In the past several years many people have become famous because of this website, even to the point where people are willing to pay a large sum of money to travel to Orlando and buy tickets to an annual YouTuber meetup called Playlist Live just to see their favorite celebrities. For several days, drones of adoring fans screamed in delight as they got to see their favorite YouTube celebrities in person instead of through the computer screen. One of these celebrities, Jenna Marbles, has made a living off of her makeup and comedy videos. Thanks to ads, selling merchandise and being payed to show up to events, Youtubers can make a hefty sum.
Basing his videos off of people such as Jc Caylen and Hunter Marsh, Walker makes vlogs (video logs), prank videos and sketches.
While 1000 views may seem small when compared to big leaguers such as Marbles, Walker still got recognized several times during his time at Playlist Live. From FAQs to concerts, it’s understandable why people are willing to pay to see their idols. Walker may not be a YouTube star today, but he is on his way and maybe in a couple years he’ll be making hundreds of thousands of dollars too.

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