According to Yahoo and Bing network administrators, every web publisher can now enjoy their contextual ads service, but only if their blog is having good content and traffic. With the Medianet program, all publishers in this contextual ads serving programs can generate revenues from their blogs with less efforts. You can successfully add the Yahoo and Bing Network ads together with adsense, it’s legal and won’t in any way, get your google adsense account banned! You will never see a blank ad space in your blog, because they have top brand advertisers and with 100% fill rate on your blog. The ads which will be placed on your blog are extremely relevant ads which will relate well with your readers and increase the earning potentials of your blog.
You will be assigned a personal support manager, who will be replying your mails and providing solution to any problems you’re facing.
Please, what I would love you to note here is that the Yahoo Bing network is giving chance to average blog display their ads. However, the down side of this network, is that they analysis websites for weeks before replying, so don’t ask after you have not heard from them. Please note that you can increase your revenue by monetizing the content of your web site through this program. You can also satisfy your users by offering them ad content related to their interests, which most times, comes useful to helping them solve their problems. Another awesome advantage of using this program, is that they allow users to customize their own ads according to their taste and color to suit their website.You can also customise the ads skin, colour, template among others. Are you aware that you will be able to change the “heading colour” Link color and pattern that perfectly suits to your blog. I don’t see any reason why we can’t try out this program, they will help increase our earnings from blogging, and yes, I highly recommend them to all bloggers who are willing to make money online through Blogging!

Today’s modernist world is widening the opportunities to earn money in our life at any age.
With the fixed amount option, the writers are offered a particular sum after review their article and then they acquire all the rights to delete the article or share it with their approved partners.
With the hope that this article gave you enough knowledge about How to make money with Yahoo Voices.
One sure thing I know about MediaNet, Is that they are not too strict like adsense, and do not review every applying websites as deeply as adsense, but that does not mean that they are not good! Bing Network Contextual Ads program gives all web publishers a very easy way to make money online from their blogs through their ads program. One thing I know for sure, is that all publishers can now use the Media-net self-serve platform to create and customize ad units that show related text ads which is related to their blogs, and the good thing about this program, is that the text ads consists both on sponsored links and ad topics from the Yahoo! I have been using this program in my blog together with adsense and till date, everything is running fine. Are you still searching for tips on how to get your website approved to display their ads on your website? Before asking for approval, note that you should have an average pageviews of about 300 to 500 per day. Are you searching for a perfect Google AdSense Alternative that renders maximum earning chances to Publishers? Voices pay, the writers are paid either via fixed amount or performance payment which is based on writer’s “performance views”, which means each writer will be paid in accordance to the number of times a person read his content.
This is another way to increase traffic to your article by following other writers on Yahoo!
We have helped thousands of netizens to have a passive income online just by sitting at Home.

After been a publisher in this network for more than a year now, all I can say, is that they are as good as Adsense, and if you’re traffic is coming from search engines and from top countries, well, good news, because you might even be earning much more than you earn on your google adsense account. Actually, The major concern related to writing for an online audience is finding a valuable place to spend your time.
But what if you have decided to go with performance payment option which is a good opportunity to earn more than your expectations. The Online Money Making ideas guide Published on our site acts as an excellent resource for all the opportunities available on Internet that covers both beginners as well as Advanced users. The use of social media is now commercialized and when we talk about the commercialization of the internet and something related to earn money through social media, one big name come across our mind and i.e. In this case, you as a writer need to work smarter for the obvious reason to increase traffic on your post. Voices which helps you to write better contents so that you can attract the visitor’s eye to your article. Here you are free to write about anything you want to write about, or you can write articles about the topics requested by the Yahoo Voices.
By this, I mean sharing your feelings, experiences & knowledge with the online audience, but now for money. Although this would require a little bit of a smartness because when you are writing for Yahoo!

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