coordinate donations and school supply drop-offs with free online sign-ups for school parents. Parents can access the online lists and contribute money to purchase items that are then shipped to the teachers! Post frequently about the school supply drive on facebook and twitter, link directly to online sign-ups to get involved and make sure drop off locations, dates and times are clearly communicated.

Enter to win school supplies: Find sponsors and partners doing school supply giveaways and get as many parents at your school to enter as possible.
A checkout system creates and prints vouchers, tracks stocks and must be reliable and efficient. When an item is sold, the software automatically lowers the inventory count, and when a product is returned, it is added on the inventory list. It tracks the customer’s information and possesses numerous features to keep them coming back, including tracking their past purchases so you know what brands and products they prefer to buy. According to their manufacturer, Intuit, it is not designed for a few specific types of retailers. They have an extensive FAQs section, but if they do not cover your question then you have access to instant chat with a licence QuickBooks agent in Nigeria- Magnet Consulting Associates Limited  for additional answers. After that, some people may even hear about selling eBooks and that’s a great way to make money. Normally eBooks cost anywhere from $20 to $97, and even if you’re an affiliate, you’re only gonna make half of that in most cases.
And also it allows to learn typing by playing some typing games, so kids can learn. You can learn in different languages and it provides the official typing certificates for the users. School staff and teachers can quickly build a list of items needed for the classroom(s) and invite parents to sign-up from their computer or mobile device (no passwords needed)! We love Citgo’s Fueling Education giveaway of $1K in Classroom Supplies and Lands’ End Daily Back to School Sweepstakes! The latest QuickBooks Point of Sale software offers features that are leaps and bounds ahead of earlier versions of the software.
However, the Basic version of this POS system software does not allow you to capture shipping addresses or set up a rewards program for loyal customers.
The system automatically adjusts your inventory without you having to do anything manually.
That list includes retail stores without a physical location, grocery or convenience stores, liquor stores, gas stores and full-service restaurants.

The basic version only has about half of the features that the pro version has, but it covers the basic needs.
I’m here to tell you today that one of the best ways to make money, if you don’t mind learning about certain craft or field and becoming an expert about it, is doing online coaching.
But as an online coach, in almost any market, you could charge hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars. This review is based on the Basic version, but we will point out some of the upgrade's features. QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro (but not Basic) will also track layaways and sales orders through serial numbers or UPC codes. With many systems, you may lose time accepting ATM cards, but this POS system software is designed to be more efficient and speed up that hectic process by doing it in a single click. If your business falls under one of those categories, then just know that this POS system software might be missing features that you need -but you can still find a way to integrate them. Their online videos give you a brief overview of the product and let you interact with the software before purchasing it. Small business owners with simple needs from their POS system will find this to be an excellent software-only solution.
I’ve charged thousands of dollars for my coaching programs because my coaching programs show people how to make money.
There is the self-help markets, there is health and wellness, there’s real estate, financial.

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