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Absolutely everything you need to start, create, and grow a successful business online is included at wealthy affiliate. Sign production advice newsletter today receive occasional short, helpful emails , highlighting content site ’. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Well, we all use fonts in our everyday lives – even if we are merely below average computer users.
After a previous introduction of the Googie architecture (read the "Googie: Custom Fonts Accompanied Funny-Sounding Architecture" article if you didn't do it yet) we couldn't be more excited to delve a little deeper into one of the most famous places on the Earth - Las Vegas. As the 1940s came to a close and architect John Lautner drew up designs for a number of coffeehouses in Southern California, he unsuspectingly created a new genre with a funny name that would be duplicated as well as disparaged for decades to come. As you can well imagine, books were at first hand written (before printing presses were even present)… once printing technology became practically applicable, it was obviously more productive to use mechanics rather than manual labor to print! This could well be the first instance where ‘the psychology of fonts’ was ever put into practice.
So where does this leave a publisher or a printer with the choice use of fonts (or even a web designer for that matter)?
Have you heard of people (even psychologists) who claim to be able to predict personality traits of a person they have never met, simply by looking at their handwriting? Is it logical to assume then, that the choice of fonts too, have a lasting effect on your audience, subconsciously though it may be. Did you ever consider the fact that the background and age group of your readers has a direct effect on their receptivity of the fonts that you choose? Coming back to our discussion on the choice of typefaces, it may be safe to say that most adults on the planet today may feel a certain affinity towards reading handwriting-like fonts. The longer that your text piece is, the more is the possibility of varying emotions being portrayed through the writing (say for example a novel); and therefore more are the chances of requiring different font types to portray different emotions. Having a closer look at the content of the neon signs in this collective mental image objectively, you begin to realize that the impact does not really owe its success to the nature of the fonts alone; in fact most of the fonts that you see in classic Las Vegas Images seem simple and almost predictable.
Also, let us not forget the fact that what we call ‘predictable’ fonts today were not so common place in the 50s and 60s!
Original Las Vegas casino's, as they were being built, in 1953-54 and nightime photos of the Casino Lights in the mid 1960's. We want say a big thanks to califboy101 who permitted reproductions of their publications on our website. It was Douglas Haskell, a critic and editor, who first coined the term “Googie architecture” after seeing the Los Angeles coffeehouse and writing about it in a 1952 article in House and Home magazine.

Although it had an aesthetic that anticipated a future filled with rocket ships and atomic energy, Googie architecture was driven by America's growing dependence on the automobile, teenagers that were emerging as a consumer group and suburban sprawl that began to shift centers of commerce from traditional downtown areas to outlying neighborhoods. The atomic model of a nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons was just one of the motifs that became prevalent in Googie architecture. It was not uncommon for Googie architects to have a designer on staff who created lettering specifically for the signage on a construction project, according to architect Alan Hess, author of Googie Redux: Ultramodern Roadside Architecture.
He cited the integrated design of Pann's and Ships restaurants in Southern California as prime examples of the overall Googie methodology.
When it was designed by the Young Electric Sign Company and installed in 1958, the original Stardust sign exploded in light, color and form on the Las Vegas strip. Such signs were usually hand-designed without today's modern conveniences of computers, printers and plotters.
In its infancy, Googie architecture captivated consumers, but was criticized and ridiculed by the architectural establishment for being lowbrow and vulgar. By the mid-1960s, as space flight became a reality and visions of a utopian future changed, Googie architecture fell into decline and as time passed many of the original examples of the style were demolished, much to the dismay of enthusiasts and preservationists. Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, and underscores.
But if you just want to make some extra money online, in your own time, then there are free and easy ways to do just that. Just make sure you don’t hound your friends or followers with promotions, or you may lose them as friends and followers all together!
Profit and don him one of file federal taxes free to cut back in your onlycashsurveys account on the free www. Have you ever thought about why you choose one font over another when you type a letter, a document or a resume for that matter? Googie architecture, named for the Lautner-designed Googies Coffee House in Los Angeles, would catch on in post-war America for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the dawning of the Atomic Age and a burgeoning fascination with space flight. BUT a drastic change in the then-time user interface could have had negative effects on the business of selling books, and hence, the first fonts to be used for printing were handwriting-like, which provided a logical transition to the printing era.
But today, times have changed; people have accepted the fact that books are definitely not hand written!
Well, to validate that handwriting experts can do this even to a marginal degree is beyond the scope of this article. If you were using a pen to write a letter on an emotional subject close to your heart, the increased pressure that you apply on paper can increase the boldness of the writing, and somehow help convey the emotion that you feel. Fonts tend to affect ‘readability’ of the text itself, and they are broadly divided into fonts that have ‘tails’, called serifs, at the tops and bottoms of the letters (or serif fonts), and fonts ‘sans’ without the tails. That said and done, studies have shown that uncommon fonts somehow have the effect of improving user understanding of the text on hand. If you are vey new to the idea of fonts sending across emotional signals, just browse through a novel – why is the title a particular font? The most prominent attribute is, the fact that brightly back lit text at nights are definitely more prone to having a successful impact as compared to the very same sign boards in broad daylight. Neon itself was new to the world, and simple fonts of course fit the bill where an outdoor billboard is concerned. The style is also sometimes referred to as Populuxe, Doo-Wop, Coffee Shop Modern, Mid-Century Modern, RayGun Gothic, Jet Age and Space Age. Previously nondescript landscapes were soon populated with exaggerated buildings that had upswept roofs, rocket and flying saucer shapes, neon lighting and extensive plate-glass windows. Boomerang, palette, and kidney shapes were common, as were amebic blobs, starbursts, circles and diamonds -- anything that evoked science, space or movement.
In an interview from his Southern California home, the cradle of Googie architecture, Hess said the importance of signage to a Googie project cannot be underestimated and fonts were integral to the overall design of a building. The freestanding roadside marquee displayed the hotel's name in angular, jagged letters surrounded by a firmament of glittering stars circled by an orbit ring. The then-futuristic lettering would soon inspire typeface designers to create similar display fonts. The negative response from his peers was enough for Lautner, who started his career as an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, to distance himself from the genre; he devoted most of his remaining career to residential architecture. Then you can either add google adsense to your blog or promote products on your blog to make some extra cash.

Sign up is free, and they only take a small percentage when you sell your articles, because they are finding the buyers for you.
Then when you see a product that you think would add value to your friends or followers life you can promote that product using your special affiliate ID. But this is the reason because the handwriting fonts are always so much used and work so well again in a lot of different printed and online projects. What is interesting though is the very idea that a writing can leave such an impact on the viewer!
This could possibly be thanks to generations of people that have grown up as kids learning to hand-write before they ever used a computer – and it will be interesting to see what happens next, with the current generations who are more comfortable with a  keyboard than a pen! Could this be because of the fact that the reader is forced to concentrate harder on a font that is not very familiar to say handwriting? The futuristic style would influence not only fellow architects, but graphic artists as it rippled across the country and became prevalent in other American cities such as Las Vegas, Miami and Wildwood, New Jersey. While Lautner started the trend with coffeehouses such as Googies and Coffee Dan's, other architects -- Douglas Honnold, Martin Stern Jr., Stephen Kanner and partners Louis Armet and Eldon Davis, among them -- were soon influenced by the style and applied it to design all sorts of commercial enterprises, such as gas stations, motels, bowling alleys and other roadside businesses. Googie's eye-catching characteristics were meant to be noticed by drivers who might be passing at high speeds and thus became a built-in billboard for businesses. The iconic Theme Building at LAX airport is an example, as well as Seattle's famous Space Needle, which was built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Other characters were offset by their creators who enclosed them in geometrical patterns such as parallelograms, almond shapes, harlequin diamonds or obtuse triangles that denoted arrows. The iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” roadside sign is one of the best examples of an existing Googie archetype; another was the original sparkling beacon that adorned the Stardust casino and hotel, which was demolished in 2007.
The main signage on the building itself depicted a solar system with the Earth at its center.
Those available to graphic designers today are usually referred to a "retro" or "vintage" fonts. But in recent years, architects, historians, designers and scholars have expressed a newfound appreciation for the genre and preservation efforts to save remaining structures are ongoing. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail. You get to talk about things you love and make money on the side – this is not only easy but it’s fun! On the other hand though, fonts that are too hard to comprehend could easily throw the readers’ concentration and interest completely away from the text! Why does the author choose to italicize certain parts, and to have other parts of the text in bold fonts? Sharp and severe angles, rounded domes, prominent geometric shapes; and modern materials such as glass, concrete and steel typified the genre. And while the style is inherently American, there are a few European examples, such as the atomic silhouette of Brussels' Atomium, built for the 1958 World's Fair. In part inspired by the Russian satellite Sputnik, rays of neon and electric light shot out from the 16-foot globe in all directions and other Plexiglas planets spun amidst a sea of neon starbursts.
Other fonts such as a geometric sans like Futura combined with a slab serif like Clarendon are also thought by some designers to evoke the look and feel of 1950s design. Opportunities get your spouse, reduce unwanted spending, utility bills and you love writing, can make money online job or on his cuff. Over the years, the original sign was replaced and the Jetsonian font was substituted with a more contemporary Futura typeface. Than ever to make the easy access to making money online from washington, you know that covers all yourself with paid online free money online for signing up for success tomorrow. Most of them can easily be done in a day, and the result can be so fabulous to delight your whole family, besides you can save a lot of money and customize your own needs, and will definitely impress your friends and guests for months to come!

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